Should schools teach sex education in kindergarten?

  • Age appropriate content...

    The reality is that kids younger than 5 are aware of sex to some degree. Princesses and princes kissing in the cartoons, for example. They know their private parts are "private" for a reason, even if not clear why.... I think sex education in Kindergarten would NOT be using the word "sex" and formal language, and focused on keeping hands to self and how one can get very "sick" and "unhappy" by letting anyone touch their "private parts". And most importantly, GIVE INFORMATION TO PARENTS FOR THEM TO EDUCATE AS THEY SEE FIT AT HOME.

    Then there are kids starting around 5th grade... I don't blame those who say it should NOT be in school curriculum, but I believe teachers are "ethically" responsible for sex education because it is part of life. The question is HOW to go about teaching it. Perhaps customize for each classroom by surveying parents first, and as a new teacher myself, I am big on communicating with parents - particularly collaborating with parents to effectively educate their children. Depending on the age/grade, particular basics are necessary that are age-appropriate. The reality is harsh... 4-yr-olds are already experimenting!

    I prefer that teachers provide "interactive homework" for sex education. That is, give homework that has to be completed with parents. Then parents can take it as far as they see fit. The homework would provide helpful resources and FACTS about what kids are doing and what is recommended to teach. That will open parents' eyes. Give them SCRIPT examples to guide discussion.

  • Kind of I think

    They should be learning it because they are going to have it anyway when they would grow up so I think they should learn it and see it for their future and what it could bring to them.

    Thank you even if you don't agree, but I think it is right

  • Good and Bad Touches

    I don't think kindergartners should get full on sex education. But I do believe they should get some basic knowledge, learn a good touch bad touch type learning, so they are aware if they are being molested. The better informed they are the better they can protect themselves. Weres the harm in that?

  • Sex Ed should be taught in high school.

    I am all for progressive sex education but Kindergarten may be a tiny bit too early to be teaching children about sexual education. I think that waiting until they are in high school, when they are becoming aware of their bodies and sexuality, is a good enough time to teach them.

  • They are too young

    Kindergarden is too young to be learinging about sex. THey can continue to learn about sex education in middle school its like the perfect time. I feel if they start learning earlier they might start having sex yoounger and what kind of world would we have if kids were having sex at like 8

  • It's too explicit.

    I don't think you should teach sex to small children. I actually think that many of the children would just be disgusted and not take it seriously. Children in kindergarten are still growing. They're not mature yet. Their brain cells are expanding, and their hormones aren't acting up yet. I think the earliest should be around the time people start to hit puberty.

  • No! Hell no!

    They are way too young! They'll be scarred for life! They are way too immature to know about sex. We certainly don't want them to try it out themselves! Sex education in 5th-7th grade is a better idea. We shouldn't have no sex education either. I don't even know how anyone would agree with this idea.

  • No they shouldn't

    I do not think that full on sex education should be taught in kindergarten. Most kinders are not mature enough to understand many aspects of sex education. I do think that sex education is important and should start at a young age, but I think that there should be age appropriate sex ed learning.

  • They should inform students of some things that are wrong

    No, I do not think that schools should teach sex education in kindergarten. This is too young for a child to understand sex. Some adults still do not understand the ramifications that accompany sex in general. Students in kindergarten, should however, be informed on what type of things are inappropriate. Also the schools should receive parents permission before discussing these things with their child.

  • Schools should not teach sex education in kindergarten.

    Although sex education should be taught in schools, kindergarten is far too early. In kindergarten, some students don't even have good reading skills yet. Students only need to learn sex education when they start going through puberty. Teachers can wait until their students have the need to learn about sex.

  • Far Too Early

    I believe it is a bad idea to address sex education in kindergarten. I think that is far too early to attempt to talk to children about anatomy and sex. At that age, children still have to make it through what I would call the "cootie" phase, so teaching it at that point would provide too much information, to students that probably wouldn't understand.

  • Schools Should Not Teach Sex Ed in Kindegarten

    No, schools should not begin sexual education in kindergarten as children ages five and six are far too young to begin such educational instruction. A child of kindergarten age is barely old enough to even understand the concepts of sex, and that child is in a formative stage where exposure to sex can have negative repercussions later on in life.

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