Should schools have Naked In School Programs to deal with sexuality easier?

Asked by: Propublicnudism2
  • People, parents in general, are treating something beautiful like sex, as if it was a terrible monster. It needs to stop.

    I believe parents and authority figures alike have stolen the magic that we have associated with sex. They took what people believed was sacred and warped it into a monster over the generations. And yet who pays for these mistakes the adults make? Them? NO! It's the kids, the children, the innocent bystanders. I may be spouting just empty passion here, but you would not believe what I went through as a child. I don't even remember because they are repressed. So instead of parents "deciding" to make their kids wait because they need to be older, I propose an NIS program. "Naked In School" It'll come with it's own set rules to force other students to comply. Reasonable Requests, expulsion on exploitation, anything to help the students chosen to go naked for one week in school learn of their bodies and sexuality. It would be much easier than having parents scared of telling their versions of sex doing the job.

  • Remove the taboo

    I think if people could just get over their hangups about the naked body, the world would be a better place. I believe it would prevent a lot of sexual harassment in the end, in the same way that relaxed drinking age reduces adult alcohol abuse, because the "taboo" is removed.

  • I think they should for only girls

    I'm a full nudist girl and I hate having to wear clothes toschool all the girls are so scared to be nude the boys are not it should be a gradeuateing requirement for gis not boys post pics of ursces nude girls and become nudists it's fun so do it

  • Nudity is Natural

    I believe that if something like nudity was an every day occurrence as opposed to something that was kept locked away and hidden, people would stop treating things like sex as such a bad thing. Like it or not, sex has become less a matter of procreation than recreation. That is to say, sex is now being done for fun. So it becomes a matter of making sure everybody understands their own body, and others.
    Our current society is so frightened of nudity, not because nudity is bad, but because it is different from what has been done for centuries.
    Why do children experiment with things before they are ready? Because they are curious. Why are they curious? Because it is unknown to them.
    If nudity was a natural casual part of the day for everybody, becoming more aware of themselves, then perhaps people would be more willing to accept others differences as well.

  • A wonderful idea!

    This is a great way to help young adolescents through the difficult transition to sexual maturity. A well thought out Naked in School program would help control sexually transmitted disease, avoid unwanted pregnancy, overcome childhood inhibitions against teen sex, and best of all - promote fun! Everybody would benefit: The kids would would be eager to go to school and would enjoy earlier and more frequent sex, the teachers would experience a more exciting work environment, and society in general would become a more loving place.

  • Natural buity in the body

    Clothes were invented to protect the body and give comfort, fabic was softer that wood. But because people wore clothes all the time they became the norm, not the body behind them. Its a shame that sociaty has excepted this, but the younger generation should be able to choose for themselves whether or not to think of the body as the norm or not. I do personaly, but you souldnt force the kids to do it, give them the choice

  • Sexual Knowledge Equality

    Most students have a basic knowledge of sexual differences by the 8th grade (13 years old). Some students have no idea at all. This would level the sexual knowledge of everyone. Divide the total school population (administrators, service people, teachers, and students) into ten equal groups. Each week for ten weeks, one group after another would participate by being nude. Touching a sexual body part should not be allowed Otherwise, same rules as given in NUDE IN SCHOOL websites.

  • Yes I agree.

    I think it's a good idea because yes, some parents are afraid of teacher their children about sex but they should be able to discover for themselves. This is a great way to do it, but some kids will not agree with the principles of this. Also some gays might have a little too much fun.

  • Only Boys Should

    Girls seem to be pretty comfortable with their body. The problem is that most boys aren't. So if the NIS Program became a real thing, then it should just be with boys. And it should start in high school too, in my opinion because it would help them behave better.

  • Nude is not lewd

    Being naked does not make one sexier. If nudity was the ultimate turn on then Victoria's Secret would never have worked. It is the hiding of the body that makes it sexy, nudity is honesty. By having all students naked then the truth about who and what they really are would become evident for all to see.

  • "Naked In School" Program is not a real thing. Why is this question here?

    The "Naked In School Program" is a work of erotic fiction intended for adults in which other people can contribute to.
    It is not a real program.
    You can google "Naked In School Program" or, better yet, "Naked in School Pamphlet" is more straight to the point as far as explaining.

    This question should not even be here.

  • Sexual Ethics are Varied

    Many cultures, including several western subcultures, attribute moral weight to how one dresses, and to seeing other people naked or poorly clothed. Public schools should be as inclusive as possible, and must therefore respect these large portions of the population who believe public nudity to be wrong. Teens who want to be naked together can go skinny dipping at a party if they want.

  • Self Esteem Worries

    Although I agree that sex should not be hidden from the world, having children naked in front of their peers will only instigate self esteem issues. Kids who are overweight, scrawny, or have relatively smaller sex organs will be made fun of and will learn nothing but shame and guilt.

  • Are you insane?

    Why in gods name would you want such a thing?

    I"m not sure who told you that it was the schools job to teach kids about sex (its not by the way, thats something they have pushed for repeatedly though. )

    This seems like a HUGE distraction from what kids are at school to actually do (Learn basic educational things like reading, math, and history).

    Furthermore, your going to lets kids make a decision that potentially effects the rest of they're lives before they really know what they're doing.

    (One camera phone and you have nude pictures on the internet for life, do you want that?)

    This is just a terrible, terrible Idea.

  • No it is non-humane

    I think schools should not have naked in school programs because children are very kind and innocent they may not even be able to understand things rightly at such a tender age.Also if we talk about adults then it may cause rise in no. Of molestation and other abuses .So i guess it is totaly irrevelent to say about yes to this topic!!

  • No, just no

    Think about it! Would you want your kids to be walking around nude, which would give bullies more ways to pick on them if the kids are underdeveloped? And to the person who said it should only apply to boys, that is just unfair. What about the insecure girls? Girls look confortable, but they're really not.

  • NOOOOO. It should NOT.

    Children should NOT go naked in school. It is wrong morally and publically and is just a stupid idea. Children are NOT little naive kids unless if they go to a sheltered school or is sheltered in every single way possible. Children will learn about sexuality on their own, its a natural thing. Letting children go naked in school is perverted and unacceptable. Kids will learn what boys and girls have from the media, other people, and from living their own experiances. Letting kids go naked in school will not boost their self esteem it will just make everybody self conscious and compare themselves to other children. Sex is a private and intimate experiance that should not be shared with everybody. Letting everybody know what they look like naked ruins all of that and is just disgusting and vile. This should NOT be in schools. Whoever came up with this is obviously brainwashed by a sheltered society and by society's expectations.

  • Why is this a question?

    First of all, the fiction series the original poster referred to is erotica. Meaning that it's meant to be erotic. Read the stories if you don't believe me.

    Anyway, forcing students to be naked in school would just open up more opportunities for bullying because if a kid who's already being bullied is forced to walk around without clothes, he or she is just going to become a bigger target for bullying. Even if the program is used as a punishment (i.E. Making bullies strip down as punishment), that doesn't address the fact that if a few photos are snapped via smartphone, they can be put on the internet forever.

    My second point is that there are children who come from conservative families that would retaliate against the schools that employ these programs. Not to mention that some kids would probably look for ways around the rules, or gladly accept expulsion to avoid walking around school au naturel.

    Basically, it's an idea originating from a series of erotic fiction that is impractical in reality.

  • Stupidest thing I've ever heard.

    Ok, as someone who is currently in school, I can say without a doubt, NO ONE would enjoy it. Bullying and teasing would be out of control, and it could cause huge self esteem issues. If someone wants to be nude, don't do it at school. If someone's not comfortable with their sexuality, then they should seek professional help, not have it forced upon them by a place of education.

    As I said, I am a student in high school, and I know that my peers (at least in my school) would agree.

  • Stupidest thing I've ever heard.

    Ok, as someone who is currently in school, I can say without a doubt, NO ONE would enjoy it. Bullying and teasing would be out of control, and it could cause huge self esteem issues. If someone wants to be nude, don't do it at school. If someone's not comfortable with their sexuality, then they should seek professional help, not have it forced upon them by a place of education.

    As I said, I am a student in high school, and I know that my peers (at least in my school) would agree.

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Well, I wouldn't mind seeing my crush naked...