• Only if it is not released to the public

    If science finds a way for humans to be immortal the general public could not gain a hold of it. Simply because it would cause one of two outcomes: the world would become even more overpopulated, or governments would have to put I strict regulations concerning reproduction. But even with this consequence this would lead to many breakthroughs in society, possibly leading to other world changing discoveries. We should not deprive the world of such an opportunity, simply because it may be unnatural. I see no problem in pursuing it, but the consequences could be dire.

  • Yes We Should

    Why shouldn't we want to live forever? Just because it hasn't been that way. That's not a good argument. If we can stop death from happening and live forever then we should. If we have to we should quit having kids to make this work. The only reason people object to this is because humanity has developed a Stockholm Syndrome relationship with death.

  • Yes, they should

    Even if it is not released to the general public, immortality should be something that is researched and attempted. Figuring out the immortality puzzle can lead to breakthroughs in many other things such as healing and disease cures. However, if it is released to the general population or used, it would need to be used wisely and it would be difficult to control.

  • The presuit of greatness

    Immortality lead to more than just possible solutions to a problems of life, as great minds can live forever, discovering and rediscovering. This will give an advantage to our scientific knowledge. But let’s look at the disadvantage side first.
    There will be more of immortal rich people than there will be in the middle class or the poor. This will only happen during the discovery of an expensive method and it price or procedure will cost much less towards the near future
    As for the overpopulated side effect. This causes humans to gulp their fears and venture out into space. Plus it would make space travel a lot more effective as less people will die during a long journey to one earth to another
    Immortality defies god? This is a point that would come up in many people’s minds that it’s not according to religion or so what. But however we live in a world where we (as a race) believe that anything is possible until it’s proven (by scientific knowledge)
    Now I don’t know more points on the disadvantage side but I may also say that people who live longer may not experience life as much as those with short lives but they will take more risks in life than those with a shorter life span, this will also clear long term depths, and these depths Will not ruin the future of our children’s lives.
    However there will be one factor that will remain that will cause a few hindrances than all the above.. Job opportunities! Yes there will be a lack of jobs on planet earth but this can cause many people to go into space for these opportunities. This is an opportunity that can cause us to discover whether we are alone and this (what I may say from mind) will completely prepare us for an invasion as we have an immortal army of space marines and researchers who will protect us.
    There will also be the political advantages and disadvantages as this will preserve the previse leaders wisdom and as we conquer (couldn’t find a better world) new worlds, these leaders could be opted to lead these new worlds or colonies of earth into a peaceful and great world, this could potentially stop all armed conflicts as the factor of death and lives will be removed. And that we will fund more on infrastructure, schools or other improvements in our countries.
    This will also make greedy people lose their greed as they will find having more can also be having less and that they will help society.
    Okay that’s all I have to say but if you find a mistake then please correct me as this topic has tons of advantages and disadvantages. AND please note I am a high school student and if you found any spelling or grammar mistakes, is probably because of that reason

  • For scientific advancement !

    I don't care how destructive it could be for the human race if achieved, I think scientists should pursue it anyway just to prove that it is possible, that it can be done and to increase available scientific knowledge. Then they can adapt the information for use in other areas, such as organ replacement etc.
    Also it would probably only be biological immortality that they achieve anyway, so it's not like people would be able completely unable to die.

  • Yes science should pursue immortality

    In life you could be the most successful or happiest person but in the end you meet the same fate as everyone else, death. It is the one thing humans really can't conquer. If science found a way to conquer this it would be the greatest breakthrough in the history of mankind.

  • We could try artificial immortality

    If the idea of biological immortality offends some people we could try articial immortality which means making a buckypaper composite body and organs including the brain and heart by making it from buckypaper thay has been subject to exyreme pressure in the way the nano scientists in china discovered that made buckypaper amorphous but retain its crystalline structure that's strong enough to indent diamond we should also make the buckyball brain fully functional behaving identically to our brain and if that's donr we should transfer our minds conciousness all form to the brain of that srtificial body of buckyball no consequence to population size as well

  • If biological immortality offends how about

    Artificial immortality without reproduction there's no consequence thier and no reason to fear overpopulation so we should make a choice of making a fully functional body out of buckypaper that has been subject to extreme pressure that chinese nano scientists did to make it amorphous and crystalline yet strong enough to indent diamonds same with the organs and making an artificial brain out of that type of buckypaper that I mentioned above so that you can transfer your own mind into the artificial body complete with fully functional brain so that those who desire it can do it without disrupting population we just have to wait till mind transfer is possible for that

  • Yes, because we are in the age of access, or the diversity of experience will be consistent with "immortality"

    -The most visionary billionaires fund such projects and believe (Peter Thiel, for example)
    -After the computer revolution and the Internet is one of the biotechnolique revolution that turns into information technology (sequencing costs less than $ 1,000 but that's not all: haylcon molecular, genome compilator will transform by 25 biology code understandable by the general public

    Sorry for the mistakes I'm French

  • Yes, why not?

    People presented a lot of reasons why we shouldn't pursue immortality but none of them are really convincing.

    - Immortality makes the value of life disappear: If you get bored with the things you are doing, find something new. I don't know about you but I don't think I could finish everything I want even if I live 10000 years.

    - Not everyone wants immortality: No one said immortality will be forced on everyone. You can refuse if you don't want it.

    - Immortality causes problems such as overpopulation and resource shortages: It's not that everyone suddenly becomes immortal tomorrow. It will be a very long process and mankind will adapt over time.

    - Pursuing immortality is messing with nature: We are who we are today because we have been messing with nature. Living like animals, that is what we are if we want to be natural. Crossing the line? We have already crossed a lot of lines.

  • Of course not!

    Immortality would not only make the world even more overpopulated, but it would also take away the value of everything. Being alive is a privilege and so are the other little things in life. Knowing you're going to live forever takes away what's special in everything that happens to us and around us.

  • No they shouldnt.

    No because it messes with nature and God! God created us to live and die. So why would scientists do it. The way the world is now, people would not accept the fact of immortality. Everyone would want to be immortal, and people shouldn't. I say NO! GOD didn't want this!

  • UM i don't think so

    Its unmoral and we as human should not have the right to decide how long we live for, that decision should be left to a higher power (GOD). Also even if we become immortal what will we do with a full earth. We our self might be immortal but not our supplies that we need. Also i would assume that life would be pretty boring after a while.

  • No, Value on everything would disappear.

    No i think as soon as somebody is able to live forever they would loose interest and value in everything they had in life. They would not feel lucky if they had something as it wouldn't matter anyway as they have a whole eternity to find it. You wouldn't have the fear of losing something and everyone would become sick of each other. Also not everyone would want to become immortal making protests and maybe wars. Wars for resources would mess up.

  • No, they should not.

    Scientists should not pursue immortality. That would be messing with the natural way of life and how things are supposed to go. There are reasons beyond our understanding for us being here and how the way the world works. We live, create life among each other, and we die. That is our natural world.

  • They really shouldn't

    Because the fact that people can out live others not only affects that person on the inside, the fact you can never stop the person if he or she gains too much power is scary. Just think if you can never stop a person when you are facing unfair laws. I think that it would also be bad because you will never stop living, which means after everyone has died and the Earth ended, that person will be alive and lonely. And they will never be with someone again.

  • They really shouldn't

    Because the fact that people can out live others not only affects that person on the inside, the fact you can never stop the person if he or she gains too much power is scary. Just think if you can never stop a person when you are facing unfair laws. I think that it would also be bad because you will never stop living, which means after everyone has died and the Earth ended, that person will be alive and lonely. And they will never be with someone again.

  • Why? You dont need immortality!! Of course not!

    First of all, It just makes the world over populated and younger people would overpopulate the elder. Secondly, You cant feel whats important and special to you and your life. Third, criminals would be criminals forever. They could just steal or kill someone without worrying about getting shoot with a gun. This immortality treatment would eventually ruin the earth.

  • Immortally isn't good

    There is the problem of overpopulation if you give it to everyone. If it is for the rich, the poor friends of the rich will die while their rich friends will lead their lives lonely. After a while, one would lose their friends and live secluded lives that would end in isolation. It is not good for anyone.

  • Why would we wan't to live forever?

    Why would we wan't to live forever?Living forever would mean draining all of Earths resources,population would grow rapidly,humans would have all kinds of heath problems and it would just get plain boring.Living forever would mean getting to do everything you want and more but to just keep on live,but is it really worth it?

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