• Discipline and Attitude

    If pupils wear uniforms, this shows that the school manages the discipline very well and will not be looked down on other students to other schools. Students also show how much they care about their school by wearing school uniforms.
    ALSO, if there are no school uniforms, students can wear whatever they want in public.

  • It's just clothes, dude.

    Well, haven't you heard the phrase, "eww, what are you wearing? You look like a loser," or something like that? If you have uniforms nobody can say that. Well, if your defense is kids should wear what they want and shouldn't have rules for this, remember this is only for school. You can wear whatever you want at your friend's house. Some kids wear appropriate yet distracting clothes which can take your attention off of learning, and if you take up most of your time before school because you don't know what to wear? Problem solved. Plus school uniforms look good all the time.

  • Stops bullying and saves money.

    In this article I will be giving reasons, and examples why schools should require students to wear school uniforms.
    Students who wear ripped shirts, saggy pants, and chains all say the same thing; “I don’t care I’m dumb enough to wear this!” Would you wear these clothes for a job interview?
    Most kids that are bullied get bullied by their clothes. The kids buy new clothes because they’re getting picked on. They should focus more on school instead of the latest trend, or getting bullied. This can help stop anxiety or self-consciousness. It is important to show your individuality, but it shouldn't be about the clothes that express you; it should be about how you act or what you have to say that expresses you. It can save parents a lot of money from buying you the latest trend every 3 months.

  • I say yes

    I am just trying to convey that uniforms will kill inequality between different classes of people. It is one of the best ideas schools have given to bring in equality between people. I am proud of my uniform! There is no differentiation and no judgment on the type of clothes we wear. People have no choice and have no right to judge you in a uniform. It creates a disciplinary environment and makes you less conscious of your clothing. This should smooth the bit harsher statement below!

  • Yes it saves money and time.

    I have gone to a school with a uniform once and I loved it! It saved so much time in the mornings and I expressed my individuality in other ways. I loved how much money I saved also! You have to do laundry every week but who do sent do that anyway?

  • Uniforms DO NOT limit expression.

    I feel like I have to get this fact straight because many people seem to have forgotten that we are not all books to be judged by our cover! What happened to complimenting someone on what they said or did last period instead on how their jacket looks nice. Though clothing is a big part on judging others in today's society, it is not all we should be thought of as. By unifying students' dress, it pushes them to find new and creative ways to make their mark in someone's mind. Students would need to participate more as well as join clubs and be social if they wanted to stand out. Isn't that what we need now that technology has axed down on our daily face-to-face interactions?

  • Lower Overall Cost For School Year Clothing

    While some may complain about the high costs of uniforms and needing to replace if damaged, etc, in reality, it would cost much less. Today, any self-conscious student would want to follow "fashion trends". What does that mean for parents? It means buying $100 and up designer clothing. Each time the child or teen wants another over-priced shirt, it isn't because of necessity, but instead it's because of ever changing fashion trends. Now, others may say that you now need to buy these designer clothing on top of the costly uniforms. Imagine this: students don't wear the same type of clothing every day if not for uniforms. One would need at least 10 outfits-one for everyday of the week and special occasions, that would amount to at least $2000 worth of clothing for a maximum of 3-5 months. On the other hand, the most expensive uniforms around would only cost that same $2000, but with enough types of clothing for an entire year. Throw in another couple hundred for weekends and you're set to go for a few years!

  • I wish my school have uniforms

    Bullying is a past time for the ill dressed. Anyone without nice clothing will without a doubt be bullied the next day by the fashionable. It is hell I'm a middle dressed student so i only deal with a small bit of harassment, but seeing my friend bullied and only being able to ask a teacher for help just isn't enough, i want uniforms to change our school permanently.

  • Good idea for yes

    I think its a good idea, It saves time getting ready in the morning and it saves money because you don't need new clothes every yr. My kids have kept the same uniforms all of highschool. The students don't worry if they go to a private school on scholarship bc no one can tell. It equalizes the playing field.

  • It would be a good idea.

    It stops being "expression of individuality" when students start pushing the boundaries of the dress code and start being plain stupid. When I was in school, there was a girl in my math class who sat in front of me. She wore a thong for underwear every day. I knew, because she wore low-cut jeans and blouses that rode up her back every time she sat down. Every time I looked up, I saw her thong. It was right there in my face. It was very distracting and I was bad at math to begin with. She was never called on it because technically, she adhered to the basics of the dress code. Even if school uniforms are implemented nation-wide, students will find different ways of "expressing their individuality". The naysayers out there are imagining the strictest possible scenario where things like hair length and hairstyle are rigorously controlled. Believe me, students will find a way to get around any dress code policy, uniform or no. However, school uniforms will go a long way to diminishing clothing-related distractions like highly visible underwear and sagging pants.

  • A kid's point of view.

    Let the kids decide not the parents. The kids are the ones that are wearing the clothes after all. I personally choose no uniforms because then I won't have to go searching in the morning for the uniforms. Also by having no uniforms we have more freedom of expression. Sure there can be a dress code imposing limits. At the 2 middle schools I have been to, one had uniforms, the other did not. I preferred the one without because people got along better. In the school with the uniforms people always were getting in trouble for small things such as an un-tucked shirt or wearing a slightly brighter color. Think about it like this, what is the point of wearing uniforms? The only people who wear uniforms in life are the people who work at McDonald's and other low or average paying jobs. The people who don't are normally having the time of their life and you don't see them having to wear what they're told to. If it's one thing then think like a kid not an adult. Us kids are the ones who are wearing it so the only thing parents should have to complain about is maybe searching for uniforms or kids not choosing what to wear fast enough or too pricey clothes. Kids will always judge others based on what they wear. At the school I'm going to now (with uniforms) they still judge others on shoes, type of pants, accessories and other small things. I am in 8th grade, 14, top of my class, straight A student already doing high school classes.

  • One thousand times NO!

    Nobody wants to wear uniforms and we shouldn't have to, because they're ugly, uncomfortable, money-grabbers, and creativity-snatchers. Most of the uniforms are expensive and people can't afford them, therefore, the child gets in trouble continually by an adult. The adult, not knowing of the situation that they are dealing with, makes it worse. Nobody likes uniforms, they don't help with your education or learning abilities so I don't know where anybody got that from because I go to a very intelligent academy that teaches us 2-4 grades above the grade you're actually in, and you don't see one person there wearing a uniform. Or getting bullied for that reason.

  • Throw this out.

    No, schools should not have uniforms. If kids are bullying others because of what they wear, parents and teachers need to deal with that and fix the issue. Teaching kids that the way to get along is to strip them of one of the ways that can express themselves is wrong.

  • Throws creativity out the window!

    Forcing students to wear the same thing all the time destroys creativity. Creativity is an important part of building a productive, problem solving person that can find there way out of any situation. While sucking the creativity out of a student is very counterproductive to building a strong education out of a student.

  • No! Heck to the no schools should not have uniforms.

    They are kids for goodness sake. Let them be themselves; creative ,imaginative and unique. If you take that away from them then how are they going to learn to express themselves when they grow up? They are not like adults. They don't need to wear a suit and tie and a skirt. They are kids and it only lasts for a little, but if you want to see your little baby growing up into this adult at the age of six then go ahead, that's your choice.

  • Absolutely not. Uniforms kill self-expression and creativity.

    Uniforms in the learning environment promote conformity and authoritarianism. Allowing a child to express themselves is an extremely important part of creating an adult human that has the capability to think and act for themselves. If we strive for conformity in our children, we run the risk of laying the groundwork for an anti-democratic future.

  • Kids need to express themselves!

    Kids at school need a way to express themselves and who they are as people; clothes are a way to do that. Mahatma Gandhi once said “he who loses individuality loses all”. Kids should not have to dull their shine because schools say it's fairer. For me, it’s very important what you wear and how you present yourself. I like to dress up and look nice for school because it reflects who I am. Some kids take lots of time in the morning picking out their clothes simply because they like to. Schools should not be allowed to deprive them of that enjoyment. School uniforms are boring and drab, who wants to go to a place every day and look just like everyone else? No one likes to just fit into the crowd. On the first day of school everyone wants to look nice, and on picture day everyone dresses the way they want to. If you had school uniforms, you wouldn’t be able to do that.

  • Self expression is important.

    Clothing is one way of expressing yourself, and taking away the ability for people to choose what they wear and how they look deprives them of self expression and takes their choices away from them. People who say that uniforms even the playing field from bullying are wrong. Bullies are not stupid, all they will do is find some other way of making others feel inferior.

  • No uniforms allowed

    I believe that there shouldn't be uniforms in school. The reason is because students should be able to express themselves and not having to worry about what the school says. Also, uniforms can cost money. In most schools, the uniforms itself can cost more than a casual outfit. In addition, most people say that uniforms can stop bullying. I disagree with that. It may stop some bullying but not all completely.


    NO DRESS CODE. My school has dress code and it gets annoying that we cant wear what we want. I think that all kids should be able to express themselves through clothing. I think that most other kids would agree with me that there should be no dress cod or uniforms. I understand that without a uniform or dress code could lead to all kinds of stuff like fights, arguments, etc. But come on whats next... Using leashes on us kids.

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Anonymous says2013-04-04T18:56:57.123
Uniforms suck****
Anonymous says2013-05-23T17:26:22.243
School uniforms will cause other types of bullying it will make bullying more physical and honestly there are just a few people who actually get mad when someone says something about your clothes. Uniforms are uncomfortable and why dont you have a confrence with kids cause kids know what type of bullying goes on so adults and teachers saying it will help academicly doesnt make much sense because there isnt many people who sit and class and be like i want that and i want this. Kids will feel more awkward because they will have to look the same and it will just bring out more types of bullying and bullying on different things