• I believe they should do it so YES all the way.

    I believe schools should teach religions in-depth and everything, I believe if people could and or would understand how other religious views work, and what they do on a daily basis we would be better off. I myself am a theistic Satanist, and my daughter is too. But people are so close-minded that's why society is how it is, WE NEED RELIGION IN SCHOOL.

  • All At all

    There are many different beliefs about the creation of the universe and life in general. If evolutionists and Christians plan to share theirs, then we need all views for our students to be truly educated. Now this should be done at the local level so that not all 270 major religions waste our time, just the ones that are local.

  • Yeah, they should

    Schools shouldn't just teach a few religions. Students deserve to know about all religions so that they can chose one if that is what they are wanting. I don't thing that it should be a mandatory thing though. If children want to know about all of the religions they should be able to take a class that will teach them just that. Religion is a facinating topic. There are so many religions that all have those little things that make them different and I think everyone should be educated in all religions.

  • Depends.

    There are different types of schools that offer religious teachings. If you are talking about the public school system, then I don't think so. Religious knowledge can be acquired through separate classes. I say yes, however, because when studying history in depth, religion is a major part of it. Learning the gist of the different religions is vital for understanding historical events.

  • Absolutely

    Religion has been and will always be an extremely influential aspect of society. Everyone, including students, should be educated on what each religion believes and the history and past actions affiliated with them. Religion should be taught in relation to history and facts and should always be completely without bias.

  • Yes, but not in depth

    I believe that schools should do a overview of the religions. Yes, there are many but I would rather spend a week learning about the most popular ones, then not learn about any. I don't see any downsides to this. From my view, it will help create acceptance in our society (since you now know that not all Islamics are evil). From a anti-religous point of view, at least it is helping to boost the children's creativity.

  • At my school religious education was an important part of the curriculum.

    Whether you are religious or not, you have to accept that religion plays a central role in many countries around the world and learning about the various faiths and how they impact upon peoples lives is important because it teaches tolerance and understanding of people with different cultural backgrounds to your own. Ironically, the only kid who didn’t attend religious education lessons at my school was a Jehovah’s Witness whose parents wanted him to grow up ignorant of the world around him. Knowledge of other ways of life is always useful, of course, but religious education is especially important in multi-cultural, ethnically-diverse cities such as London, where I live, where white Christians are a small minority.

  • Why NOT ? ?

    Spiritual beliefs have guided, described, molded human activities, decisions, moral & ethical behavior & decisions for as long as they've been on the planet (more or less), so WHY would not included facts about what has played such an important role in cultures and history is quite beyond ridiculous for me to understand. Sex ed is widely taught, yet we avoid religion as if it were 'more taboo', more personal & controversial so should be avoided? Or what? I don't know yet (I'm investigating) how/why it is that this 'ridiculous' exists but anyway it's high time changes be made - and quick! - a morality & ethics as part of the public square IS GONE and we DESPERATELY need it back! Religions of all types/manners AT LEAST teach morality & ethical behavior - WE NEED THIS to be a part of everyday consciousnesses, education & regular references.

  • Yes ALL religions

    There are many different faiths, traditions, churches, organizations, practices, etc. in the world. New religions are created everyday so I agree that not every single religion could be taught in school, it would take too long and frankly I doubt any American teacher knows about EVERY religion. However, the most major maybe 10-20 can be taught in a school year. People need to get it through their heads that the abrahamic religions are NOT the major religions. There are about 10 major religions, not just the three Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Religion comes in two umbrellas. Paganism and Abrahamic. Abrahamic is the three already mentioned, plus Satanism. Yes Satanism is in the same umbrella as Christianity. Because Satan is part of the Christian religion, which can be traced back to Abraham. Anywho, The Pagan umbrella is everything else. However the major pagan religions include Hinduism, Buddism, Wicca, Witchcraft, Heathens, and Atheism. All of these religions, abrahamic and pagan, should be taught about in schools.

  • This is the world we live in.

    I have am blessed to have a religious affiliation... I am a Christian. I see the counter argument of why some atheists would not want RE taught in schools but let me make it VERY clear, when learning about different religions that make Great Britain Great, no one is forcing a religion upon any child.
    I am also a teacher so this helps me to argue my cause. I am lucky enough to work in a Catholic school and we learn about all religions, obviously focusing more on Catholicism.
    We are fortunate to live in a multi cultural society and a lot of people hold ignorant views about one another which is a shame but the best tool against ignorance is education! Educating young children on why people dress a certain way and why people pray, eat, celebrate differently would give understanding. (And beat the media fueled hate towards certain religions)
    If you chose not to teach RE in schools you would be excluding a lot of people in this country... In the same way evolution is taught in schools (an atheist perspective on the world) why should creation stories from around the world not be shared and celebrated?
    Final thought for the atheists out there you know what you can do without God in your life... Imagine what you could do with him in your life?
    Stay blessed!

  • No, the school should only teach the Bibe.

    It is probably impossible to count the amount of religions that are out there in the world. The school period would probably be extend over 5 more years if we required schools to teach all religions. Also the definition for a religion in the constitutional amendments is something like, a organizations that registers with the government and meet the tax requirement. Thus, and weird cult could become a religion that the school have to teach. It would be insane.

  • Freedom of religion.

    It's our constitutional right to practice our own religion, or lack thereof. We shouldn't be forced to sit though any other religion's indoctrination. Anyone in America who thinks this isn't the case, please read the Bill of Rights over again. It says quite clearly that we all have a right to practice whichever religion we choose.

  • They should teach no religion

    Religion is superstition, kids dont need that rubbish in their heads.

    Teach them ethics instead. Religion is full of bronze age hatred, misunderstandings about the nature of the universe and our place in it, Its full of obscene and hateful fiction.

    It teaches to hate people who were taught about other gods, and to kill those that believe in any of it.

  • No

    No religions should be taught at school. That is why there is separation of church and state. It's the parents job to teach the kid about religion. If the religion has something to do with an event that occurred in history by all means show little background on the religion but not to much and only expose what is relevant to that time in history.

  • No, not in-depth

    No. Students should be exposed to religions through the study of history, anthropology, social studies, etc, but the in-depth teaching of religions and their beliefs should be left to individual families or the choice of college or university students. Science doesn't belong in church and religion doesn't belong in schools unless it is being discussed from a historical or cultural standpoint.

  • None at all

    All religions? School should teach NO religions. If a person wants to be religious, let them discover it by themselves. The only thing that has kept religion alive for so long is indoctrination, like religious education.

    Don't pray in my school and I won't think in your church.

  • keep it in your church

    I am 100% ok with all beliefs. I don't however think all religions should be taught in schools, mainly because there are about 270 solid religions in the world. If we teach one then we need to teach them all. And the Flying Spaghetti Monster needs to be there too.
    We need to teach the facts to children and religion however many people believe in it isn't a fact. Science is and believe it or not evolution is

  • No

    Unless the school in question is a religious private school, I have to wonder why they would want to be teaching religion at all, let alone "all religions". If it's a private school, it should stick to religion to which it is attached (e.x. Catholic schools teach Catholicism). Teaching all religions is an incredible waste of resources, time, and effort, and gives people a stupid excuse to sue the school when the crackpot religion they founded last week isn't part of the curriculum.

  • It isnt efficient at all

    Teaching students religion in school is such a waste of time since we can just go to sunday school to hear the leader preach. If we are teached the same thing in school. Then whats the point on going to church to be thought the same thing? It is increadibly ineffective.

  • Religion is causing hatred in our children's hearts?

    Religion is bad because as well as teaching right from wrong it teaches young students ways of discrimination for example I was watching YouTube and young very religious boy said "marriage should be between a man and woman" this boy was only 6. If we start teaching religion in public schools it will cause tension between students with different religions.

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