Should schools provide daycare to assist teenage moms?

  • Less drop-outs and abortions

    When teenage mothers have their children, they need to take care of them. In doing this, they cannot just take a break from taking care of their babies during school hours. This causes teenagers to drop-out of school in order to take care of their children. The teenagers will then not be able to finish high school, preventing them an education, and less probability of being able to get a job and support their babies in the future. In knowing this could happen, some teenagers get abortions instead. Killing their own child. The child that could find a cure for cancer, or create the space ship that lands on Mars, or becomes president. Daycare in schools, funded by the government is not a lot to ask. In doing this, it saves the life of a mother, possible father, and child.

  • Don't set her up for failure

    If you teach them abstience-only education, if you put restrictions on birth control or make it expensive, if you prevent them from getting an abortion, if you cut welfare so they can't pay for daycare...Then why would you try to further prevent her education and limit her success in life?

  • The moms need their education

    I agree with schools needing to provide daycare to assist teenage moms. Moms are not getting the education they need. Sometimes a couple of moms do go back to school to graduate.The moms won't have a good chance of getting to go to college because they are taking care of their children. Most moms are quitting high school and going back to get their GED. They need to provide daycare for the babies.

  • Not at all.

    This simply gives teens a good reason to get pregnant. They get day care practically for free. If a school sets up a daycare, the message is to the teens that it's ok to get pregnant because the school will help them take care of their new offspring. It's not right.

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