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  • Schools don't want to set a bad example

    If they eat sugar at home, it will make them tempted at home! Then parent will be angry and blame the school! To prevent that, I think student should bring/eat healthy food at school.Also,students focus better without sugar in their bodys. They will go very crazy! This is what I think

  • I feel that school's have a responsibility to their students to provide them with the option of healthier choices.

    Obviously, schools are not obligated to force 'healthier' choices upon their students, and, quite frankly, I believe that they don't have a right to.
    In line with that though, I also believe that school's don't have a right to force unhealthy choices on their students by making it the only option.
    I feel that school's should offer both choices objectively and allow students to decide for themselves what they are going to ingest.

    If carried out correctly, this can be achieved while only putting a minimal strain on the school's budget (offering appealing healthy choices, adjusting the amount of both foods offered based on student's eating trends, and promotion of healthier eating choices to increase the amount of students choosing them), which is better than just saying "We don't feel that your health is worth spending more than the bare minimum" or "Go hungry if it's not good enough for you."

  • Obesity and health.

    Obesity is an epidemic in the modern world and we need to take steps to reduce it, because it so significantly increases the costs of healthcare and reduces people's lifespans while wasting food. In addition, better nutrition increases the brain's ability to learn, and thus helps students get an enjoyable and profitable job and get more intellectual stimulation from education.

  • Many do already!

    Of course they should provide healthy snacks! It is better for children throughout the day and is healthy, making for a better lifestyle. It is cheaper to get fresh fruit than processed garbage. And I'm sure many people would agree to a healthier lifestyle if more healthy snacks were available. Also there are minimal health issues when it comes to fruit and veg as oppose to many issues with other varieties of snack.

  • Schools should provide healthier snacks.

    I think schools should provide healthy snacks because it is more healthy. It is that simple. Healthier foods provide more nutrients. When you are at school, I think that we must eat more healthier food because it will give us good nutrients (fiber, calcium, vitamin D and potassium) that will help student to concentrate.

  • I believe that schools should not provide healthy snacks.

    I think schools should not provide healthy snacks and heres why. First, it would cost a lot of extra money which would impact the school in a very negative way. For example, Im in 5th grade. Last year, at my old school, we had this little scam called snack cart. It was a free snack provider from the school. But, only about 9/10 kids would even take the snack. About 19/20 wouldnt eat it. That way, the school would have just wasted hundreds of dollars on snacks nobody eats. Also, some kid is bound to have a food allergy. The school cant keep track of everybody's allergies. So, some kid is going to get sick.

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  • Healthy Food isn't for everyone.

    Schools aren't responsible for healthy food products. Parents should be the judge on who gets what; right? Well I'm here to state my opinion about this subject. I have no right to state this, but this should be justified. The school system should be more flexible in this area due to people being heavily picky.

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