• Yes, kids should wear school uniforms.

    While most uniforms are less than functional and are designed it seems to increase expense for parents and increase profits for the uniform manufacturer, they do serve a purpose and it would be possible to work around these problems with effort. A simple uniform consisting of a a tee or sweat shirt and jeans would be functional in reducing the sense of exclusion some students may feel due to not being able to afford expensive fashion items. Additionally, these uniforms would be comfortable, durable and functional unlike the stereotypical blazer and shorts or a kilt.

  • No,its not necessary!

    No,schools should not get school uniforms. Letting children wear what they feel like wearing, will certainly boost their morale of learning. It would enable them to freely express themselves within the education society. It will help them actively participate in organised school activities if they wear what they are comfortable with.

  • No, they shouldn't

    No, I do not agree that schools should get school uniforms. Schools should absolutely have a dress code for its students, but I also believe that schools should foster individuality and let kids wear whatever shirts, pants, skirts or shorts they want to wear. It allows more freedom than some school uniform ever will provide.

  • No, they should not.

    Some schools already have school uniforms, so if parents, or the students feel this is important they have that option. It should not be the only option though, not all parents or kids want to be forced into having a school uniform. Schools can do just as well without the uniforms.

  • No, they should not.

    No, schools should not get school uniforms. School uniforms prevent children from being who they are. With school uniforms, everyone is dressed the same, and there is no variety. It's important to allow children to be who they are and dress in the way that makes them comfortable (so long as it's appropriate).

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