• Yes, for the safety of the students and staff.

    Having metal detectors in schools won't stop people like Adam Lanza. However, they will stop random students who are trying to bring a weapon to school. If every student has to pass through hem, it will cut down on weapons violence in our worst schools, and will keep our students and teachers safer.

  • Yes, schools need metal detectors as a safety measure.

    Unfortunately, we live in a world where people no longer think twice about harming others. Metal detectors in schools will save the lives of students and staff. The metal detectors will act as a deterrent to those students, and possibly staff members, who choose to come to the school with a weapon and an intent to harm. Prevention is key. Our children should be able to go to school without the fear of murder and injury.

  • Yes.

    I would love to say no but unfortunately I can not. After the tragedy of last week I think everything possible should be done to protect our children while they are in school. Our education system leaves a lot to be desired as it is, our children should be safe when they are in school and it is our responsibility as a nation to keep them safe.

  • Yes schools should have metal detectors

    The price don't matter it's the safety that matters.I think there should be at least 2 metal detectors at every school but it only detects high ratings that need to be checked.It doesn't matter if it takes longer it only matters that the school is safe. I think that there should be a metal detector at every door in the school so that every time a kid walks in it will detect if they have a weapon or anything that will harm students

  • Should Schools Have Metal Detectors?

    Metal Detectors are incredibly sanitary for the things that have been happening lately. I think that it would make kids feel more safe to know that there is a device in the world that can stop all this violence. It's probably safer to know that if someone in your school is carrying a gun, it's going to be detected. Only 81 out of 1,000 schools have metal detectors and I think that should change.

  • Safety is very important

    Metal detectors need to be installed in all schools because the anxiety and the horrible feeling that something as horrible as the Florida shooting could happen again is not a very good feeling to be knowing and it was proven that having them boosts the students and teachers psychological assurance.

  • This will help with the shooting

    This is my opinion and i hope you can support this because i have a 4 year old and i don't want anything happen to her and i also think that the parent of the child should have disciplined him or her and this would be a good idea and that is why schools need metal detectors

  • Yes they should

    For the people that said no do u want schools to get shot up? It would prevent school shootings and with the metal detectors add guards that are armed and ready at moments so they can be ready it will help and less people dying for the ones who wanna succeed not fail.

  • Metal Detectors Make Sense!

    I have read the cons on metal detectors ranging from money to disciplining your kids to bottlenecking at entrances. Let me say that I have visited many countries, and one in particular has this right - India! Every mall, store, public place I go into has metal detectors, armed guards and metal wands. They do not have violence there like we do here in America. I actually feel safer in India compared to America for this reason. WRT to cost of metal detectors - if we can afford to buy $20 worth of cookies from school fund raisers then we can afford to pay $20 per student for a metal detector that costs $4,000 (based on 200 students in a school). No one knows what school this is going to occur in. I hear arguments that metal detectors make sense in big city schools, but these shootings and stabbings are not occurring in big cities - they are occurring in regional schools. This will not solve for all attempts to make our kids safe, but it will make some difference and if it can save even one life then how can anyone put a price on that. And let me also say that one can discipline their kid the best way possible, but at the end of the day we cannot make choices for our children. We are not in control of anyone but ourselves. Times changes and we have to be willing to change with the times. The way that schools are subsidized today may not be the way they are subsidized in the future. The way we grew up is different than how are kids are growing up. We need to be willing to think differently and stop putting a price on the lives of our kids. Why is it right for the school board of education building to have metal detectors, security guards and wands but when we want the same for innocent children it's too costly??? I am an American, but I think we are about the dumbest country when it comes to understanding priorities and spending our money. Here in NC our politicians are spending $400,000 on a teapot museum. Who cares about teapots!!! That could buy 100 metal detectors. There are so many more arguments that I could continue on with but I think my point is clear. The government doesn't give a darn about the safety of our kids because it doesn't line their pockets.

  • Metal detectors are good.

    With a metal detector, it will most likely stop a person from coming in with a gun. And if they do come in with a gun, the metal detector alarm will go off, making the kids know that there has been someone that tried to enter the school with a gun and that they all need to hide and follow the lock down procedures.

  • Why every school when some schools

    Having metal detectors in every school is horrible.Only schools where voilenece is present not regular schools.It is a waste of time and it takes away a lot of money. People should train their kids to do the right thing from birth,and they did this wouldn’t be happening. Train ur kids right people!! And all the this money spent on these detectors can go for something more useful like books or supplies. These should only be in schools in bad neighborhoods and places where this had happened at.

  • Not a Chance

    Forget the price that doesn't matter. The real issue is that the metal detectors would create a bottle neck in the morning while the kids are entering the building. This bottle neck would be where a kid would surely open fire and the body count would be horrible. Plus if a kid is going to turn a gun on someone it's going to happen. If parents would dicipline their kids from an early age rather than all of this hippie parenting were it's okay to do stupid things when your young we wouldn't have this problem.

  • It costs to much.

    Schools around the U.S. have been complaining about not having more money for books and other resources, so buying metal detectors is not a good idea. For one metal detector it can cost $4,000. How would schools be able to afford things they need if they're buying all these metal detectors?

  • It's a Bandaid

    A determined gunman would just start his rampage at the metal detectors. Furthermore, schools are statistically safer for kids than other places, so if we put metal detectors at schools we also need them at churches, hospitals, malls, everywhere basically. This policy is a bandaid that will only result in tired students from having to show up earlier to get in line for the metal detector.

  • It won't work

    Metal detector technologies will not be sufficient because the people who are oprating them may themselves be corrupted. When 9-11 took place the terrorists were still able to get their guns past metal detectors at the airport because the security personnel assisted them. All it takes for an armed crook to enter the school is a security personnel who is the crook's friend or not being attentive to his work.

  • Schools Do Not Need Metal Detectors

    I do not think that schools need metal detectors. Not all schools have weapon problems and it would be ridiculous to implement detectors in schools. The money spent on detectors could go towards other resources for the schools. There are police officers at all schools and its their job to take care of this and they are paid to do so. Metal Detectors in schools are unnecessary.

  • Schools do not need metal detectors

    There are many reasons why schools do not need metal detectors. For one, most schools have security guards that are trained to make sure no intruders come into the building armed. Also, they are very costly and the education budget has no room for that cost. And besides, this is a school we are talking about. The detectors are bound to be damaged by the students.

  • Too much money

    Metal detectors are around 4,000 dollars each. I personally go to a middle school and it has peeling paint it's in terrible condition and we don't have the money for it. Even so if we do have the money we should use it for something else! Child obesity is a problem still! So if we have that much money fix the lunches! Or use it for books or classroom supplies! Our schools are going downhill extremely fast! We need to fix them! Find another way to secure the schools!

  • No we shouldn't

    It can reduce a chance of a shooting but it does not chance the mind of a shooter or solve the problem. Students should not go to school and feel like their in prison. There is always a chance of the shooter to fire outside. Some families and schools don't have the money to pay for it. Which could leave them to be a target. Even if a school has a metal detector does not mean there 100% safe.

  • Too much money

    It's too much money and it could invade peoples privacy. It's too much money to buy stupid stuff like that. Like what if someone has something really special to her/him and those people find it and go through there stuff and brake it and the person would be heart broken.

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