• Yes, scientists should put more effort into understanding Alzheimer's.

    Alzheimer's disease is one of the most debilitating illnesses that one can get, because it robs the mind and personality before the body eventually shuts down completely. Therefore, scientists and medical researchers should invest more effort into understanding the disease. Maybe a cure for the disease can be discovered soon; saving millions from its devastating impact.

  • Yes, the main task of the psychiatrist ethically is to use his or her moral training, intuition, and reasoning not to make decisions for the patient him- or herself but to assist the Alzheimer's patient and family members in making their own decisions.

    Today when dealing with severely debilitating diseases, psychiatrists are no longer able or expected by patients and their families to provide all or most of the care that patients need. This is particularly true when patients have Alzheimer's. It would be interesting to see someone attempt to quantify the projected benefits vs. the disbenefits of any single piece of scientific research. I wouldn’t even know how to begin so complex are the issues.

  • Yes, scientists should put more effort into understanding Alzheimer's.

    Yes, there should be more research into Alzheimer's, its causes and any prophylactic measures people can take to prevent its development. Millions of people around the world are diagnosed with Alzheimer's each year, and it is a debilitating and degenerative condition. If research could help scientists to uncover the causes and potential treatments for the disease, then some of the suffering and early deaths could possibly be prevented.

  • No, scientist do not need to put more effort into understanding Alzheimer's.

    I feel that the information about what really causes Alzheimers is already available. The problem is that scientist, and more importantly, doctors, tend to ignore it. They do this because the solution is really too simple and won't make them money. There are many examples of patients with Alzheimer's and similar conditions who have cured themselves by simply following a healthy, traditional foods diet. We don't need expensive research and pharmaceuticals! We need to go back to eating and living in the way our ancestors did.

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