Should scientists focus on prevention (yes) or curing (no) when battling the spread of HIV/AIDS?

  • Wipe it out.

    Scientists should focus on the prevention of aids and hiv, because once it is gone it is gone. We have eradicated polio, thanks to Rotary. We should make sure that people do not get AIDS, and then they will not need to be treated. It is a cause/effect argument, but prevention nips it in the bud first.

  • Using science as prevention is a waist of time.

    Sure, they could spend their time working on a vaccine that prevent a person from catching it but because we now know more about it, we already have ways to prevent it. We know how it spreads so we know how to avoid being infected. Sure, there is no guarantee that a person will never get it even if they follow all the precautions. Hypothetically you could be tossing a bag of garbage into a dumpster and accidentally poke yourself on someone else's hypodermic needle. Basically, we have ways to help prevent the spread of it and if people follow precautions, get tested if they feel they might have been infected, and if they have been take precautions to keep others from catching it from you, we can eventually kill the virus by attrition. In other words, even if we never find a final cure but keep reducing the number of new cases, eventually all those with it will die and the disease would be gone.
    The best option of the two is for them to concentrate on a cure so that the point of eradication can be sooner as to save more lives.

  • Dangerous sexual behaviors are too common to focus on prevention.

    Scientists should focus on curing when battling the spread of HIV/AIDS. This is because so much work has been done to encourage people to use condoms and to not engage in dangerous sexual habits to no avail. In addition, the culture of rape in Sub-Saharan Africa has not been able to be helped. So a cure must be invented to overcome dangerous human habits.

  • We need to have a cure.

    Scientists need to focus on a cure for HIV/AIDS, not prevention. As long as the world has drug addicts and unprotected sex, we will never be successful in simply preventing HIV/AIDS. This is still an epidemic in under developed countries and money spent to prevent it would be wasted. The only sure way to battle it is to find a cure and eradicate it.

  • Both Is Important

    I honestly believe it is important to focus on both prevention and curing when it comes to the spread of HIV/AIDS. If we do not focus on both it is doubtful we'll be able to eradicate this problem. I believe the bigger focus, if one must be chosen, should be a cure. It would seem we are getting closer with a few cases of babies being cured.

  • Is it too much to ask for both?

    Well, maybe it is, but it is the ideal. Either way, lots of people already have HIV, so a cure would be necessary to help them. Once a sure-fire cure existed, it would not be quite so serious.
    If you mean 'prevention' as in safe sex - that's ridiculous and unattainable, but 'prevention' as in the creation of a vaccine is certainly a good step. Vaccines help eradicate diseases, which would solve the 'unsafe sex' issue. Polio was eradicated with a vaccine, not a cure, so it's certainly a good way to go, but would do nothing for people already with the disease.

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