• Yes we need to know about sex

    We need to know what are the negative effect when where going to have a sex. A sex is a reservation for our honeymoon, to have a better life and to be a perfect husband or wife. Well when our husband or wife knows that we are virgin so they will be happy..

  • Different home lives

    Some adolescents do not have a good home life. Some parents are to busy to realize their children are becoming sexually active. Some parents are neglectful and don't even care, and some parents just don't know how to go about the topic. I think it is good to a mandatory class for kids to learn. Without it they might not ever learn.

  • Sexual Education should be taught in the school system

    If we teach these to the children then it may open their eyes to the risks and future changes of having sex as a juvenile. Even if they didn't teach that class specifically, they should offer a course outside of school or condoms without questions. Some kids may find it uncomfortable but it needs to be done.

  • Hell yes its needed

    Kids need to be shown that sex is more than just some thing that should be treated like its nothing. Now people think that sex is nothing, sex should mean something. People should show their kids how to have sex safely. They should also tell them that they don't need to have sex right away.

  • Yes it should says ShipperQueen follow me on twitter

    People need to know about diseases and how you won't feel any symptoms if you have an std. Also majority of people feel that their sex ed classes didn't teach them enough. Kids/Young adults need to know the best ways to prevent pregnancy so there is no more kids put into adoption or aborted.

  • Why not m8

    Cuz its very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very good ;)

  • Save the Buddha

    Why did 9/11 happen? Because the terrorists had stds and didn't care and bombed the towers, This is common sense and these are the consequence's of not having safe sex. We could have saved millions of lives because of no sex ed. They do this for Buddha!! Buddha is love Buddha is life

  • Ey b0ss #prayfordade

    Kids are too dumb and need this information. It's as simple as that. It can give kids a better understanding about themselves and others by knowing what’s going on with their bodies. It can teach children of the dangers of unsafe sex and if they don’t listen, it can at least teach them how to have safe sex. Sex Ed is a great way to teach kids things that their parents would rather not bring up or things that students feel are too awkward to ask their parents about. Because kids will be taught this information, the number of kids with AIDS and HIV infections will go down because Sex Ed will teach them not to believe that “it will never happen to them,” and instead teach them that it could happen to them, but they can do something to prevent it. Many people will say “Kids in 5th grade wouldn’t even know what the term ‘sex’ is.” And this is true. But what will happen if other kids who do know what it is, invite that child to do the same? The child will not know what’s going on or what to expect, so they’ll go. If someone had taught the child about “sex” then they would have declined, knowing what could happen. Others will argue that a topic such as this should be taught to the child by their parent’s. And they should be. But many parents will replace information with their own opinions and can lead a child to become confused or scared. And some kids will feel too uncomfortable to even ask their parent. In school, each child could ask question anonymously by writing it down and placing it into a box and the teach will pull out a question, read it, then answer it. No one will know who asked the question and no one will get embarrassed or shunned for not knowing something.

  • Yes it should!.

    In today's world, with technology and gadgets. I believe that it is crucial for a 6 year old to be informed that if another child bits him he can get aids or if he drinks off of somebody that they can receive such diseases. Many old fashion parents believe that it is up to them to pick when their child is ready to learn about their menstrual or the reoccurring feels a boy gets. A child needs to know as soon as they can fully understand anything and keep it in memory. Sex ed is not only about sex. It allows people to understand their body. Many parents do not believe it is the right thing to do but after your child hits a certain age they start to turn to their friends for answers instead of coming to their mother and father. With that being said, children should understand, collect and receive the correct information to prevent early pregnancy , unwanted STD's or STI's. A child should be able to find out what is going on with their body if they are feeling weird. I have 7 siblings and I am the oldest. My siblings all come to me before coming to my mom to ask for any help regarding their body. I then have to do the research for them and then explain to them properly what is going on. This is the reason why sex ed should be available at all schools. There should be no reason why a 14 year old boy has no clue on what a sexual arousal is. I believe that school is the best place to learn because they will not be receiving wrong information.

  • Must be taught

    I believe that if two are fucking they need to know what they are doing because if they don't their crabs will have super aids and it will spread like peanut butter on bread and every one will have it and we will all die of aids and crabs.And crabs will rule the world

  • Sex education Shouldn't be taught

    Do you believe that a student in the 5th grade has the ability to understand the meaning of the word sex and also the many types of definition it has? No they don't know and shouldn't know either I believe in 2014 kids in fifth grade should be taught about the religious way or how morally all people should live by and wait until marriage. When you teach a kid a topic about this believe or not his/her mind will start to think that the teachers are wanting them to go out there and have sex with someone. But when you leave that topic to the parents they will be taught the way the parent believes their child should be taught about sex and i believe as any parent out there would not like any school to teach them how to put a condom on, when to take birth control and most of all the different positions and ways a man and a women can have sex. Resource say: why should school teach sex when they should be teaching abstinence because teaching about sex in other words for them is to do it and we should teach them to be against sex until marriage.

  • How is it the governments place to teach kids about this?

    Parents should be the ones to talk to their children about this. School should be a place of learning and focusing on your future, not on how to put on a condom! Teaching the kids about sex and practicing safe sex is just feeding them the idea that if you use contraception there is no consequences for your actions!

  • Academics vs. Culture

    Schools should teach anatomy, but not how to handle the anatomy. That is the business of home and family. As there is great disparity in how many ethnic groups, cultures, religions, etc... Handle sex education, it is a topic best left for parents to handle. Also, a child's maturity level and ability to handle the topic(s) needs to be judged by a parent who knows that child better than a teacher.

  • To a point

    I believe schools should teach about the human anatomy and sex, but not at all what is going on, handing out condoms and birth control. That's the parent's job and it should stay that way. People who think that this is normal and okay are wrong, because children should not be subjected to this and if a parent feels uncomfortable with their child learning about this at such an early age, then they should not be forced to participate.

  • Parents should maybe be parents

    Schools should be for academics. Parents should be teaching their own kids about life lessons, sex ed, respect, and common sense. It's parents responsibility to make sure their kids grow up with a good character, and it's not right for you to think society should do everything so you can just sit and let life pass you bye, complaining when things don't work out.

  • Most schools teach abstinence only!

    Look, I get your stances that we need to teach safe sex but at a lot of schools they just tell the student what sex is and what it's affects are . In my opinion without giving examples of how they can protect them from life threatening STD or life altering pregnancy is a much better use of time. Frankly, I would go so far as to claim that teaching kids what sex is but not how to protect yourself is making a larger number of kids try sex unsafely despite the consequences.

  • Not the school's problem!

    I have to do interviews about abstinence and sex, although i am thirteen and this shouldnt even be RELEVANT until im at leaset 16-17. Do schools really expect us to be having sex at this age. Also, they teach abstinence oly which is dumb since kids are going to have sex anyways. So my point is, dont reach sex ed in schools. And ifyou do, teach about birth control because kids are bound to have sex.

  • It sucks and it's disgusting

    Its gross its gross its gross its gross its gross its gross its gross its gross its gross its gross its gross its gross its gross its gross its gross its gross its gross its gross its gross its gross its gross its gross its gross its gross its sucks

  • I hat esex

    Sex sucks. Sex is agaisnt god and buddah and everything i just hate sex i would never waant my chlidren sexing. So whos with me. Wait until ur 50 years old. NO SEX NO SEX NO SEX NO SEX NO SEX NO SEX NO SEX NO SEX NO SEX NO SEX

  • These subjects are parents responsibility

    Every child develops at a different rate and 5th grade is not the time to hear this from some untrained person at school. Children are most influenced by a parent! The schools in St. Pete Florida don't even now who in the school is responsible for teaching the subject. Ejaculation, wet dreams, sexual intercourse are two much for most 10 year-olds and discussing this in front of both sexes at one time is worse. Since when are my right discounted concerning my child. Opting out does nothing because they have 150 kids all laughing about it at lunch!

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