Should scientists lead and structure society instead of politicians?

Asked by: Candor18
  • Science is about creating new knowledge, not about leading.

    Obviously people want a leader who bases policies on science and not on meaningless rhetoric. Unfortunately scientists will not fit this role, primarily because science is only concerned with understanding how processes work. In order to apply science to improve society, an engineer is needed. In addition, politicians are typically very good at communicating their ideas to a wide audience, while scientists do not universally have this skill.

  • Science is about R&D...

    As a nerd, I can safely say I'd rather have someone with actual social skills dictating policy. Scientists spend much of their time observing and testing, and administration would cut into that time, slowing R&D. In short, putting even more responsibility on our finest minds would be counterproductive. If the scientist wants to switch careers, then they should have someone with deep pockets willing to back them.

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