• Schools should have fire drills

    Schools should have fire drills because it teaches students to be prepared if there is a real fire drill. If there is a real fire drill then the students will know the drill and know where to go. Teachers will not have to assist students when there is a real fire drill. Kids should have responsibilities and not have to depend on the teacher when there is a real fire drill.

  • Yes, they prepare for disasters.

    Yes, schools should have fire drills, because students should know how to behave in the case of an emergency. Even though it is not likely to happen, if there is an emergency, it is very important that students know what to do. If even one life can be saved, it is all worth it.

  • Fire drills keep students prepared.

    I believe that a school should do everything in its power to keep its students prepared for any and all severe situations. This ranges anywhere from tornadoes to fires, earthquakes, and even shootings. A school is a place where our youngest and most targetable people congregate. It is in the best interest of them and us that they are prepared for anything. Fire drills are an easy drill, once or twice a year, to keep our loved ones on their heels and ready to react.

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