• Yes, for the safety of the students and staff.

    Having metal detectors in schools won't stop people like Adam Lanza. However, they will stop random students who are trying to bring a weapon to school. If every student has to pass through hem, it will cut down on weapons violence in our worst schools, and will keep our students and teachers safer.

  • Yes, schools need metal detectors as a safety measure.

    Unfortunately, we live in a world where people no longer think twice about harming others. Metal detectors in schools will save the lives of students and staff. The metal detectors will act as a deterrent to those students, and possibly staff members, who choose to come to the school with a weapon and an intent to harm. Prevention is key. Our children should be able to go to school without the fear of murder and injury.

  • Yes.

    I would love to say no but unfortunately I can not. After the tragedy of last week I think everything possible should be done to protect our children while they are in school. Our education system leaves a lot to be desired as it is, our children should be safe when they are in school and it is our responsibility as a nation to keep them safe.

  • Metal detectors will help us.

    Our school needs metal detectors because they will detect any dangerous weapons so we don't lose anymore lives in school. It should be a quick check then be over. Every one needs to be safe and feel safe in the classroom. That is why I think our school should have metal detectors.

  • Won't save everyone..But would've saved many children already!!

    Every argument I read about why metal detectors should not be installed at schools states that some how shooters will still shoot...Of course they will, but if you look at most of the school mass shootings that have occurred in this country - the young gunman would not have been able to just walk into the school through the main entrance and then started shooting at a classroom of children as if he was shooting in to a fish bowl. If a shooter had to shoot children outside of the school, those innocents would at least have a fighting chance to run and hide! I don't want to take guns away from law abiding people - I own a gun - but for God's sake - keep our children safer. Yes, mental illness is the problem, but we can't fix that problem overnight so in the meantime stop the killing!

  • All Schools Should Have Metal Detectors

    I think having metal detectors in every school would be the best thing. Copycats are still gonna copy shooters. It's been going on since the first school shooting. Disturbed people are gonna continue to shoot up schools. Why haven't metal detectors been put in already? It really needs to be done, or any kids i have will just be taught at home. I won't send them to an unprotected school.

  • I think schools should have metal detectors at the entrance and an armed guard as well.

    To many people are in denial that this kind of thing doesn't happen in my neighborhood or my community schools. The facts are this, can we put a price on a human life and to say that just one person being killed isn't worth the extra precautions? I say no and that we should take every precaution necessary to prevent future school shootings. The Government not long ago spent billions of dollars to bail out a dying car industry. Are our children's lives not worth more than the new cars we all like to drive? Something to think about.

  • Schools should have metal detectors.

    Its important for schools to protect their students by using every means possible, this includes utilization of metal detectors. Think about this- a school that has a strict dress code including uniforms, no back packs or other bags allowed, teachers are assigned to a specific duty station in mornings before classes start i.e. doors, hallway, metal detector check station etc., principals and security guards walking the hallways , teachers on their conference will spend 15 min in a designated hallway checking bathrooms and monitoring hallways then switch off with teachers for next 15 min shift, random class checks by police dogs weekly, and certified trained teachers to carry. I have also seen schools with a perimeter fence around campus with a security guard at a gate checking drivers in parking lots. These things along with metal detectors will provide an increased protection and awareness. Let me ask the question- Is this to costly to hopefully save lives? Have we put a price tag on our kids lives? Government buildings, airports, NASA all have security. Maybe we need to ask NASA how they secure their areas to get a better understanding of how it works.

  • Every school should have metal detectors.

    If there were metal detectors at schools then idiots with guns could be stopped and arrested on the spot. I also think that 2 security guards should hang out at every school walking the grounds and keeping an eye out. I believe it would be a great idea for schools to have the protection of metal detectors.

  • It keeps kids safe

    They would not be that expensive if the government paid for them. You would only need one or two in each school. It makes the kids feels safe, it should make everyone feel safe. It prevents gang violence as well as stabbings, shootings etc. You have to hate children to not want them.

  • Why every school when some schools

    Having metal detectors in every school is horrible.Only schools where voilenece is present not regular schools.It is a waste of time and it takes away a lot of money. People should train their kids to do the right thing from birth,and they did this wouldn’t be happening. Train ur kids right people!! And all the this money spent on these detectors can go for something more useful like books or supplies. These should only be in schools in bad neighborhoods and places where this had happened at.

  • Not a Chance

    Forget the price that doesn't matter. The real issue is that the metal detectors would create a bottle neck in the morning while the kids are entering the building. This bottle neck would be where a kid would surely open fire and the body count would be horrible. Plus if a kid is going to turn a gun on someone it's going to happen. If parents would dicipline their kids from an early age rather than all of this hippie parenting were it's okay to do stupid things when your young we wouldn't have this problem.

  • It costs to much.

    Schools around the U.S. have been complaining about not having more money for books and other resources, so buying metal detectors is not a good idea. For one metal detector it can cost $4,000. How would schools be able to afford things they need if they're buying all these metal detectors?

  • It's a Bandaid

    A determined gunman would just start his rampage at the metal detectors. Furthermore, schools are statistically safer for kids than other places, so if we put metal detectors at schools we also need them at churches, hospitals, malls, everywhere basically. This policy is a bandaid that will only result in tired students from having to show up earlier to get in line for the metal detector.

  • It won't work

    Metal detector technologies will not be sufficient because the people who are oprating them may themselves be corrupted. When 9-11 took place the terrorists were still able to get their guns past metal detectors at the airport because the security personnel assisted them. All it takes for an armed crook to enter the school is a security personnel who is the crook's friend or not being attentive to his work.

  • Schools Do Not Need Metal Detectors

    I do not think that schools need metal detectors. Not all schools have weapon problems and it would be ridiculous to implement detectors in schools. The money spent on detectors could go towards other resources for the schools. There are police officers at all schools and its their job to take care of this and they are paid to do so. Metal Detectors in schools are unnecessary.

  • There are more then one way to get on a school campus

    And not all schools are built the same way so there will always be the problem of someone getting on campus weather you like it or not but doing all that would probably be a waste of money for most schools plus you would probably need about at least 10 armed guards to protect every other way into the school including gates and opened windows on the ground floor there will always be a way all it is a temporary solution

  • Medal detectors??? YES

    Yes They will be very helpful because you can never be so sure about any student, I am a student and I would be so happy if my school would put them in, do you know how many students have died because of a school shooting? "More than 187,000 students have been exposed to gun violence at a school " says The Washington post

  • Yes but the reward outweighs the cost

    Yes violence could still happen but metal detectors can lower that risk of someone bringing in a weapon. Inner city schools use metal detectors to keep gang members from bringing in weapons, so why not other school? Yes the cost and maintenance would be high but when it comes to the safety of the new generations then we should prioritize that no matter what.

  • I do not agree

    Think kids should not think about guns and violent things can still happen and most of them are not students so they will not care about metal detectors and also they can come in through different entrances like a window or a back door and they can go in at night and do it later

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