• The bullying could continue during school hours

    If a person is getting cyberbullied it can continue during school. The bully could still attack the person over the internet during school and could attack them in person instead of the internet. I feel that the school should do something about it because if the cops aren't doing anything about it the person can attempt or even be successful to kill themselves.

  • Fe ged fg

    Think the schools should punish off-campus cyber bullying because it should not be tolerated. I think it is not okay for kids to cyber bully. If someone cyber bullies they should be punished by the schools and the parents. One way to punish someone is to give them an after school detention.

  • Yes, schools should definitely punish cyber-bullying, even if off-campus.

    Although the event did not happen in school, the school is responsible for what may happen after the event in school. It may affect a child's learning ability, social life, and how they participate in class. All of these problems happen in school. Other authorities should be contacted and involved, but the school should not be completely disregarded and not involved.

  • Yes They Should

    I think the schools should punish off-campus cyber bullying because it should not be tolerated. I think it is not okay for kids to cyber bully. If someone cyber bullies they should be punished by the schools and the parents. One way to punish someone is to give them an after school detention.

  • Not Fair, but Not Their Right

    I personally hate cyber-bullying. I hate bullying period. This is coming from a guy who was bullied during school. Although bullying isn't right & I'd hate to see others being bullied, I still feel that if the bullying does not take place on school grounds it is not the schools job to punish kids while of campus. I also say that they should punish it if they are using the schools property or technology they should be punished.

  • Fe ged fg

    Think the schools should punish off-campus cyber bullying because it should not be tolerated. I think it is not okay for kids to cyber bully. If someone cyber bullies they should be punished by the schools and the parents. One way to punish someone is to give them an after school detention.

  • I think they should not.

    I think schools should not punish kids for cyber bullying off site, though it is not fair to kids for being bullied at places like Facebook because it is not their job. State law states that the student that attends a school is the school's responsibility until they reach their house. Once the child is in their house it is the parents responsibility not theirs.

  • Bullies' Rights Unprotected

    The 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals ruled during "Doninger v. Niehoff" that "a student may be disciplined for expressive content, even conduct occurring off school grounds, when this conduct would foreseeably create a risk of substantial disruption within the school environment, [and] it was similarly foreseeable that the off-campus expression might also reach campus." Because the students who are engaging in cyberbullying are doing so in a manner that will almost certainly result in it reaching campus in some manner, this action is not protected under the First Amendment.

  • Yes, The School Must Punish Cyber-bullying

    Cyber-bullying damages the victim's academic capability by attacking them mentally and emotionally, which may affect their physical well being as well. Since the student is attacking another student in the school, the school is not completely unrelated to the issue. It has all the rights to ensure a safe environment for its students. Having a bullied student in the class does NOT promote a safe learning environment for the rest of the class.

  • I Think They Should

    I think they should because people should not have to put up with it. I think people who cyberbully should be punished in every way shape or form. I think that people who are getting cyberbullied should get help right away. No kid/adult should take any of this. I think the people who are getting cyberbullied should bring an adult with them to discuss the situation.

  • No it is not a big deal

    All you have to do is turn off your computer. The school has no right in controlling what we do in our own time otherwise life would be horrible because we would literally get punished for speaking our mind. Let the parents deal with the things that go on outside the school.

  • Why should they

    First of all its not happening on school campus and its not a schools job to punish they are supposed to teach NOT punish. If the kid who is getting cyberbullied doesn't want it anymore then he should go to a responsible guardian and if that doesn't work go to someone higher up like the police

  • Debate class topic

    A b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z now i know my a b cs next time wont you sing with my cyber bullying off school campus friend who doesnt live here

  • It is completely outside their jurisdiction.

    First off, let me assume that it is against the school rules to cyberbully, and cyberbullying is wrong, and mean etc.. (See my other cyberbullying-related posts for my opinion on that).

    However, school rules have no authority off school campus (barring field trips and school-run activities off campus). Therefore schools cannot punish students for stuff they do not do at school.

    For example: a school rule at my school is 'do not run in the corridors or down the stairs'. If I run down the stairs at MY HOUSE is the school allowed to punish me? No!! Therefore if I sit at my desk at home and send a mean Facebook message to another kid can the school punish me? No!

    (This all changes if I use my phone at school to post a Facebook message, but the question specifies off-campus cyberbullying) .

  • It is against the law in most states to cyber bully. The teachers should be able to report cyber bully but not administer direct punishment.

    The police or other legal authority figure should then decide to remove the student from access to the Internet, which includes at school. The cyber bullying will effect their school life, just as a crime would effect their career. I think that if the child commits a crime then a witness would report it. The witness can not discipline the guilty, but can help guide the police to the crime. The crime should still effect the student's life through school. The teachers still shouldn't directly punish unless the offense took place at school.

  • Schools doesn't own you

    The school dosn't own you and they shouldn't be able to punish students for outside of school behavior. Are they going to come to your house and punish you for not washing the dishes? For mistreating your siblings? NO! Schools are ment for teaching, not disciplining. They don't have that much authority, shouldn't have much authority. Parents are now relieng on teachers. Parents, do you really want the school to be able to punish your children? Be able to touch your children? NO! School doesn't work that way. For Christ's sake, the school can't even provide a good meal for the students.

  • Well...It would depend

    Based on the situation, they should not be able to do anything. If the bullying is brought to the school, and it started off campus, then yes. If it is physically shown, in person, that the person is being bullied, then the school should take command of the situation. Otherwise, if it is between one child and another child, and that they physically do not interact with them in person ON school grounds, it should be dealt with by blocking the bully or contacting parents if you know them.

  • Schools are not therapists

    They shouldn't have the ability to punish students for off-campus bullying. First of all, it's off campus, so the school doesn't have jurisdiction over it. Second, if everyone who bully people on the Internet were to be punished, our schools would be horrible.

    If nothing is happening inside of the school's property, then they cannot do anything about it. If it gets serious enough, then the bullied kid should call the police and report that they are being harassed. If they say they don't want to call the police because that sounds too harsh, then the bullying isn't that bad.

  • Freedom of Speech

    Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and by many state constitutions and state and federal laws. The school is only responsible for Bullying and Cyber Bullying that happens at school or within the school's hours. They simply don't have the right to take action or punish things that go on in the child's home life or what they do out of school is none of the school's business therefore the school or teacher who is trying to punish them is also invading there privacy. If someone is being bullied online they should tell there parent or legal guardian and they should take it into there own hands.

  • Schools do not have the authority to take action.

    Schools should not be responsible for punishing cyberbullies because they have no right to take action. For example, if a student is sending mean/ hurtful messages on a phone their parents bought them, it should be the parents responsibility to stop them. Basically, parents should punish their child if theyre is misusing their phone. This matters to my claim because parents should be responsible for punishing their child, not the school.

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