• Nothing wrong with it in my opinion

    As long as they can take care of them.I mean when parents get a divorce and the child is raised mostly by one of the 2 parents the child can turn out alright.So if that is true then wouldn't that mean a single parent can take care of a child?I don't think it matters if it is there own child or not.

  • As long as they can take care of them :)

    As long as they take in consideration of what time they'll be home, if their job pays well enough, the age of the child.

    Adoption is great because many kids grow up without parents and feel unloved. I think it's great that if anyone wants to take care of a child :)

  • Should single men adopt children.

    There are thousands of children waiting to be adopt there are many men who want children but no wife or girl friend. Is it wrong for a single man to adopt children is it strange or weird. Is a single dad able to provide a good stable home fore child. Single people who adopt a far more likly to adopt older kids which are the majority of kids in foster care. I'm a single guy wanting to adopt and want your opinion, yes it's good or no it's bad

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