• Yes, to a point.

    Since everyone learns differently (audio, visual, hands-on) I think a couple of hours of homework every night isn't too much to ask of any student. Sometimes, though, I would come home and be doing homework until past my bedtime, because so many classes required so much. Then, it becomes less of a learning tool and more of a punishing chore.

  • We need homework

    Because if we didn't have homework our future would be a total bust because we wouldn't have as much education as we should and it helps with responsibility and more practice for test. It helps bring families closer and helps kids remember what they learned in school .. Homework is needed!!1

  • We need homework

    Because if we didn't have homework our future would be a total bust because we wouldn't have as much education as we should and it helps with responsibility and more practice for test. It helps bring families closer and helps kids remember what they learned in school .. Homework is needed!!1

  • Homework is amazing

    Sometimes homework is just a bit to long but doing less than 2 hours of homework is fine with all the kids of my school! Homework can be depressing but when you have noting to do you can do homework. Homework is not slavery, people! Homework is very incredible important!

  • School work should be in schools.

    I think that there should be homework but just a small amount of it. The reason being is because homework helps you retain information but to much homework helps you to loose the information. Especially over the summer, homework should be required but only a small amount so that you can keep the information for the next school year.

  • I support school to have homework

    Although homework is boring,it helps students studies a lot. It can help students to practice and revise what they learn. Then, they can get higher marks in quiz and exams. Besides, it can also help students learn life skills.It can help students develop responsibilities, time management and organization. Also, practice makes perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Homework Helps.... To an Extent.

    Home work does help reinforce what we learn in school, but many students feel as though it is too much. It is one thing to send home a review here and there to help keep students minds sharp. It is another all together to make students do hours worth of homework each night. That amount of homework can really stress students out, and often make them view school as a chore and not something good as it is. Too much homework is not beneficial to students learning, but some is needed occasionally.

  • Video game time

    A lot of people would play video games instead of sports like most kids. That can be bad for their eyes. I agree it is boring but it helps your eyes a lot and believe me, sometimes it would be nice to have no homework,but it is basically saving your eyes

  • Schools need homework to keep students foucest

    The homework is simple and you have already done it and it is just to make sure you are foucest and don't forget what you are working on in school. It is just to help you in the long run so you don't end up working at McDonald's for the rest of your life.

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  • School Work Should Stay in School

    I cannot remember a time when homework helped accelerate my education. In fact, the only thing I remember about homework is that it was super stressful. When I got to college, there was no homework. Sure, there was a project every now and then, but not daily extra take home work. I found focusing on my studies for upcoming tests was a much more efficient and meaningful form of teaching along with the in class lessons.

  • Various Reasons why homework is bad

    Of course.... NOT! Homework is like a punishment. In fact the when homework was made, it was used as a punishment for bad kids and now they give it to all kids. Homework is a waste of time. You could do other thing like spent time with your family or have fun with your friends.

  • Homework is stress

    There is no point to homework. It only piles stress for kids. It has never helped me understand it more. It has only taken away sleep and it builds up stress. It takes away a lot of time that you could be doing that is more useful. Homework I noticed only can bring your grade down really it just keeps your grads where it is at and if you get something wrong it will lower your grade

  • There should be no graded homework - it should be optional and not a factor in their overall grade

    I don't think homework is necessary nor a reflection of post school life. The word itself is ugly - it should be Parent Involvement Time. They can take the time to help the child if they need it - or skip it if they seem overstressed. It should not be graded or even required to be completed. If the parent sees that the child has one area down, they can just focus on helping them on another area or playing with them - what ever is best. At parent teacher conferences they can get further feedback on where to focus.

  • School shroud not have homework.

    School should not have homework. First of all, students need a break. Students work and learn for 6 hours, plus each day. They need time to relax and play. Secondly, sometimes homework is too hard and there is no one to help. All work should done in school.Thirds
    sometime won I was done all homework then,have to sleep. And I can't do any more things.

  • Homework is not necessary because

    It becomes stressful and more of a chore than a helpful task. Students are given hours of homework which effects their sleep schedules and their free tie outside of school. You can't spend time with your family when you are cooped up doing homework all day long. Kids need a break from all of the work. Especially after a long day at school.

  • Homework is unnecessary!

    Homework is unnecessary for a majority of reasons. My first reason is because it stresses students out including me. Most students have school for 8 hours a day for 5 days a week! Which accentually adds up to 40 hours of school a week for 9 months straight! Could you imagine homework on top of all that! Not only that but even Sarah Wessling, the 2010 national teacher of the year thinks that homework is not beneficial to students of any grade. Homework is unnecessary!

  • What did you say about family time again?

    People keep saying that we need more "family time" yet overflow our life with homework. This isn't really a good way to provide "family time" when your alone in the room writing essays while the other members of you family are out in the living room watching a movie together.

  • Various Reasons why homework is bad

    Homework, although may support education, is felt more as a cruel form of a punishment rather than a helpful tool. It bores people, especially when they're at home and have multiple things around them that can be more productive and more entertaining at the same time. More homework results in a chain reaction, the first events being the lack of sleep, causing a sensation of wanting to sleep more. Less entertainment results in a lack of attention and
    an increase in rejection and hate. Students spend enough time during the day and week studying in school as it is, and, although having an extra 2 to 3 hours of work doesn't sound like a lot, it can drastically change someone's life. Students try to balance everything out, but with the lack of time, ( at least 9 to 10 hours spent on homework and school and at least 8 hours of sleep, resulting in only 6 to 7 hours left, not including recreational activities) entertainment is wanted more by a person and, in which case, causes the recipient to become desperate. I know people who, in their years of school, went to the restroom to use their phones as entertainment, and used chromebooks in ways that violate school policies. We need a break. We can't just sit around, focused on sheets of paper. We need more time to rest up, to mingle amongst our friends, and spend more time with family.

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