• It can hurt

    Smoking hurts your lungs, its addictive and it steals pie when you try to eat it and someone breathes all over it. Discusting and it hurts you bad. Kids, do not smoke. It will get you in jail if you are under twenty one and it hurts very bad so no smoke heheheyuehehehehehehehehehehehehhahahahahahaha- DONTDONTDONTSMOKESMOKESMOKEDONTSMOKE DO NOT SMOKE AT ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Of course it should.

    Since the beginning of cigarette advertising, it has been used to target youth. Using extreme methods like cartoon characters and video vans, and subtle methods like product placement in popular TV shows, it has been used immorally and illegally. There is no way to guarantee via restrictions that this does not continue. Even people formerly involved in tobacco companies agree. It would not be smart to allow this illegal and selfish act on the part of the tobacco companies to continue, and it should be banned entirely to save the lives of millions of people worldwide.

  • Smoking advertising should be banned.

    Smoking advertising should be banned.Advertising can end up being very persuasive especially with young people and since smoking is a dangerous activity it would just be better overall for society if smoking advertising was banned so then parents and other adults would not have to worry about dangerous products being promoted to children.

  • Yes it should.

    Smoking advertising should be banned. It just seems wrong to try and entice people into having an addiction that will not only cost them a whole lot of money but hurt their health and in extreme cases kill them. It is weird that it would ever even be allowed in the first place.

  • Smoking Advertising The Worst

    Smoking advertising should be banned in this country because tobacco has been proven to kill more Americans than most diseases. Such advertising is often targeted at young adults and even children in some cases. Therefore, such advertising is highly unnecessary and only causes harm rather than good in any capacity.

  • Yes i must,

    Smoking cause cancer, it is written on packs. Man why selling or advertizing something which is so harmful.
    This is so bad.
    If some one is disable to understand why letting him or her kill her self.
    If smoking is put on choice than why heroin and other drugs are banned.

  • Sm0kei the beer

    My fathers David Murray the 8-bit guy and Smokey the bear say that smoking is alrighty. They smoke two packs a day each, and I do to. Smoking should be advertised because if you don't smoke you will never ever be kewl and you will be bullied heavily for being a nerd and not kewl

  • So stupid people

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  • Because pie is yummy.

    Pie is the best thing in da world. Pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie Pi. Because pie is Pi, pie should not be abandoned in the outskirts of town again. The forest is dangerous. What if someone steals pie? What if someone eats him? So pie should never be abandoned ever again.

  • No, it is free speech.

    No, smoking advertising should not be banned, because the government should not regulate everything away that is bad for us. The government cannot regulate everything. Too many carrots would be bad for you if you ate enough of them. People should be smart enough and responsible to make their own choices about what is good for them and what is dangerous. Smoking companies should advertise if they want to.

  • Smoking advertising should not be banned.

    Smoking advertising should not be banned. They should be allowed to sell their product rightfully just as anybody else. Just because the country has suddenly decided to ban smoking everywhere does not mean that everyone is going to stop doing it. I think we should leave it alone and let them continue to do as they please.

  • No, just regulated!

    Smoking is legal, and as long as it is, corporations should have the freedom to advertise their products. Advertising tobacco products does not force someone to smoke them -- that is a choice they must make themselves. Smoking advertisements are already subject to extremely strict regulations in the US, and clearly do not need a ban. As long as the advertisements are not targeting children and include the required warnings, I don't see the justification for taking away the freedoms of tobacco corporations to advertise their own products.

    Posted by: xy

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