• Yes, for the safety of the students and staff.

    Having metal detectors in schools won't stop people like Adam Lanza. However, they will stop random students who are trying to bring a weapon to school. If every student has to pass through hem, it will cut down on weapons violence in our worst schools, and will keep our students and teachers safer.

  • Yes, schools need metal detectors as a safety measure.

    Unfortunately, we live in a world where people no longer think twice about harming others. Metal detectors in schools will save the lives of students and staff. The metal detectors will act as a deterrent to those students, and possibly staff members, who choose to come to the school with a weapon and an intent to harm. Prevention is key. Our children should be able to go to school without the fear of murder and injury.

  • Yes.

    I would love to say no but unfortunately I can not. After the tragedy of last week I think everything possible should be done to protect our children while they are in school. Our education system leaves a lot to be desired as it is, our children should be safe when they are in school and it is our responsibility as a nation to keep them safe.

  • Yes. Duh. U dumb?

    There have been so many school shootings in America, that a lot of parents are worried. Some people think to stop this we need to have permits to carry weapons, but some people will just hide their weapons. While this could be true there is another way. Metal detectors in schools.
    Having metal detectors is an easy way to keep schools safe. They would make sure no student, staff member or visitor brings in a gun, knife, or bomb. The only schools that would need them the most are schools that have had shootings, violence or are in high risk areas. Parents would feel safer that their kids are protected. The cost outweighs the security.
    Some people believe that metal detectors make the school unsafe. They think that the security outweighs the price.
    Metal detectors have been proven to find concealed weapons or other school inappropriate things. Metal detectors are a proactive way to protect students and schools. Students feel safer when metal detectors are in their schools. The number of kids bringing weapons the school has been greatly reduced. Parents believe that children do not function well when they believe the learning environment is unsafe.
    Teachers are becoming scared of the idea of a harmful person in the school. Metal detectors helps them feel safe. Some teachers are considering carrying weapons themselves. An angry student could take that weapon away and hurt somebody. Metal detectors help them feel safe so that they don’t feel like they need one.

  • This is common sense!

    People are so busy thinking metal detectors are for schools in poverished neighborhoods. For everyone that believes this, get your head out of your ass and understand this. Mass shootings aren't happening at minority schools where gang violence is an issue. Mass shootings are occurring at schools where students have middle to upper class parents and resources available to them whenever they need them! Better safe than sorry!!! Every school in the US regardless of race or socio-economic status needs metal detectors!!!

  • Yes definately better safe than sorry

    I dont know what they are waiting for being late for class if better than incidents happening.I am very upset that they are not installed in every high school. I do not feel safe going to school and I go to an elite school.I HOPE WHOEVER US IN CHARGE WILL LISTEN.

  • School Metal Detectors

    I think that schools should install metal detectors. It is a precaution to keep students and teachers safe. Not only will it prevent students from bringing weapons to school, but there will also be no need for armed teachers or security guards. Let's all help in making our schools safe!

  • There is no question...

    All schools should have metal detectors even if they are located in an unthreatened area. There is no point in risking the safety of students or teachers. With the sudden increase of school shootings, it is only right that schools add these precautions no matter the cost or other factors.

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  • Not a Chance

    Forget the price that doesn't matter. The real issue is that the metal detectors would create a bottle neck in the morning while the kids are entering the building. This bottle neck would be where a kid would surely open fire and the body count would be horrible. Plus if a kid is going to turn a gun on someone it's going to happen. If parents would dicipline their kids from an early age rather than all of this hippie parenting were it's okay to do stupid things when your young we wouldn't have this problem.

  • It costs to much.

    Schools around the U.S. have been complaining about not having more money for books and other resources, so buying metal detectors is not a good idea. For one metal detector it can cost $4,000. How would schools be able to afford things they need if they're buying all these metal detectors?

  • It's a Bandaid

    A determined gunman would just start his rampage at the metal detectors. Furthermore, schools are statistically safer for kids than other places, so if we put metal detectors at schools we also need them at churches, hospitals, malls, everywhere basically. This policy is a bandaid that will only result in tired students from having to show up earlier to get in line for the metal detector.

  • It won't work

    Metal detector technologies will not be sufficient because the people who are oprating them may themselves be corrupted. When 9-11 took place the terrorists were still able to get their guns past metal detectors at the airport because the security personnel assisted them. All it takes for an armed crook to enter the school is a security personnel who is the crook's friend or not being attentive to his work.

  • Schools Do Not Need Metal Detectors

    I do not think that schools need metal detectors. Not all schools have weapon problems and it would be ridiculous to implement detectors in schools. The money spent on detectors could go towards other resources for the schools. There are police officers at all schools and its their job to take care of this and they are paid to do so. Metal Detectors in schools are unnecessary.

  • Metal Detectors should not be allowed.

    Metal Detectors waste student's learning time. Like for example lets say there are 300 students in school and to detect an alarm it will be 5 minutes for each student so if you multiply 300 times 5 it will waste 1500 minutes of students learning time so students may skip their first period.

  • Metal Detectors should not be allowed.

    Metal Detectors waste student's learning time. Like for example lets say there are 300 students in school and to detect an alarm it will be 5 minutes for each student so if you multiply 300 times 5 it will waste 1500 minutes of students learning time so students may skip their first period.

  • Its not worth it

    Officials should look for the root of the problem.
    Why do students bring guns in school?
    Its because they feel they can't defend theirselves when mr. Or ms. Bully is bullying them and one reason also is they are not satisfied how schools fight to bullies.
    Schools should work hard to stop bullying in schools so they can trust the surrounding and prevent bringing guns. Its not about the metal detector stops the shooting and dangers in school , its about how school fight for the bullies.

  • Installation of Fear

    Metal detectors are a tool for those that fear the worst case scenario. It's totally understandable given past histories with schools and shootings. But for every school to have metal detectors just causes more fear. Imagine going through the detector and it clears you, than the person behind you valses the the detector to go haywire causing a panic for what could be a belt buckle. What parent would want to send their kid to a school that doesn't trust their students to make good choices? Of course in a perfect world we wouldn't worry bout our students and negative decisions but we don't. But hat doesn't mean everyone should be subjected to it. If every school needs metal detector than so does every grocery store, mall, public restaurant, etc. Where does it stop?

  • Not in this School!

    Not only are metal detectors expensive, but they also would cause a deterioration in students. What parent would want to send their child to a school that has had so many weapon problems that they need to install a metal detector just to keep them out. It also requires a lot of management. With all the teachers and administrators, who is watching the kids in the halls that could be starting fights or creating problems in the halls?

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