Should schools have strict, formal and uncomfortable dress code (properly tightened tie, completely buttoned tucked in shirt)?

Asked by: ron01
  • Yes, the should.

    The highschool i attend requires a uniform, a white shirt fully buttoned and military tuck, a black tie that is to be snug and tightly tied, blazer that was also to be buttoned, and our hair was to be VERY clean cut, basically a slicked back crew cut, i never felt better and i never behaved better, i'm so glad they had that uniform.

  • Of Course They Should

    The point of a strict uniform is to show respect, responsibility, discipline, and pride. I don't see a t-shirt and sweat pants as showing respect, responsibility, discipline, and pride plus a nice shirt and tie or a suit look's good if it's properly worn, i wear one every day 5 days a week so I would know

  • Students Should Learn To Dress Nicely

    What better way to teach a boy to dress well? If boys in like middle school have to wear a formal and comfortable (it's really not uncomfortable) dress code properly tightened tie, completely buttoned tucked in shirt and have short well-combed hair i mean I don't want a school or street filled with guys wearing t-shirts and jeans with crazy hair I want a school/street filled with guys wearing suits and well-combed hair

  • Students need to take pride in what they wear.

    Students need to be able to take pride in clothes that they like to dress in. Even if they do wear clothes they want, the school can have a dress code. Imagine a student failing just because they stress about how ugly their uniform looks, and their school won't do anything about it. If a class is going on an trip outside of school then the teacher should obviously remember the students faces.

  • Students should learn new things in friendly and comfortable way

    Choking tie and shirt with pants and blazer is something what no student want to wear. Students should learn new things in school, not care about choking tie and be worried that teacher will send him to principal's because he didn't buttoned last button on his shirt or because his tie isn't "properly tightened" (choking).

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