• Bad journalists like Hannity should be taken off the air

    Hannity uses petulant comments like referring to President Obama as "The Anointed One", along with other mean-spirited comments about anyone he dislikes. Even if he does not like President Obama or Hillary Clinton, he should keep his personal opinions out of it. Stay with the facts. He gives the rest of us fiscal conservatives a bad rap.

  • Sean Hannity should be taken off the air.

    Sean Hannity's brand of partisan political commentary has outlived its popularity. Hannity is intentionally tearing the country apart for his own profit, and it is not helping anyone. The Fox network only supports his programs because it makes money for them. No one with any sense of decency should watch his shows.

  • Sean Hannity should be taken off the air.

    Sean Hannity should be taken off the air. First, Cumulus Media announced they were planning on dropping his radio show, and now Fox News is moving Sean Hannity out of his plum 9 PM time
    slot after Bill O’Reilly. He is supposed to be leaving New York City Gov. Andrew Cuomo said very mean things last week about how conservatives are simply not welcome in the state.

  • Hannity Should Not Be Taken Off the Air

    No, Sean Hannity should not be taken off the air. Though many people disagree with him, myself included, Hannity does not do anything worthy of being blacklisted. Like every other American, he has the right to express his opinion so long as he does not speak hate against groups. Hannity does not speak such hate.

  • Keep Hannity on Air

    While Sean Hannity's contributions to the airwaves might be questioned, we shouldn't force him to stop broadcasting his program. He might say some controversial things and cause problems from time to time, but it's not our place to force him to be taken off the air in this day and age.

  • There's no reason for that.

    Here in the United States, the only reason that someone gets taken off the airwaves of television or radio is if they're not making money for the channel hosting them. Sean Hannity is clearly making money for Rupert Murdoch's Fox News, and he won't be going anywhere. Don't like him? Don't watch him.

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