• Varying Classes Keeps Student Interest

    Requiring non-core classes can only foster a better love for learning for some students. Make non-core classes with similar scope have several options. Lump the social sciences together like sociology, psychology and the like. Do the same with practical classes like shop, auto repair and home economics. The possibilities are as endless as the choices of learning topics. The more similar to college a high school can be, the better. Non-core required classes can be similar to picking a major at a college to give younger pupils a feel for what it is like in higher education.

  • Yes, schools should require non-core classes.

    In order to give students an opportunity to branch out and find out what subjects they like, it makes sense for schools to require at least a few non-core classes. Through the taking of non-core classes, students may be able to figure out what they would like to major in later in their educational careers, or what professions they may like to look into in their working lives.

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