• Yes, sea level rise should definitely be cause for concern.

    A sea level rise is a definite cause for concern. I would suspect an increase in temperatures had occurred at the north pole causing ice and snow to melt, which was then working it's way down. This should be an immediate concern as it would impact all animals and birds in the area, totally upsetting the ecology.

  • Sea level rise is a cause for concern.

    What people don't seem to understand is that if the sea levels rise, a lot of terrible things happen. Ecosystems will fail. A lot of areas where food is growing will be flooded. A lot of cities will eventually be under water. This would combine for a food shortage, and mass migration during a time where there is less housing. Disastrous.

  • Sea level rise related to climate change

    It's fairly obvious that humans are changing the climate. The sea level rising is one cause for concern. It is small compared to emissions and other concerns, yet not so much as to losing shore, as to the fact that Icebergs are melting and effecting the climate should be worried about.

  • Yes, sea level rise is a cause of concern.

    Because the polar ice cap is melting at an alarming rate, sea levels are rising all over the world. Though it may only be a few inches a year, this impacts millions of people who live on level land on seashores around the world, forcing them to move inland and causing more crowding in already overpopulated areas.

  • No because it has declined

    No because with global warming it has declined in the past. If the sea level rises it will more than likely just go back to where it should need to be at for the future. With the climate being so hot lately it will decrease again. Then it will rise during the winter.

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