• Skeletons are useless and scary

    Skeletons are useless. Look at all the other animals that do not have skeletons, such as squid, octopus, and etc. They do not have skeletons, yet they are capable of many things.

    Furthermore, skeletons are used on Halloween to scare kids. Why do you want something scary in your body?

  • Of course they should!

    If you think I am acting crazy just hear me out. Skeletons don't exist. They were created by hollywood to spook us. What do you think that one song was about? It was talking about how all of hollywood's fictional monsters were going to get you, including skeletons. We have to stop these lies before wikipedia thinks they're true... By god, they all ready have an article.

  • They cannot be allowed to continue on.

    Skeletons are bad. They are creatures like the boogeyman who were invented by parents to spook the children into being good (and drinking milk). If we allow skeletons to exist, then the kidz will be spooked into thinking that biology is necromancy, and then they wont learn biology, and then the skeletons will win. We can't let that happen can we.

  • Skeletons are misunderstood

    In the context of the posters argument for yes... I fear that he has in fact never met a skeleton in person and is making the common misconception of skeletons.

    While heartless and cold they may be, Skeletons are good in nature. There are plenty examples of Skeletons who have been around that made the world a better place.

    Jack Skellington
    The Skeleton in Hotel Translvania
    Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen
    Jack Sparrow
    Ghost Rider?!

    Come on now, please dont have unreasonable fear of skeletons, they have feelings too.

  • Hhhmmmmm Not sure the context here.

    If we ban skeletons then we would not be able to survive. Think about it, without a skeleton you could not even type on this site. We are vertebral mammals, no parts of our lives nor our existence would push through the loss of our skeletons.

    Also, they are awesome attention grabbers in class.

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