• Sea world must go

    Sea world should be shut down because treats its animals unfairly by not giving them enough space and by forcing them to do tricks that they would not be doing in the wild. See world may be fun to go to but is it fun for the animals to do those tricks?

  • Yes it should be shut down

    Seaworld should be shut down because they mistreat the animals. It has been documented that a lot of the animals try to eat the walls of their enclosure and end up with stomach and other health problems. It often leads to death. All they do is breed animals for entertainment. These wild animals need to be left alone and sent to sanctuaries so they can safely be released into the wild once back in touch with their real selves. They shouldn't have to be deprived of food until they do a trick right. As for the orcas they are natural born hunters they don't need to be taught to rely on humans. They have feelings too yet Seaworld separated families for nothing but money. They only care about themselves and money. Hardly any of them actually care for the animals.

  • Barbaric activity, should have been closed down ages ago

    I can't believe some of the comments written in the section. We should just treat them well shall we? Taking a highly intelligent animal from its family and placing it into a tiny tank and forcing it to perform all day and reducing it's life expectancy by half in the process. How exactly do you treat them well under those condidtions? And the person that said if we shut down seaworld we'd have to shut down all zoos, yes we would and that is the correct thing to do as animal captivity is cruel. Would you like to be stuck in a cage for the rest of your life for the entertainment of others? I think not.

  • Sea World has always done wrong things.

    It is usually wrong to keep large sea creatures in captivity, but especially when it's for no purpose other than entertainment. These amazing animals were born to have the entire ocean, which is bigger than the land, as their home. They are as large as they are because they evolved with almost no size limitations. And we take these beautiful creatures that should live in absolute freedom with their families and put them alone or with a couple of others in a little fish bowl. And then we make them do tricks.

  • Yes, Sea World should be shut down.

    Sea World should be shut down because it is unethical and poorly managed. A tank is nothing like an ocean--the environment is detrimental to the poor animals residing in Sea World. Additionally, Sea World separates calves from their mothers for profit. Studies have also shown that animals living in Sea World live shorter lives.

  • Sea world should not be shut down!

    Sea world has shown thousands of people go their everyday and sea animals enjoy interactions with people and yes the government should keep there eye on them but still let them exist as a company. This is so family vacations can be different than other family vacations. Were else are you going to see Penguins in the water next to whales in their separate tank.

  • Sea World still has significance to the community

    Mistakes happen and Sea World is not better than any other corporation like BP and GM. They have to correct the mistakes they made, learn from them and then improve their environment to make it safer and cleaner for the animals that they should intend to protect. Once they make those modifications, the aquarium should be a better place for human and animal to enjoy.

  • I do not believe Sea World should be shut down.

    What would shutting down Sea World achieve? If we were to shut down Sea World, then we should also seek out to shut down all Zoos, all captivities, all animal-featuring circuses and exhibits, all preserves and all forms of hunting around the world. Every company faces public criticism, and Sea World is no different. Sea World needs to evaluate the views they have and see if they line up with the views of the people, in terms of captivity and inhumane treatment of animals.

  • Sea World should not be closed.

    Sea World should not be closed down. The government should just investigate them and keep an eye on their treatment of the sea creatures. This way a great entertainment venue can stay open, people can keep their jobs, and people will be assured that the animals will not be mistreated.

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