• Schools need to have vegan options.

    Not just because some students (like me) may be vegan. Studies show that the meat served at schools causes cancer, diabetes, and other health problems. I'm not saying they have to get rid of all the meat they serve, which is really what I should be saying due to health concerns. All I'm saying is they need to give kids more of a choice. People can get all the nutrients they need from plants, so PLEASE don't say "but they need protein!" Broccoli and kale actually have more protein than meat. Again, I'm vegan and I'm not suffering from protein deficiency or anything. Zinc, iron, and other nutrients in meat are also high in some vegetables.

  • Yes, veganism is growing.

    There is an increasing amount of vegans in this world, which means they will need food options, especially in schools. At my school, there is NO vegan lunch options other than the salad bar. Restaurants have began to add vegan options, so why can't schools? Also, this could be a great opportunity to educate people on the benefits of veganism.

  • Healthy. Ethical. Environmental.

    Schools need to consider the health of their students, and including more plant based meals is the best way to do this. Also, it will save many animals from unnecessary suffering. Finally, the animal industry being greatly responsible for global warming, vegan diets would reduce global warming & thus save the environment.

  • It'd do more good than harm in the long run.

    Hey vegans live up to 15 years longer due to their diet. As far as nutritionally I think the food system is ok at best. Giving student's a choice to live healthily, or more so than usual has it's upsides. As well as giving vegan children more options at school.

  • Higher education, yes. K-12, no.

    If we are talking about higher education then yes. There needs to be vegan options. For k-12, I do not believe school should be serving foods at all. Parents should be packing lunches for their children instead. This way parents can make sure their children have the proper dietary needs.

  • Yes, everybody should have the ability to make choices.

    Not everyone believes eating meat or dairy is right. I'm not saying vegans are picky eaters, but they have their points. The way animals are killed is INHUMANE. And I agree with vegans myself. Also, if this debate was about having desserts at school, wouldn't most of you be saying yes? So why not have a vegan option.

  • Of course; Vegan food is generally much healthier.

    Whether there is demand for it or not, most standard vegan dishes - including nutritional foods, such as vegetables, fruits, pulses, legumes and grains - are very healthy and nourishing for the body, so vegan food should certainly be implemented into every school's lunch menu. You don't have to be vegan to enjoy vegan cuisine and I think that, overall, schools need to be providing kids with healthy, nutritious food rather than processed meats and greasy, fatty dishes. It isn't that vegan food should be implemented as a "speciality" for vegans, but instead, because it's generally much healthier for you and we should be promoting a healthy, balanced lifestyle packed full of nutritious food (typically not found in your average school's lunch menu).

  • Having a choice never hurts

    For preparing a vegan meal all that needs to be done is not to put meat in it. There is no special ingredients that has to be bought which will create much problem for the administration. An institute has to prepare food for all its students be it a vegan or non-vegan. So the proportion food which was wasted before due to vegans not eating meat if given a vegan option for the same proportion of food, it will save the wastage. Also, it will make it economically convenient as vegetables are cheaper than meat . So even economically speaking, having vegan as an option is a better option.

  • Why shouldn't they?

    My school serves vegetarian food, and while it may be bad economically, it could be the first step to increasing the amount of vegetarians and vegans. There's almost nothing wrong with a vegan diet, plus it could really get kids to eat healthier as well, so I definitely think there should be vegan food in schools.

  • There is no demand for it

    In The United States estimates that as of 2012, 2% of people in the United States self-identified as vegan, it doesn't get better anywhere else in the world. That said, the demand for a vegan option in schools is just not in. Not to mention people are still very wary about veganism. For example
    I found an article and the head line reads"5 Potential Problems With Vegan Diets" it has 888,806 views, which is a fairly substantial amount of views on a topic stating that vegan diets are problematic.
    That said people are being led away from veganism, statement saying it is dangerous. Even if its false advertisement it is still circulating around, which in turn makes parents and individuals quite
    cautious about these types of diets.

  • No, because other food options have not been added........

    I believe that vegans should not have their own option in school because they have chosen to not eat any animal related products and people with allergies they cannot help such as a nut allergy or a lactose intolerant condition do not have an entirely different menu. People may argue to this and say that there is only a small minority of people with these conditions however, people with religious requirements such as Muslims having halal meat should there be an option just for them? There is an increasing amount of Muslims in the world (1.6 billion Muslims and counting) surely they should have an option to themselves?

  • Let them bring their own lunch

    No need to change the lunch, it's fine as it is now. Just don't charge they bring their own lunch, some schools do charge. There is no health benefits of being vegan, the key is to have correct portions. Schools usually have give vegetables with each meal so why can't they just eat that:

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