Should sexual education be taught in public schools?

  • Yes sexual education should be taught in public schools.

    I believe that sexual education is very important to learn. If kids start to have sex without any education it can lead to unprotected sex which can cause unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. Public schools should however tell kids that it is best they wait until they are of age to engaged in sexual activities.

  • Yes, it should be taught.

    I myself am a Freshman in High School. In my school, we have so many teens that are pregnant, and were so naive about it, some even planned it. I honestly think we NEED Sex Education in schools, and maybe girls wouldn't be so quick to get pregnant if they knew the reality of it.

  • Students should have to be taught about sex education in high school!

    Students and teens should be taught in schools about sex. Sex education is not taught enough throughout the United States. I live in Mississippi and according to statistics MS is the leading state in the US of teen pregnancy. Most teens just think that they know everything about sex and some parents think that it is too touchy of a subject to talk about to their children. More than 50% of all teens from grades 9-12 have sex, and half of them do not know anything about contraceptives or sex in general. What they are taught in sex education classes will provide them with knowledge that they need to have concerning sexual intercourse. Because the teen pregnancy rate is so high teens should have to go through a mandatory sex education classes in high school. Although students think that they know everything about sex, they do not and they need to be taught properly about sex and contraceptives to prevent pregnancy and diseases.

  • The school is a great place to learn about it.

    Yes, students should be taught about sex in schools. In today's society, there are plenty of students out there that either don't have parents to teach them or could careless about teaching them, therefore these kids will never learn the ins and outs of being sexually active. The fact is they have to be taught so why not teach them at school, they're there for eight hours anyways.

  • Yes, and it should be taught as a pure science

    School is the place that people go to learn facts--science, math, English, etc. Sexual reproduction is a scientific fact, and there is information about the process that is not necessarily common knowledge to all parents. Why should we leave out this system when teaching about the human body? What better place to get factual information about the sexual process than a biology class? If parents want to talk about the moral aspects of sex with their children, then that is something that should be done outside of the classroom. Inside the classroom all facts (no matter how distasteful or embarrassing some people think they are) should be discussed. Maybe if we discussed more natural processes in this way we wouldn't have so many societal problems.

  • Yes, of course.

    Americans can be so prudish and backward about sex that they would contemplate not teaching children the scientific facts of how life is created. Kids should be taught about sex because it is part of biology and health and learning how the world works. Parents who disagree with what students are taught, even though it is all factual, can always tell their students how their beliefs differ. Alternately, if they feel so strongly that they want to shield their kids from reality, they can send them to a private school.

  • It Should Be Taught

    I think Sexual Education courses should be taught in public schools. Of course there should be limits to the material that is given during the lectures. There is no harm in informing kids on sexuality. It is better for students to be informed than ignorant to these types of things.

  • It is necessary for proper education

    If a school doesn't teach about sexual education to their students, who will? Their friends? The media? Some parents don't even do it because they have no clue on how to do it. Speaking as a teen, it is better that the kids learn it from a trustworthy institution in a familiar environment like school it.

  • We should definitely teach about sex education

    If children do not learn about diseases transmitted from unprotected sex it can potentially lead to death. Therefore schools should definitely teach about it in school otherwise we could have more deaths within the population. This is only one possibility but there are many out there such as major brain damage which can permanently destroy the brain. This will cause the parents to pay money to the hospital and become bankrupt

  • I agree with the headline

    I feel if kids were more educated on this topic that the teen pregnancy rates wouldn't be as high. Also, if children were more educated than less STDS and Aids wouldn't be spread. And kids wouldn't be so naive and pay attention and use protection to protect themselves and others.

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  • It influence secular humanism, which is a religion.

    If public schools cannot promote all religions it should not be able to promote any religion, including secular humanism. The beliefs of this religion promote morals of the belief that if a person is going to sin, they might as well be taught how so that they do not do it, yet this is the exact opposite of what should happen. If you do not want someone to do an action, you do not teach them how to do it, how tempting for that person it must be. So if you do not want someone to have sex before marriage, do not teach them to such a degree when they are wayyyy to young to even do it.

  • I myself was embarrassed to learn any of the course.

    Being modest about my body and others in those ways, it was difficult to focus on the class. My concern is that those modest individuals will become aware of sex is possible, but because they were afraid of attention drawn to them in the class, will have missed the importance of the lesson. My parents gave me more competent advice than my school did for me.

  • I think health classes should not be taught in public schools because abstinence is not taught.

    Speaking from my experience, I realized that the only true way to stop the spread of sexually related diseases and maladies was abstinence until marriage. Public schools instead try to promote "safe" sex practices, but that continues to fail in our society. That is why I think sexual education should not be taught.

  • Sexual education should not be taught in schools

    I think that sex education should not be taught in school because teachers should not be teaching kids about sex the kids parents should be teaching them about sex and about all of the body parts because it just seems weird for schools to teach little kids about sex it shouldn't happen the parents should teach there kids about sex

  • I think you guys shold clam down a little on what your saying to your kids

    Because i am a young mom and i got taught about it. And i still have a baby its if they listen to u and do it the right way. I think that the parents can do the best they can but its still up to the kid to listen and take what they said to heart. But am a young mom and i wouldnt have it no other way sorryyy

  • I believe that

    It is the parents job to teach their child about sex. I personally dont think the school should get involved in that spot. And parents need to step up to the plate if they dont want their children getting pregnant or getting another child pregnant. And I am a teenager and i had a class of sex education and its not all that great they showed things that the human mind doesnt need to see.

  • At what age is appropriate is my question

    Kindergarten No Way. It is u to the parents to decide.They know theirthe children the best
    Knowing my children the Best ,When my daughter reached 11,I had the big talk with her and I being her mom she was unworkable can you imagine being taught in a class full of children.I bought a book put it in her room, hoping she read it and she did a.Then the questions came.She was able to talk to me in privacy but clearly understood by me MOM.She knows the dangers of having unprotected sex.No teacher should teach this in a classroom it is embarrassing enough.I don't blame teachers at all for this is what they are being told to do.But If you ask these teachers should school teach it or them as parents.I guarantee you they would prefer to teach there own children in the privacy of there own home.

  • I am AGREE

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  • What makes you think you know what your talking about?

    To all the parents that saying no, you are stupid say a little girl or boy is been touched where they shouldn't? They don't know any better sexual Education is needed for purposes like this. And yes study does show that it does speed up hormone, as that is said I for one think yes just to put my way on this is that by writing in the no section. Kids don't know anything about sexual education that's why they need to be taught in schools.

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Anonymous says2013-05-28T13:41:13.593
I think they should
Beautypearl says2015-02-15T21:34:30.073
I'm on the yes side. With teen pregnancy rates skyrocketing and all the nasty diseases spreading around the way they are, sex education is important in schools.
Beautypearl says2015-02-15T21:51:56.433
However, I like the idea of there being no sex ed class, but a special room where curios students can get book with info about sex.