• Prevent global warming

    Besides it will saving more electrical energy used and save money for itself, the schools which use solar energy panels will give a good example to children in preventing global warming.
    Most schools starts at the morning and finish at afternoon. It means The school will be able to get energy from the solar panels they have, and don't need to using addition energy source.

  • Of course they should

    Schools need any means of helping them run. Especially with all the the closings going on in the Country and all around the Globe. Schools are essential, and need every ounce of self-sustainability that they can obtain. As we all know, it's schools that get us to achieve our potential, and lead us to our future.

  • Yes, what could possibly be bad about Solar panels?

    Solar panels are a great and sustainable way of sourcing power. The Sun is a free and effective way of powering schools, and the idea should really be looked at by schools everywhere. While solar panels can be expensive, in the long run, they will save schools money because they will cut electricity bills.

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  • Solar panels bring joy!

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  • It is great

    We should harness the suns energy! Think about the future and the education that comes with showing students how we can help the world through solar panels and other things that help save our environment. Plus, the schools can sell the energy... The money made can go to what is needed at that school.

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  • Of course we should

    Having the government spend a portion of it's money on a one time fee to upgrade each school to solar and wind power. The cost could save the school system millions over time. Plus the money spent for solar panels one year could be spent on books the second year. Every school will benefit from this and in turn each student, and potential graduate.
    In addition is the cost of electricity on each school being saved, in turn the tax payer money and state money could each be saved.
    The Carbon foot print of each school and state will be greatly reduced and have a new generation of green energy and savvy students with a better understanding of how they impact the whole world.

  • Yes but no

    Well for anybody its always good to switch to solar panels but like to anybody it would be expensive and not a necessity. No one NEEDS solar panels its just beneficial. It would be nice if we did have solar panels, but why spend government money on a luxury. Instead of spending money on such expensive solar panels which aren't needed spend it on education...Hence what schools are for. Use it on tutors, books, something beneficial to children's education!!!

  • Solar panels are terribly inefficient.

    Some simple research into the matter showed that waste materials (such as contaminated water) must be transported hundreds or thousands of miles from the sight...By car. Http://www.Theblaze.Com/stories/2013/02/10/associated-press-solar-energy-actually-has-a-big-hazardous-waste-problem-and-how-much-did-solyndra-contaminate/
    Just one example of the hidden costs of making solar panels. Honestly until everything isn't run on fossil fuels there will be no "green" alternative. Since the green alternative will be made using fossil fuels.

  • Not economically feasible at the moment.

    It sounds like a great idea! A way to have cheap, clean energy that could power something that certainly needs some beneficial change in America: schools. What could possibly be wrong with this?

    Sadly, the science hasn't caught up with the market yet. The cost efficiency of solar panels isn't nearly as high as many other methods of producing energy. For example, the cost of coal per KWH = $.006, oil = $.05, gas = $.03. Solar power, on the other hand, is around $.38 per KWH. So, it is evident we should stick to cheaper energy sources until solar power is economically feasible.

    Source: http://greenecon.Net/understanding-the-cost-of-solar-energy/energy_economics.Html

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