• Schools need tastier lunches

    When i was in elementary school the cafeteria served a side of mac and cheese with the meals sometimes.It tasted very good,but one year they took it away. I am in middle school now and half of the people just sit there and talk to their friends instead of eating lunch or just get snacks.I just don't understand everything that was actually good to eat at school was taken away.This is even in the high school, my brother gets in the car and says he is hungry because he did not eat lunch. I am going to 7th grade next year and you actually get to order your food. Some schools have better food than others. I think that schools that have good cafeteria food need to teach other schools how to cook an actual tasty lunch for the poor kids that starve at lunch because its nasty.Some parents think their kids are over reacting about the school lunches thinking its not that bad. If parents try school lunches they would agree with us. I REALLY HOPE SCHOOLS CHANGE THOSE HORRIBLE LUNCHES!!!

  • I thought middle school lunches would be good

    When I said elementary school lunches were bad, well I was wrong. Sure their school lunches were awful, but those fun lunches were so delicious. Mom said that middle school lunches would be an everyday fun lunch. Well, she got the everyday lunch part right. The hot lunch and eventually ala carte was a bad version of fun lunch. Anyway, the story starts.
    In the middle school tour, the 7th graders and 8th graders told us about school lunches. After that, we ate lunch. Some people got the chicken patty. I didn't really eat the school lunch until the first day of school. Grace and I had hot lunch, which was chicken patties. It was not the best thing, but that chicken patty was tasty. I got a taste of their ridiculous amount of time in lunch. So for awhile, I did not eat the school lunches until someone at my table was eating an oh so delicious-looking ice cream. I tried ala carte out and the ice cream was sweet! But their pizza (Domino's), it tasted weird and yucky. I kept trying it out and I stopped eating it (it also tampered with my trust for pizza) I ate bosco sticks even though they made me nauseous. But after I read an article about the improvements of school lunches and the cons of it, I saw one paragraph that got my attention and the vegan option was "a bread stick with cheese inside" which defined bosco sticks. I immediately stopped eating those, ashamed of myself for eating such low-class food. The last to go was chicken patties. Unbelievable, right? The chicken pattie's case was more like a tasty apple gone bad. Those patties were great at first and gave me a reason to use my front of the line passes. But one day, I was too late for my front of the line pass due to a difficult locker(I had forgot my I.D) As I got my chicken patty and sat down to eat it, the patty looked unusual. The chicken was smooth and flawless. Too smooth and flawless. Normal meat will have some bumps and be different sizes. This chicken patty was not normal. I bit into the patty and I didn't taste anything. The chicken was literally flavorless. Who would eat this? Elsie (one of my four cats) or any cat would hate this. I would not give this to Goldie (my big puppy) or any of my other dogs and dogs eat anything. What normal human would eat flavorless meat. The only lunch item that remained was the pretzel stick(they were nicely warm and perfectly salty)
    So, yes, schools should fix their lunches. Get rid of the corndog, bosco stick, cheesy potatoes, and tornado. Replace them with steak, chicken noodle soup, peas, and buttered noodles. Bring back the good chicken patties. Get the pizza from Pizza hut or any good pizza place. Make the fruit and vegetables fresh. I will miss fun lunch forever.

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  • They are trash

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  • Yes, better lunches

    Schools should be able to fix the lunches because the food doesn't always taste the best. I also think that it isn't the healthiest because it sometimes has a lot of grease in it. And if it has grease in it, it would make some kids sick and unhealthy in our generation.

  • Yes, I agree

    When lunches don't taste good I DON'T EAT IT and when I don't eat it I lose energy and when I lose energy I can't focus on school so schools FIX YOUR LUNCHES. Thank you i'll be here all night! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • Schools need to fix lunches!

    Let me tell you, I go to middle school, and the lunches they have suck!
    Oh sure, we get a fruit or veggies with it, but it's still not enough for growing tweens and teenagers like us. In fact, last year when I was a 6th grader I hardly even ate the lunch! Most of the time I usually got chips or soda with it, and a lot of other kids did the same! Most of the time I end up eating chips mostly instead of what they serve. There aren't much options other then that. Like, say you don't like the lunch, and you don't want to eat it. Well, there's peanut butter and jelly, or you could get a small salad. It's not very healthy or good tasting for that matter, since most kids would rather eat chips and soda instead of some bland, horrible tasting pizza. I don't think our school lunch has any good nutrition, either. I mean, like seriously?! I guess my school lunch isn't that bad, compared to other schools, anyway. In fact, I heard that some schools actually have started saying that pizza is a vegetable or fruit. Like, what the heck?! Schools need to fix their lunch, since it sucks!

  • No offense school

    The lunches are not that good. Not only that they are unhealthy, but that they don't taste good. At school kids eat all the good stuff like chips and cookies. And leave their meals alone. The stuff that kids mostly eat is May taste good but the food is not that healthy

  • They aren't healthy!

    School lunches are not healthy. Plus they look and taste like puke. As a result, most kids prefer home lunch over school lunch because the quality of the food isn't the best. Likewise, school lunches should be improved and allow more options. To conclude, THE SCHOOL LUNCHES ARE HORRIBLE!!! Word

  • Schools should fix their school lunches

    The schools that need to fix their lunches are form elementary to high school. Their lunches that are offered to the students are the lowest of quality and always seem like stuff that hasn't even been made properly. Students should have an array of choices, especially healthier meals to promote a healthier body. They don't need to eat the healthy choice but they should at least have the option to.

  • Money Does Matter

    I agree that the quality of food in public schools is generally poor. However, an alarming number of students at these schools tend to be poor, and can't afford to give money to their own health. The alternative would be raising taxes, and though it would be for a good cause, it would upset anyone who already hates taxes. Public schools have a fairly low budget, and are providing the best food they can afford.

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