Should schools have gender neutral bathrooms

Asked by: Oaking
  • I don't see why not

    Most school bathrooms are just toilets/urinals, so it's not as if people can stare at each other without being extremely obvious and being called out. At the very least, this adds an extra place to go for those times when all the bathrooms are backed up. Gender neutral restrooms weren't designed for transgender individuals, it just means that anybody can use it, and they aren't going to be called out for it.

  • Yes they should.

    School is a place where students should feel safe. That is why there should be gender neutral bathrooms. There still should be separate gender bathrooms but there should be at least one neutral. It should (as with all bathrooms) have more privacy to prevent perverts. There should also b more monitoring of bathrooms. At my school there was always someone in there smoking and more than a few sex tapes were made and those were in separate gender bathrooms.

  • To say that a school is a political space only is stripping a child of both their dignity and freedom.

    If the argument of perverted students claiming to be transsexual and switching to the opposite bathrooms is respected, then why wouldn't those so-called "perverted" students go into the opposite bathrooms in the first place. Legally, there are no security cameras in bathrooms. There are no "checks" to see if the right gender is in the right bathroom. Of course, most of the time the other gender would remind the "pervert" to leave and go to the correct bathroom. End of story.
    Also, at what point do we deny other people's freedoms in the pursuit of our own personal gain, and what gain? What makes our own five minutes of comfort in the bathroom more valid than the constant feeling of uncomfortableness towards the transgender community? It's easier to make decisions based on our personal preference than to incorporate other's feelings into the debate. Everyone's entitled to their own opinions, but at what point can the outdated barriers of genders be demolished? Think this over.

  • We should cater to ALL students.

    I believe schools should have at least one gender neutral bathroom in the school if it's small, more if its large. This applies mostly to upper grades. (Middle school and high school). There are more older students coming out as transgender and gender fluid. With the concern of heterosexual problems, the gender neutral bathrooms should be single stall, and perhaps monitored. I think the rest of the bathrooms should be kept gender specific, however. Most students are cisgender, after all.

  • Nah! Toilets shall remain neutral

    The highly developed male teen hormones in combination with the low quality sexual education that kids are getting into, will result to unexpected behavior from the young men against women. Except that, from a health point of view, men's toilets are more likely to become dirty faster than women something bad for them. So no!

  • Unnecessary hindrance in a private and personal area.

    From a biological perspective, a human can either be of the male or female gender. Despite how one chooses to identify mentally, the physical attributes (unless altered surgically) remain distinct from the opposing sex. Besides disturbing comfort in a facility where one should feel relaxed, gender neutral bathrooms also provoke an environment suitable for sexual misconduct. This is especially unacceptable in a place where minors, who will be particularly interested in obscene behaviors, are permitted to enter as they please without supervision.

  • This is a bad idea

    This is not such a good idea because how do you think KIDS who aren't GLBT going to react to how the yare changing the restrooms how are they suppose to fell welcome to use the bathroom I know me as a student I would not feel commutable at all about this wouldn't feel safe nor welcome in the bathrooms at school

  • Of course not

    It is not the job of schools, public or private, to make people feel better. Their job is to educate them. If a student doesn't seem to know what gender they are, then perhaps their parents should have done a better job parenting.

    When I was a kid, I put on my mom's high heels and played around with her makeup....And my dad promptly straightened me out. That's called parenting. This PC culture is seriously going too far trying to make everyone happy. If you have male parts, then you are male, by definition. If you have female parts, then you are female, by definition. Now if there is a birth defect that took place where someone wasn't born with either or was born with both, then those can and certainly should be handled on a case by case basis.

    But otherwise, kids should be told to get over it and grow up, and their parents should do their job as parents.

  • Not Only Is This Ridiculous...

    If a transgender or transexual person wanted to use a male restroom, too bad. It's not gonna kill them to use the restroom of the gender they were assigned to. At any time, a perverted male or female could claim that he/she is transexual, and feels like the opposite sex that day just to gawk at the boys and girls. I don't want any perverts watching as I take shower, go poop, or urinate. Sorry trans people. Just bite the bullet on this.

  • No they should not.

    Schools are a place of education, not politics. They are not a place for students to explore their sexual identities. There are good reasons to segregate bathrooms, especially at the high school level. Allowing kids a separate bathroom where both guys and girls can choose to enter freely depending on how they identify that day opens the door to an already growing problem of sexual promiscuity in schools. When parents send their kids to school, they do so with a reasonable expectation that their child will be in a protected, and non-political environment where the child will not be subject to indoctrination that the parent would prefer to instill within their own child.

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