• Scooters should be at skate arks

    Your all just way to scared of us
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  • Its a growing sport

    Just like any other sport scooter riding is coming into its own so let them in I agree little kids need to learn the rules or not be at the skatepark at all but us older riders who know the rules and are good at the sport should not have to suffer one day scooter riding will be as big as skateboarding and in the xgames so let them in cuz no one wants to always ride in the street that gets boring

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  • We all ride just different things

    Why cant scooters be aloud in skageparks i mean skaters always say we get in there way but they get in are way and you don't hear us bitching why don't skaters just skate and worry about themselves if it doesnt have a motor it should be alot in the skatepark because thays all we want to do is ride

  • Scooters should be aloud

    Scooters should be aloud in the park. They are easy to ride and could become more popular later in time. But they should know the park rules and should probably have an age limit. Skateboarders think they control the park and every one has to get out of their way they should also look out

  • Scooters at skate parks

    Honestly scooters should be allowed and they say we are snakes that don't obey rules but look at bikers.....They don't listen to rules and my brother bikes and hates scooters but I hate bikes so be respectful to everyone..Płéä§ĕ the sk8 park is for everybody and scooters will become just as famous soon to

  • Scooters should be allowed

    Scooters should be allowed if they respect others and are taught the rules. These will become more popular than skateboard one day I'm sure. Like others said before we juat need to make sure they understand the rules and don't stay in the way so others can enjoy the skatepark

  • They should be allowed but for kids over 12 years old

    Im 18, I suck at skateboarding and bmx so I scooter its my thing I can do and its fun learning tricks. I haven't had issue's at the park before because I know the park rules. Its not even the little kids fault its the parents who bring them and not teaching them the rules. My nephew came with his mom and she just let him go and never taught him the rules of the park and he got in the way. My one friend who is 15 didnt know how to wait your turn and he got hit by a bike. If you take away kids and teach the new people the rules of the park then scooters arentt that bad. But I do ununderstand why ppl hate them especially if your park is full of 8 year olds who go in circles over and over again

  • Scooters should be allowed at skateparks.

    Scooters are a fast and easy way to get around. If they are powered by battery, they are environmentally friendly and quiet. They should be allowed in skateparks just like any other form of transportation. Scooters are likely to be a lot more popular in the future because of their versatility.

  • Anything with wheels bro

    Not sure why they wouldn't when bikes, inline skaters, skateboarders can all thrash at the park. Age limit I agree with. I'm a boarder myself and I've seen some quality scooter riding. Soon will be an x games sport I bet. I've seen some mean tricks from some little dudes. Soon we will start hearing scoot or die...

  • No they shouldn't be Allowed at Skateparks

    I am Skateboarder and i think that they should not be allowed at skateparks because so much people get hurt because of these scooter kids plus when they get hurt there going to run for their mom and cry and try to blame the Skaters for them getting when they got their selfs hurt by getting in the way of these Skaters. So Yes they should be Banned.

  • It's more of an age issue

    Anyone can ride a scooter immediately. Unlike boards or bikes which have a learning curve.

    Scooting is also underdeveloped as a sport and lacks depth. Pretty much every trick is a variation of a tailwhip or handlebar spin. You might do it off on an angle, or super fast or whatever. - This aspect is not an issue in and of itself, but the result is that scooterers tend to not be as respectful to the park as a whole.

    Grinding a ledge on a bike or board is more dangerous, requires more focus and more skill. So the risks are far more respected by skaters and bikers. Injury is far more rare on a scooter, and even the concept of etiquette and why it is needed arent things that even occur to the average scooter user.

    There are plenty of scooterers who do understand. And Id hate to penalize them as a whole... But on the other hand I dont respect it as a sport. Thats my bias of course.

  • Scooters should not be allowed at a skate park because skaters have gotten hurt because of them too many times

    I am a skater and i have seen plenty of crashes cause from skaters and i am not about to say the injuries that have been caused because of scooters. A skater could be going down a half pipe and some kid on a scooter could be riding in the half pipe and not be paying attention and boom, they collide and get very bad injuries because some stupid little kid that wasn't paying attention crashed into a skater and just hurt another human being and injuring themselves and skaters are the ones to be blamed because people think since they are older they shouldn't have been going down a half pipe and should have been paying attention and that is just stupid.

  • Scooter kids are oblivious to their surroundings.

    Every single time I go to my local skatepark, there are at least 10 scooter kids standing around doing nothing at all. I've never met an actual group of scooter kids that actively try hard to become better "scooter riders". They always just ride back and forth on the ramps when someone else could be trying a trick right where these dumb scooter kid is just touching himself on the ramps.

  • No scooters allowed

    My local skatepark is right next to a daycare and when the daycare is out all the little kids run all over and treat it like a daycare, and the parents watch the kids getting in the way but they don't care because they think that the skatepark is for babysitting

  • They are all stupid

    Scooters dont know the difference between a skatepark and a side walk all they do is ride around and get in the way most of them cant do tricks and their tricks arent impressive at all it takes no skill to ride those stupid dildos around and they are snaking little fags people get injured because is these little roaches scooters were made for kids who suck at every other action sport not that scootering is even a sport to begin with which is why most of them are fat as shit.

  • Dangerous and shouldn't be in our park

    Many skateparks were built for skaters, we put in a lot of effort to get them built and then scooters come along and mess stuff up. They are a general safety hazard as the majority of them don't have good etiquette, which is teachable. They fling around a bunch of metal in forms of a bunch of acrobatic flips and I don't get how they can justify riding the other parts of a skatepark when you never see any of them doing street. We made our skateparks, they are built for us, if you a make a scooterpark then I won't go but don't force us to deal with your gymnastics and tricks developed by little kids who's parents brought them to skateparks to ride.

  • It's like they need a ruler to ride straight

    All they do is go in and out trying to knock you off your board or something, my friend's little brother is a scooter kid and he badly injured someone because he wasn't looking where he was going, also when I'm at the top of a ramp there always doing "dangerous stunts" and act like they're cool after you've just gone and done a Jesus flip.

  • It's like they need a ruler to ride straight

    All they do is go in and out trying to knock you off your board or something, my friend's little brother is a scooter kid and he badly injured someone because he wasn't looking where he was going, also when I'm at the top of a ramp there always doing "dangerous stunts" and act like they're cool after you've just gone and done a Jesus flip.

  • Build your own park.

    Tennis players don't have to share their courts with volleyball jocks... Do you think it would go over well if we went and played soccer in the outfield at a baseball game? Why not? Those facilities are perfect for both sports, right? WRONG. SKATE parks are DESIGNED for SKATEBOARDING, by SKATEBOARDERS and payed for with money raised and donated by SKATERS. Stop crying and start building support and fundraising for your own park!

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