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  • Insurance company are starting to discriminate

    If you support the insurance companies in singling out smokers based on the risk to their health, be carful. It's only a matter of time once they have you buying into this that they pick more targets. What about obesity? We all know it brings health risks and the medical definition of obesity is 30 lbs over ideal weight. Should those people be charged more? How about single people? Studies show married people live longer so let's charge single people more? Hmm why stop there ? Let's charge more to people who drink more then one glass of alcohol a week because studies show they are at higher risk. Once you let the insurance companies dictate our lifestyles you open a door to each of us being discriminated against and dictated to. It's easy to get caught up judging each other and pointing fingers but don't forget for one second the insurance companies are in it for profit. The more they can get us pointing fingers the more likely we will ignore that they are only creating a reason to get more profit

  • The issue isn't smokers its smoking

    Charging smokers higher premiums will make smokers drop coverage which we prevent them from accessing smoking cessation programs. Also society will end up bearing there healthcare cost because they will forgo preventive care, and when they become really sick they will end up in the ER without insurance other insured people will bear there cost with higher premiums.

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