• Yes school should start later

    Students are extremely stressed in the morning and are rushing to get to school on time! That way they don't have a good breakfast they don't have time to review their studies and they get to school tired and depressed! Sometimes even with all that they are still late! If school would start 45 min later and end 45 min later all that could be stopped! Students would get more sleep, would have a good breakfast, would have time to review their studies thus getting better marks and they would even be less depressed! Just shifting the school time by 45 min would make a huge difference and solve countless problems!! I believe that all schools who are not already starting at 9:00 should make the change today!!

  • Schools should Definitely Start Later

    Biology shows that teens actually need 9.25 hours of sleep for optimal performance. Even if students DO go to sleep earlier, they will not achieve the REM sleep that mostly occurs for teens between 4AM-7AM. Almost 85% of teens are sleep deprived. Sleep deprivation can cause drowsy driving(which is just as bad as drunk driving), impaired decision making, and even a higher chance of depression. The main reason that teens need to wake up later is because they need more REM sleep to overcome mental fatigue and aid in brain development.

  • I think school should be later on in the morning

    It should be earlier because many studied show that teens have a sleep pattern that they need at least seven to nine hours of sleep . Most students wake up at 6:00 or earlier and they must be at school at 7:15 it is too early to be up if students started school a little bit later more kids will be focused

  • Always later in the morning.

    If school starts earlier than kids will get enough sleep. Sometimes kids have commitments to make. The could be at a family party, job scheduled at that time, it could even help in doing homework in the morning. When you just did homework in the morning your mind is fresh to it.

  • School should start later

    I think school should start later because people are tired in the morning and cant focus on their work and i think that it should start at least 9:00 in the morning because kids my age need their sleep they have better behavior because they got their sleep i want school to start later

  • Yes yes yes

    We need sleep I think that we should start school later because we don't have enough time to do things with our families. We should also start school later because we need to get our sleep and why do they say sleep is important if we can'tget some with so much home work.

  • We need sleep

    I think that we should start school later because we don't have enough time to do things with our families. We should also start school later because we need to get our sleep and why do they say sleep is important if we can'tget some with so much home work.

  • Of course we should start later

    I go to school and everyday I have to get up at 5 in the morning to get ready. I am always tired when I get to school. When I get enough sleep, I'm already up and going! I love my sleep and no one could change that. So school should start later so we get our sleep.

  • Students should start school later

    If students started school later they would be more productive, behave better, and focus more. If the students were allowed to wake up at a later time, they would be less irritable, and therefore would misbehave less. The would be more focused because they will be fully awake when they get to school. Also this would allow kids to eat a proper balanced breakfast. Which would cause them to be more focused and productive. Also it could give more time for homework in the morning.

  • I honestly agree. I am not saying that we have to start at like noon but at least like 9:00 A.M

    I am a high school student who has troubles staying awake through class in the morning because school starts so early. I think it would be healthier for the students because they will be getting more sleep and your mood is greatly affected by the amount of sleep you get.

  • There's no point in starting later.

    Most teenagers ranging from 15+ years old only need about 7 hours of sleep. If you can manage to get more sleep at night, then you should be set. Just because a couple of students can't manage to wake up and be ready to start their day when told doesn't mean the whole school should just move up their start times.

  • No way jose

    If you start late, you end late. If the student has after school activities, they would get in the way. Every middle school should get out at 2;30 and start at 7;40, its a true fact JACK! Oh By the way i live in the ocean and im a purple octopus

  • No

    School is fine the way it is. If you went later that would put kids that are in sports home later and they would be missing supper times, homework time, and family time. There is no reason to start later. People have to get up and go to work early all the time. No reason kids can't do that in school

  • It would be a shorter school day.

    Since the school day is shorter, the students would learn less. If the don't learn a lot as kids they won't grow up and get good jobs. It would also eventually make kids tell their parents that they could stay up later because the school day starts later. My last reason is because the kids might not want to go to school later.

  • No, thank you

    I'd rather not be at softball practice till eight at night when it is pitch black because some people have a problem with getting up at six in the morning because they go to bed at midnight. I am a college student and I have woken up at five in the morning for years without a problem because I don't wait for the A.M. To go to bed. L

  • Sleeping schedules won't change

    Even if school would start at a later time, children would take advantage of it an actually get no more sleep. Children would stay up later and still have problems waking. But not all children do this, school shouldn't start later just or a few students, because most students are used to te sleeping schedule after going to school for a while.

  • No it cant

    If you think about it, it will all end up being the same. The time differences will even out. But with me being an athlete, this would be terrible for us. We wouldnt get home from games till about midnight and practices would have to run much later than normal.

  • No

    Students have become accustomed to the current system of school. Depending on the extremity of delay, it could affect the learning ability of the students at different times of day. Not to mention that it prepares students for the harsh reality of the world: you do have to wake up at 5:00 to go to work.

  • It shouldn't start earlier than 7;20 am

    I think we should start around 8;00am in the moring it would be better than 7;20 because we don't have that much energy as much other kids /.\ .. So we can have more knowledge of what we are suppose to have and not waste our time ing other stuff like sleeping and not having our stuff plus we have to be more active because people are failing

  • Waste of time

    If students get and early start to their day they will have more time to do things and get more accomplished. They will have more time for their jobs and after school activities. Our society basically has a schedule that it naturally goes by, so why mess that up by making school later and having the students adjust the schedule to the school's schedule?

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