• Sorry I have a butt, its part of the human body

    Sexist people need to chill. Whats a bigger distraction is pulling a girl out of class for wearing her clothes and humiliating her and making her change in order to learn, not that a boy is glancing over at a butt for a few seconds. You're sitting down most of the time at school anyways, so to distrupt a students learning because a boys maturity is undermined is stupid.

  • Unless They Disrupt Class

    Students should be allowed to wear what they want in a public setting as long as their clothing doesn't disrupt the learning process. Yoga pants are tight, but shouldn't necessarily be distracting to anyone. It's not like yoga pants have tobacco or alcohol message on them. They're just yoga pants--no big deal.

  • Wear What You Feel Comfortable In

    Living in Georgia, where the weather is almost always in the 80s and 90s, it's kind of hard to wear pants everyday. The shortest attire we can wear in our school is Jean shorts to the knee, and speaking for almost every girl, you would not catch me dead in those. Girls should wear whatever they want, with some restrictions. Why can we wear nike shorts in gym but not in class? I say that the school should focus on restraining the boys rather than pulling girls out of class and disrupting their education to help the boys have an education.

  • They Are Hot

    Yoga pants should definitely be allowed in school. The boys love them, and although they are hot, they do not completely distract the class. They just give one more thing to look forward to at school. They fill boys with excitement and will make them work harder (especially if they want to impress the girl with the nice curves).

  • Yoga Pants should be in schools.

    Yoga Pants should be in schools. If girls wana show of their butt then why cant they, If they want to look like a big booty judy then let them be. It depends how they were them if their provocative. Because you can get very tight ones that make you look like a thirsty hoe. Or loose ones that you just want to be comfortable in. SO OVERALL MY ANACONDA WANT!!!

  • We should teach boys that girls are not "distracting"

    At my school, girls can't wear yoga pants because they are a "distraction to learning". Distraction, huh? How about, instead of telling girls what not to wear, teach boys that girls are actual human beings, not objects or dolls. Of course, there is a line between disruptive and "distracting". As long as a girl's butt isn't hanging out, yoga pants are no big deal.

  • I believe girls should be allowed to wear yoga pants.

    My Argument is when I was in H.S (gratuated in 97) & speaking as a father of a little girl (not in school yet) but placing myself in the situation I'll be faces with in the future. As long as they wear them conservative & NOT to drive the boys insane (which is how the girls did when I was in school, wear a shirt that covers the majority of your bottom & not so transparent everyone can name the undies ya got on its Okb

  • I Would Wear Them

    Yoga pants weren't really a fashion item while I was in high school, like they are now, but I love my yoga pants. If I were in high school now, I would probably want to wear them school often, because of their comfort. I don't see any legitimate reason why schools shouldn't let girls where yoga pants, unless they have a uniform policy.

  • Yes freedom of choice

    As long as the yoga pants are not extremely tight and showing off underwear they should be allowed in schools. To restrict the dress code that far starts to become very dangerous. We still need some freedom in life to be able to choose what we wear as long as it is not interfering with anything.

  • Although all should make their own rules

    All schools have a right to set a dress code and should not be stopped from doing so, but the idea that clothing should be decided due to morality or modesty. Schools shouldn't decide how young girls should feel about their bodies or what is appropriate or inappropriate, and should learnt to be more modern.

  • Its distracting for the guys and they cannot focus on there school work, its a huge temptation not to look.

    If a girl is attractive, it is very hard to not glance over at her legs from time to time, like ok as example its basically a hot guy fir a girl taking his shirt off right in front of her, its just way to tempting to not look at her body butt, legs and all.

  • Not appropriate for a classroom setting and disruptive towards the learning environment.

    I don't believe yoga pants or jeggings should be allowed in a classroom environment because they are distracting toward the educational process and a lewd clothing choice. They should be banned in mainstream society as well as they are overtly sexual in nature. A male couldn't wear speedos or spandex pants to school or the super market so neither should females especially underage school children in a classroom setting be allowed to wear such provacotive clothing.

  • Yoga pants should stay out of schools.

    As much as I appreciate yoga pants, as a guy, I believe that they probably have no place in lower grade schools. They simply accentuate too much sexuality in these younger students and will cause a distraction. Jeans can look just as good without causing any uproar, so they should wear those instead.

  • Schools should not let girls wear yoga pants.

    Schools should not let girls wear yoga pants to class. They are too provocative for young girls and they could distract other students. Rather, schools should make students wear conservative uniforms that will prevent them from wearing anything too revealing. Students should not be able to wear sexually revealing clothes.

  • Schools should not allow girls to wear yoga pants.

    Schools should not allow girls to wear yoga pants. I think schools should require students to dress appropriately and yoga pants should only be worn while doing yoga. This should be common sense for both the school and the parents of the children. I would not want my daughter wearing anything like that to a public place.

  • School is not a fashion statement!

    Not only should girls not be able to wear yoga pants there should be a dress code for school. We need to show that school is important and dress with respect. This will include boys as well. There should be a dress code for all. Teachers should dress in business attire. Male teachers should have ties. Students should wear business causal as well. Collared shirts, khaki pants or shorts at or below the knee, dresses or skirts if chosen should be at or below the knee. Show some class and maybe this will help with the lack of respect we now see in schools.

  • There is no right argument to be using yoga pants in school. What's the point appart of giving a sexual desire to other people?

    The good feel about their bodies, freedom of choice is why we live in a Barbie World. What is the definition of "defined bodie"? It's nor morality issues, it's praticall use! And mostly the girls like to buy cheap black yoga pants.. Its like not wearing nothtin at all. :D

  • Not appropriate for school

    I think anyone can wear anything they want. Sadly, though, kids are growing up in a society that is mature in appearance but not mentally. You can wear something covering it, but not showing all that. Although their more appropriate than booty shorts. Out of school in fine, but inside of school. No just no.

  • No. Here's why.

    Of course women want to show off their body, no surprise there. But i bet everyone would start having a huge problem if men wore pants focusing on their junk. "Sorry I have a penis, jeez, just let me wear my comfy pants!" The pants are CALLED Yoga pants. Go do Yoga in them, maybe go to the gym or something in them. Why would you ear them to school? Don't tell me that it's about comfort because if it were really about comfort the ladies would be in sweat pants. Wonder why they don't? Because they want to wear revealing clothing to distract boys.

  • Yoga pants teach young boys that bums are sexual and creates havoc of hormones in the class room

    The biggest threat to mankind is population, over sexed youth creates younger couples and thus at a young age, unwanted/planned babies. I've spoken with many females in my university classes and all lost their V between 12-14, that's crazy! The only correlation is yoga pants, youths are not meant to wear adult revealing cloths during school , instead of learning , females are dating, creating drama, having breakups younger and soon will lead to over sexed youth due to oversexed cloths. Nuff said p

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