Should schools keep guns on campus to protect students?

Asked by: BosMan
  • Everyone should be introduced to guns at once

    This is the only way to COMPLETELY prevent a school shooting. When a creep looks into a classroom and sees a 5-year-old with a handgun by his side, he's gonna back the f up.

    Guns are here to stay, and everyone should be taught to be safe around them.

    The need for this acquaintance is that this America and we allow the people to have control of arms as well as the Government, which is different from other countries, where people are treated like slaves.

  • Law Abiding Citizens Must Use Guns to Protect from Criminals That Terrorize With Guns

    What is a better alternative to protecting ones self, from a criminal that is threatening with a gun, than a gun? Guns are not bad, people are bad. A criminal could beat someone to death with a stick, that does not mean a stick is bad. Until there is a more effective way to protect law abiding citizens from criminals that use guns, why would we not want guns to protect ourselves. There is a reason that police officers (should be law abiding) use guns in America - Because guns are a tool for protection.

  • School staff should be allowed to protect themselves and the children they teach.

    Every year there are reports of school shootings nation wide. After a shooting, through the extreme sadness felt by every one, someone brings up the point that is there anything someone could have to stop the shooting. One person brings up that if the school had guns on campus and had shown that they had guns on campus hidden, then the shooting might have not happened.
    There is much controversy on this subject but guns should be used to protect not to just to kill.

  • The main job of adults is protect kids.

    I think a teachers job is to help kids and PROTECT THEM if in danger. If not protected the entire school could get shot by one crazy man who has a tumor like what happened to the university of texas or sandy hook. This was a terrible thing. Would YOU like youre kids getting shot?

  • Yes but in majority

    Legal Possession of firearms in school is a fairly good idea. The only way to counter a criminal with a gun is with a gun. People need to learn about guns and that they are just tools no worse than a hammer or screwdriver. You never see shootings at Police Stations, Gun shows, and NRA meetings. So having a firearm in such an unfortunate event like a mass shooting is a good idea. Would you rather be in a shooting cowarding waiting for someone minutes away to help or would you rather help your fellow classmates and yourself now? The big thing is alot of teachers and college students would need to jump into this idea. Because if one person in the school is on drugs or is mentally ill and is the only person with a gun in school when its legal then it would do no good to have such a law. Its like watching your peers back and he/she watches your back. I think it could grow trust between very responsible gun owning peers. But remember you'd rather have it and not need it then need it and not have it.

  • Yes they should

    Yes because is a person were to come on school campus and begin to shoot students ans administraters, the kids would need to be protected. Having guns on campus wpuld definitly ensure this. Of course they would be locked away in a place where only certain people know about and have a pass code that only those certain people know about

  • No because it's proven gun decreases safety, not increase

    Take note, In Australia where guns are banned there has been 3 reported shootings in which casualties have been known and total casualties have only been 5 deaths since 2002 - 1923. In the US, shootings are happening just about every week. You can clearly see that introducing guns into the society increases the risk of deaths, take note that even keeping guns for home protection has caused mothers/fathers to kill their daughters/sons by accident mistaking them for robbers.

  • Guns are too lethal to risk everyday teachers to hold the responsibility

    To start off with, I'm not totally disagreeing with BosMan or what anyone else says, all I'm saying is guns are too lethal to keep in classrooms and school offices. There are more deaths yearly from the misuse of guns than deaths yearly from school shootings. I suggest either full-time armed security at schools or firearms with rubber bullets or less lethal arms like tazers. I myself am a student in high school and I would rather have non-lethals or people who are trained. I get the idea, but let's think with our heads, not our anger people.

  • Multiple guns are too much

    Guns should not be allowed on school campuses unless the handlers are trained marksmen because all it takes is a crazy student or armed man to easily take the firearms and use them for his own good. Instead I suggest it would be more efficient to have an armed security unit or an emergency panic button for the police.

  • No Because it could hurt someone.

    Because a student could get it and hurt someone. Not all teachers know how to use a gun. Someone could hurt someone they were not supposed to. If a student got it they could be hurt them selves or hurt someone else and get in trouble or do suicide so they wouldn't get caught.

  • The school shouldn't keep guns on campus to protect school

    Guns should not be kept in school . This can lead to many students harm and fear . Some students would use guns in a wrong way. It may increase in school shooting , death , hard recoveries and loss of many lives ... I think these sort of weapons should be away from the children for good

  • H-e double hockey sticks no

    People are so crazy these days. One of the kids at the school could find the safe of guns and shoot up the whole school. Than what are we going to do? The government will have another retarded reason to change unnecessary thing. I am 12 and I don't want to get shot up. I understand that they want to keep us safe but there are also some crazy people in the school everyday.

  • I do not think schools should keep guns on campus to protect students.

    I completely disagree with this illogical statement. First of all, the only person in the school that should have a gun is the legal school cop.(Unless you're too ghetto to get a cop) which in that case, would be stupid for anyone else to have a gun. Although there have been plenty of schools that had shootings, that's just because dumb-asses need to get their head out of their ass and quit killing people. We wouldn't have to be debating about this stuff if people would just quit taking all of their anger out on everyone with a bloody gun! There's no logical reason to be running around killing people. If somebody is that insane to be killing people then they need some help. Almost everyone should be aware of the consequences and to be smart enough to know whats going to happen, and if you aren't aware of that then you are mentally ill and you need serious help.

  • Absolutely no way.

    In general, guns (machines designed to kill) should not be in society full stop. The US has an horrific murder rate, which it should be ashamed of. The UK has approx 450 murders per year, yet the US has approx 10,000 gun deaths alone. A society that has to have a debate about bringing guns into the classroom to defend children CLEARLY has lost the plot.

  • Schools should not keep guns

    The idea is really bad because if schools want to protect children they should have lock-down
    drills more often not guns! If a kid gets into the guns place then he'll start playing with it and eventual shoot him or his friend with it by accident or he would shoot people on purpose.
    Either way it is going to get people hurt more then if there wasn't a gun there.

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