Should schools have gender-neutral bathrooms for transgender students?

  • Equality for all

    We need to move forward and stop putting people in to little boxes. We should embrace diversity of every individual, i.e. those who don't fit into either the socially created "male, female". Everyone is different and yet we are all the same, so I think it time to make things easier for all those that don't fit into any boxes and more forward into acceptance.

  • Gender Segregation is Wrong

    Multi-stall gender neutral washrooms are the way to go because gender segregation is wrong. Gender segregation is based on the idea that "men" and "women" are the only choices to pigeonhole people into. We all know that gender is a spectrum and not a binary. Segregation is also wrong because because it creates a "us and them" mentality between the sexes and harms gender equality. When we unite all persons and do away with gender segregation then we all build a better society!

  • Should schools have gender-neutral bathrooms for transgender students?

    Yes. Trans folk have to live in fear of where they're going to use the bathroom in public, and no one should have to live with that. Even if their I.D. indicates their preferred gender, they can still get harassed, still get arrested, and still be discriminated against. It would be best if all trans folk could use their preferred restroom, but until that happens, we should provide gender neutral bathrooms for everyone that doesn't fit into the gender binary.

  • Safety is priority

    All people should feel safe using the bathroom. Besides the fact that discrimination is so last year. Suicide and homicide rates of individuals who identify or are perceived as transgendered are some of the highest in the country. And we worry about designating bathroom (most of which already exist--- we just have to change the signs) as gender neutral? This can prevent bullying, prevent anxiety, and create a more accepting atmosphere. Let's do it.

  • Yes, they should have gender-neutral bathrooms.

    First of all, being trans* is not a choice, and I doubt that any school aged child would have had a sex-change at their age. Another thing, bisexual preference is who you date, gender identity is who you are. Anyway, I'm not sure about trans woman, but most trans men choose not to have a "full sex change" because of the risks. So if you go into a women's bathroom and see a person dressed in slacks, button up shirt, a tie and a beard, you'd object, wouldn't you? Now let's say they go into the women's bathroom and see someone that knows them at a woman. They could call the school and get that person suspended from school or even expelled. Transgendered students are more common than you think; whether out of the closet or not. It wouldn't cause any harm to people who are not transgender, so why not just give up this one thing for the sake of others?

  • Looks that way

    If they aren't comfortable with transgender students picking a bathroom, they need to provide them with another one. These kids are demonized enough without being told where they can and cannot go to the bathroom, if we're so ill equipped to handle this that this is the only way to avoid conflict then sadly so be it.

  • Yes, schools should support gender-neutral bathrooms for transgender students. A gender-neutral bathroom has many uses.

    Transgender individuals already face enough ridicule for their lifestyle. These lives they live however are no more or less human than ours. Having access to a safe place they can use and not feel unwelcome or unwanted should be a part of every building in America. Beyond the benefit for transgender students, gender-neutral bathrooms can provide a safe place for families who have small children that may need to change or feed their child while in a public place that want some privacy.

  • Yes because its not right to ignore them

    I believe that they should be able to go into the bathroom they feel most comfortable in going because i believe its always right to make someone feel better on what they want to do to make them happy. So if you ask me yes they should be able to go in whatever bathroom they want

  • Schools are supposed to be safe

    Transgender students are humans like the rest of us and the fact that they are being denied a safe facility in which they can use as a toilet without the worry of being ridiculed and bullied is simply unfair, after all how would you feel if you were transgender? How would you feel if you were being forced to go to a bathroom you don't believe is yours but by the social and factual views of many is the bathroom you must comply to? The fact that students are finding difficulty, embarrassment and confusion in something that should be so simple and is a major part in our day to day lives, simply going to the bathroom is unacceptable. The school environment should feel a safe place to learn for all and if equality is being overrided and students aren't getting the facilities that they need these students won't want to go to school, they won't learn and possibly won't be able to make the social bonds that school gives them the opportunity to make. Schools should give the option on whether they want to use the gender neutral bathroom or not, after all it shouldn't be forced upon the non transgender students to use those toilets as much as the transgender students shouldn't be forced to go to either the girls or boys toilets.

  • Any human would agree.

    It is not a danger for anyone. People are using that bathroom to go pee not to rape or harm any individual. To assume that is wrong, and honestly if you feel you don't agree with the bathroom simply don't use it. You don't control other people's actions, you control your own. I'm 14 years old and I understand this. Grow up.

  • Gender is a term that was created within the last 50 years.

    Biologically, there are only two options - male and female. To claim that sex is fluid is insanity. Furthermore, there is a movement brought to you by Massachusetts that promotes "transgender" childhood. Kids as young as 3 are told by their parents that they can choose what they want to be. If this trend continues, it will spell the end of civilization.

  • NO! Absolutely not!

    The perverts are going to use this to their advantage. If I'm out shopping and a man follows me into the bathroom, I would be terrified! No, no, no! I have counseled too many rape victims. No! This is carrying political correctness too far and putting me and others in potentially dangerous positions.

  • It should be for ALL students, not just trans students!!

    They do it in Europe, why cant we do it here? There is nothing to be afraid of. You eat lunch with the opposite gender, why cant you use the same facilities as they do? And let me ask another question: what is the difference between a lesbian using a female restroom and a male and a female using a gender neutral space at the same time? None! All bathrooms should be gender neutral because they binary system (male-female) is just too old-fashioned for these changing times

  • Unlike the people up there,

    I believe that they should be able to go into either or as I have seen a lady with breasts vagina and penis(mind you I was deep in my cup)and at the same time I have watched a women pee like a man(it was in odd experience) and think how uncomfortable they would be if they had to go into a trans gender bathroom. So I say in America we do what they do in Europe(where I met that women peeing like a male)and one bathroom for all genders thanks you.

  • No way to prove it

    Anyone can just say they feel they are the opposite sex just to go to the other bathroom opening an opportunity for teen sex and teen pregnancy.... Also opening opportunity for rape or claims of rape... Are they going to make these students get a doctors note before they can enter into the opposite sex bathroom? Also if these students are able to speak there mind by going into what bathroom they choose is my child able to speak his mind to let them know how he feels? ... NO THEN IT WILL BE CALLED BULLYING! So these students are able to feel comfortable but my son is not able to feel comfortable how is that fair... I am sorry but if you have a penis then you go to the boys bathroom if you have a vagina then you go to the girls bathroom.... PERIOD.

  • Transgender people are a minority

    If we are talking about public schools the answer is NO. You are in the minority of the student body if you are transgender. Public Schools should be in favor of the majority (people with one gender). Plus being transgender is just plain weird and you shouldn't get special treatment.

  • No, we cannot pander to every sexual preference.

    That is probably a bad way to put it, because I do know it's not considered a preference. It's clear that a transgender person being forced to use a bathroom that is designed primarily for one sex rather than another would be disadvantaged, but how many students in any one school is actually a transgender? Are we supposed to build them an entirely separate facility, and if we did would that not make them stand out more as being different? It would be more practical to make all bathrooms gender neutral, sort of like the unisex bathrooms that you sometimes see in airports. But even that would be a huge monetary investment designed to be politically correct to a very low percentage of the population.

  • Leave bathroom divided by sex.

    If my son or daughter is "gender neutral" and is comfortable showering in a dorm bathroom where both/all sexes/genders are allowed, why wouldn't he/she be comfortable choosing a bathroom where only one sex/gender is allowed? Leaving bathrooms as they are, divided by sex, would enable all to feel comfortable, and for all (especially women, by statistical data) to remain in a place where they feel more safe physically and free from harassment, and able to maintain their modesty.

  • They've already made a choice.

    This shouldn't be required in schools. By the time students are in school, they've all at some point in their lives had to either choose to use the boys restroom or the girls restroom, not whichever one they felt like that day or that season. On a larger scale, we're arguing and asking for so much extra funding to go into building/arranging for a gender-neutral bathroom, when that money should go into better education in this country. On another note, look around the world to third world countries. We're lucky to even have running water and plumbing. Suck it up and go to either the boys or the girls bathroom depending on what bodily organs you were born with and use the freaking public restroom.

  • Additional restrooms construction

    It should be equality for all without violating the rights of genders exposure of opposites sex. It is inappropirate, unsafe, and limitless security of restroom ettiquette and manners. If transgender children, teenagers, or college students want their own restrooms, they should have a separate third public restroom to accomodate them, just as in the case of handicapp children. A room for girls. A room for boys. And a third room for transgender, if they so choose to use them. Just add another room to the constructions in all facilities throughout the u.S.A. That way we dont violate the rights of young girls and boys rights to proper social restroom behaviors.

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