• Yes, but applied conservatively

    Yes, I think schools should have dress codes, to an extent. Obviously, it may not be appropriate to allow children to roam the hallways naked, so applying some limitations would be beneficial. Those limitations however, should not be very stringent. For example, a child dying their hair blue should be perfectly allowed as it is not a direct disturbance to those around the child.

  • Schools need dress codes.

    I mean if people could just wear whatever, then I'm pretty sure that lots of them would wear things that are really, well.... Revealing. My school has a dress code, but I still see girls in really, REALLY short shorts, which (to be honest) is pretty disgusting. And it's not just girls. Tons of guys tend to have really baggy pants and think it's cool to show their underwear, which is just downright stupid. Anyways, this can get really distracting to people who actually want to learn. You can wear your clothes however you want at home or anywhere else but not in an environment where people are trying to learn.

  • Yes they should.

    Imagine having no school dress code policy, and everyone was dressed inappropriate for school. Don’t you think everything would be a shocking? Firstly, some clothes are way too revealing. School is a learning environment. Secondly, for boys I think wearing hats in school is atrocious. Thirdly, you can hide anything in hats that could be harmful to the other students/classmates. You wouldn’t want to go to a school feeling unsafe would you? Overall, the school board made the dress code policy to keep you safe and respectful.
    Wearing revealing clothes in school is some sort of trend lately. School is a learning environment, not to look good to impress the opposite gender. Do some of you ladies out there go to school looking sleazy just to make the boys look at you? But, if you don’t realize guys like girls who maintain themselves with respect. Also, it’s hard enough going to school listening to all the expectations. So, why make one of them for dressing dreadful. Boys, you think wearing hats in school is “cool.” It’s not cool; it’s actually disrespectful on so many levels. Not wearing hats in school is a big sign of respect. Also, you could hide anything in hats weapons, drugs, electronics, etc. Therefore, that is harmful to the other students/classmates.
    Most kids at my age think that anything that other kids are doing they should do to. But, I mean don’t get me wrong I don’t mean you can’t go dye your hair blue. Go ahead! Just don’t come to school dressing improperly because that could bring a disturbance onto the other kids.
    Mostly, dressing tacky isn’t a good look. Let’s say in the near future when you go for a job interview you wouldn’t go dressing sleazy would you? So why start now.

  • School is for School

    School is for school. Students should not have to feel pressurized by their peers and the media to have the latest trends. They should not wake up in the morning and wonder what to put on and spend their whole morning deciding. You come to school for learning and to receive and education. Students can stand out and express his or her individuality with brains and intellect.

  • Discipline

    For the past decade, schools, parents and students have clashed over the issue of regulating student attire. In 2007, cases involving an anti-Bush T-shirt in Vermont, an anti-gay T-shirt in San Diego and Tigger socks in Napa, California, made their way through the courts, causing many to wonder whether this debate will ever be resolved. But Dress codes, or guidelines that outline the acceptable clothing children can wear to school, have many benefits. Supporters of dress codes argue that they help students learn more efficiently, fairly and productively.

  • Moral.

    Yes, I do believe that schools should have a dress code. Do they need to be extremely strict? No. But they need to teach students how to dress modestly and have respect for themselves as opposed to dressing for attention. Kids and teens need to learn the value in that at a young age.

  • Yes

    I believe schools should have some sort of a dress code, to prevent kids and teenagers from coming to school in apparel that is completely inappropriate. The dress code doesn't have to be the most harsh, but it should have decent guidelines to keep the students from dressing improperly and offensively. It should only apply to clothing, and not hair.

  • Of Course So..

    Some People cant afford the latest trend. Holister is like $60 a shirt. And dont even get me started on a pair of Jordans. Shoe Brand. The point is Now a days you get judged everyday on what your wearing and your Hair and Makeup. Dont get me wrong i am not saying all out uniforms but those popular girls that wanna have skimpy shorts or skirts are having the guys that dont know what a belt is starring at them

  • Nobody wants Sexy Showoffs

    Because nobody wants to see boys sagging to show their underwear, or girls wearing shortie shorts to show off their butt. Kids these days want too look sexy in front of the opposite sex so they can have sex. They are too young for sex. School is for learning, not sex.

  • It's fair enough

    Dress codes in school should be allowed because some kids actually want to learn, and fashion can wait. It's not important, and you need oxygen way more than you need fashion. It's quite fair, in my own opinion, because once you're out of the school grounds, you can be free to dress as you wish. You need to respect the school's and the student's and teacher's wishes to not see any inappropriate clothing showing off their curves or something. Besides, why do looks even matter? I mean, I LOVE expressing myself, but that can wait until school is over. Even offensive language is on some clothing. And you should be feeling comfortable at somewhere else anyways, instead of at school, because this is a place to learn and... Be smarter or something. Not to be all naked and sexy as heck. That's preposterous!

  • Not at all

    Kid should not have a dress code. They should wear what the want and be happy. That way kids can be unique . That way no one can be the same. So kids can walk into school without a teacher saying fix your clothes or call home to get some more. There are many reasons why kids should not have a dress code

  • Schools should NOT have dress codes point blank period

    Dress code gave me no way to express myself and I LOVE expressing myself. Some people do not feel comfortable because we have dress codes and they can’t wear what they want to wear. I see this one girl all the time and she wears everything she is not supposed to be wearing and she never gets in trouble. That's messed up that we can’t even show our shoulders.

  • Not at all.

    As it says in the constitution, we have the right to express ourselves and do what we want. Some students don't follow the school dress code anyway. Some schools don't even allow religious clothing, like Muslims. The women have a right to wear hijabs, and the schools can't do anything about it. If you want to dress like an idiot, you can. This issue is a waste of time.

  • No way! Never!

    My school has a strict dress code and we can only wear school uniforms and have our hair tied neatly, and no extra piercing , brightly colored earrings, only black and blue hair ties and same colored glasses.. The school said that it was to practice for the future when we go to work. However, some occupations don't have a strict dress code, and we're still so young! We should be practicing dressing appropriately so in the future we have more fashion sense. But not too extreme like dying our hairs pink or something!

  • It isn't fair.

    The kids or their parents buy clothes that the child would like to wear, it seems like that would be just a waste if you had to wear a uniform every day. A dress code would also take away from people showing what they like, leaving kids mad about not being able to do what they want.

  • No, because kids want to express themselves.

    It is how kids express themselves on how they are. Like open toed shoes and how people who they want to be, and how they are. It causes more violence when the kids wear uniforms and etc. So we should not have one so we should be freely on what we wear.

  • Let them express themselves through clothing.

    The children express themselves through their clothing and their hair and makeup and so on. If that's the way they feel that day then let them wear what they want to wear. I mean if the child gets carried away with their clothing, like coming to school in fish nets, then they need to change, but if they come to school with booty shorts on, it's okay as long as their butt doesn't show.

  • No they should not have dress codes.

    Dress codes have become too strict. Numerous times I have heard of a child sent home because they have the wrong color hair, or too long or short hair, the wrong color socks, skirt the wrong length etc. We had a uniform at school but that was it; as long as you looked tidy that was enough.

  • Unconstitutional and unrealistic.

    The constitution give all citizens freedom of expression. Do schools have the authority, above any other, to nullify students this right? In the supreme court case of Tinker v. Des Moines, the court ruled that students do not lose their constitutional right to freedom of expression at the school house gate. Unless it would substantially interfere. I am not alone when I say no dress code could substantially interfere, within reason of course. Also, it is unrealistic to expect all students to conform to the rules of the school. Schools teach students to question, go against the group, and be an individual, is that not hypocritical that they then try to make us all the same? A school is like a. Country with the school board as the government, when a vast majority is against the government, the citizens will revolt, the revolution may be less bloody and less violent than a normal revolution but with the same outcome: change. Why be sucked into the crowed and be the same as everyone else when individuality is a possibility? Why be conformed to the rules of a dictator school? Well I say the dictator should and must fall. I live in a country where people are free, why let schools take this freedom away.

  • I dont think so

    I dont think students should have a dress code because they should be able to express themselves if students teaze each other they should be stay after school for detenchon so whos with my stand up for your great fashion so try to make things right kids and fight eveyone!

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