Should skateboarding and other "extreme sports" be featured in the Olympics?

  • Yes, extreme sports participants are dedicated athletes too.

    Yes, skateboarding and other extreme sports should be featured in the Olympics. The Olympics is the world's largest sporting event and thus should not be limited in its display of sports and should accommodate athletes of all kinds. skateboarders and other extreme sports players are athletes as well. They partake and are proficient in an activity that requires disciplined physical exercise, just as any sportsman. The Olympics have managed to feature activities such as BMX riding, in the form of racing. The same can be done for other extreme sports.

  • It is a sport

    I used to skateboard as a kid and I will be the first to tell you that it takes a great deal of control, athleticism and skill to do tricks on a rolling 2 - 3 foot board. It is way past time for it to be added to the Olympics so these skills can be showcased.

  • Extreme sports are the new frontier of the Olympics

    Skateboarding is just one of many of the new sports that are going to be a part of the Olympics going forward, such as surfing. These new sports are an excellent addition to the Olympics because it shows that that athletics competition is fresh, vibrant, and forward thinking. It will not only attract new viewers for the Olympics, but also new participants in these sports.

  • Extreme sports athletes have their own opptunitys

    As an extreme sport athlete myself i can speak first hand on this topic. Extreme sports athletes have multiple opportunities to compete such as the x-game which is extreme sports version of olympics. Within Extreme sport disciplines there are competions already set up (bmx has red bull joyride, simple session, vans doren invitational etc). Because of these opportunities extreme sport athletes wouldn't probelly attend any way. Also extreme sports athletes have tight knit groups that are all for by the athletes for the athletes and going to the olympics is considered selling out and that is a huge non-no.

  • The Olympics Should be for Traditional Sports Only

    While skateboarding and other extreme sports require a great amount of athletic ability, the Olympics should be kept to traditional sports only. The Olympics have been a tradition for decades where elite athletes compete on an international stage. The number of sports that are included is already staggering. There is no reason to add extreme sports (that are non-traditional) to an already crowded field of events.

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