• Scooters should be at skate arks

    Your all just way to scared of us
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  • Its a growing sport

    Just like any other sport scooter riding is coming into its own so let them in I agree little kids need to learn the rules or not be at the skatepark at all but us older riders who know the rules and are good at the sport should not have to suffer one day scooter riding will be as big as skateboarding and in the xgames so let them in cuz no one wants to always ride in the street that gets boring

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  • We all ride just different things

    Why cant scooters be aloud in skageparks i mean skaters always say we get in there way but they get in are way and you don't hear us bitching why don't skaters just skate and worry about themselves if it doesnt have a motor it should be alot in the skatepark because thays all we want to do is ride

  • Scooters should be aloud

    Scooters should be aloud in the park. They are easy to ride and could become more popular later in time. But they should know the park rules and should probably have an age limit. Skateboarders think they control the park and every one has to get out of their way they should also look out

  • Scooters at skate parks

    Honestly scooters should be allowed and they say we are snakes that don't obey rules but look at bikers.....They don't listen to rules and my brother bikes and hates scooters but I hate bikes so be respectful to everyone..Płéä§ĕ the sk8 park is for everybody and scooters will become just as famous soon to

  • Scooters should be allowed

    Scooters should be allowed if they respect others and are taught the rules. These will become more popular than skateboard one day I'm sure. Like others said before we juat need to make sure they understand the rules and don't stay in the way so others can enjoy the skatepark

  • They should be allowed but for kids over 12 years old

    Im 18, I suck at skateboarding and bmx so I scooter its my thing I can do and its fun learning tricks. I haven't had issue's at the park before because I know the park rules. Its not even the little kids fault its the parents who bring them and not teaching them the rules. My nephew came with his mom and she just let him go and never taught him the rules of the park and he got in the way. My one friend who is 15 didnt know how to wait your turn and he got hit by a bike. If you take away kids and teach the new people the rules of the park then scooters arentt that bad. But I do ununderstand why ppl hate them especially if your park is full of 8 year olds who go in circles over and over again

  • Scooters should be allowed at skateparks.

    Scooters are a fast and easy way to get around. If they are powered by battery, they are environmentally friendly and quiet. They should be allowed in skateparks just like any other form of transportation. Scooters are likely to be a lot more popular in the future because of their versatility.

  • My Brother Rides A Scooter...

    ...And he is insane! He is 16 but he can do all the tricks that the pros do. He isn't allowed to practice anywhere besides the sidewalk at home though because scooters aren't allowed anywhere here. I think the issue here is age and attitude. Not scootering. If you're old enough to understand the rules and you are respectful to other people, then a sport is a sport.

  • Nope not happening

    I was riding my skateboard on flat ground with a little kid right at my 3 o´clock. I was going straight and he was swerving and next thing I know he pulls out in front of me randomly not looking, my skateboard hit the scooter and I flew onto the concrete. My arm was bleeding real good and the scooter kid looked at me like he didn't even know what happened. Now I have a huge scar from a non observant scooter kid. It wouldn't be so bad if they would pay attention and stop snaking.

  • Scooters at SKATEPARKS

    It is called a skatepark for a reason to be used by skateboarders, there is numerous amounts of risks brought on by scooters, bikes, rollerblades, etc. the main reason is us skaters get snaked by everyone else, when in reality we deserve the space in parks more than anyone else. Skaters are the ones who come together and plead with town committees to get skateparks built. Scooterers just come and mess up everyone's vibe

  • I can't count how many times they've made skaters give up on their local parks

    Looking round at a skate park all the tops of ramps and worn down and chiped from low riding scooters, every obstical has a mob of them just banging and swinging their 'deck' round as fast as they can... Then come the little kids and their pairents the crying when theh get hit and the angry mother asking why you wern't watching where you where going... Truth is they practicly dive infront of you and drive everyone else out of the park in fustration... Then when you do evengualy come back theyre coming up to you telling you 'this park is for scooters only'. Yes that has happend.

  • They ruin the skatepark

    Scooter kids are dangerous, completely oblivious to the dangers the create for skaters and themselves. Moms drop these six year old kids in the skatepark w a scooter and use it as daycare. I've skated since the 70s we built our own ramps because we had to and loved the sport now my son & I build ramps because the skatepark is unusable, overun by scooter jackass's

  • Kids, outdoors, learning a sport and getting exercise instead of Facebook. That's a plus.

    I remember when I used to hate Rollerbladers and bmx'rs for hogging the ramps at my local park.. Frustrating as hell when you psyche yourself up for the nollie nosegrind you've been trying to lock the whole day and some prick on a bmx took 10 laps and ruined your mojo.. But what I eventually realised was that skaters can make a just make a park out of anywhere - if the park is busy then fuck off to the streets and hit benches. The point is, kids will always be kids, and you have to concede a little bit, they will always take the mile. We used to as well, remember? We should take at least a moment to appreciate that they're taking an interest in sport rather than playing the sodding xbox. As they grow up they will learn to respect other users. I suppose it's annoying that anyone can learn to scooter in a day when it took us a month of shinning while we learned to ollie stationary, and that scooters are cheap as hell but we have to adapt to the times I'm afraid. If you come across scoot's who could use a lesson on manners then try to explain it to them and hopefully they'll take heed. Just my 2c.

  • They are snaking lil chodes

    Why are they even alive? . . . . . . . . . . . .
    I would rather drink bleach than ride one.
    DIe Die Die Die. BURN THEM . ..
    #FUCKSCOOTERS .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • They are snaking lil chodes

    Why are they even alive? . . . . . . . . . . . .
    I would rather drink bleach than ride one.
    DIe Die Die Die. BURN THEM . ..
    #FUCKSCOOTERS .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • They are snaking lil chodes

    Why are they even alive? . . . . . . . . . . . .
    I would rather drink bleach than ride one.
    DIe Die Die Die. BURN THEM . ..
    #FUCKSCOOTERS .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • They are a stain on the skatepark.

    In rural areas like the one I live in skateparks are scarce. The scooter boys (yes they are boys) are always ruining it and treating it like a playground. Most scooterers are too young to be at the skatepark by themslelves and the parents just dont care if they are either sitting on the coping of your favourate mini ramp. They never watch where their going and are obviosly too young to understand what manners are. They are a danger to themselves and others. They shouldnt be allowed in a majoridy of skateparks and should stop being little pussies and ditch the handle bars.

  • Dear god make them go away.

    Scooters are an absolute NUISANCE. Every skatepark I visit is so overcrowded with them that nobody (not even them) has a good time. The fact is that kids who tend to do it are so young that they CAN'T be taught rules and etiquette. This means that it is the parents fault, as they think it's a good idea to send their 7 year old to a dangerous, already crowded public place. Scooters 12 and younger need to be banned from skateparks, for the good of everyone.

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