Should smoking be allowed with children under eight years old in the car?

  • Smoking While Children In The Car Now Illegal

    Smokers in England and Wales can now be fined £50 for lighting up in a car when children are present.

    The new law, which comes eight years after smoking was outlawed in public places, is designed to protect under-18s from the effects of passive smoking.

    Researchers in Newcastle found children in cars where someone was smoking were exposed to higher concentrations of carcinogenic chemicals than previously thought.

  • Smoking itself is quite bad, but second hand smoke is even worse.

    The person is smoking has a filter that protects them - to an extent. Plus, (most) smokers are at an age where it won't affect them as much as it would a child. Second hand smoke can be very detrimental to a persons health, especially a child. If you think it should be legal to smoke in a car with children - or just around in children in general - then you may as well give them a cigarette and a lighter yourself. Think about it - if you're a smoker, would you go to a place like South-gate Primary School (a school for the children under the age of 13) and start smoking around the children?

  • Smoking should not be allowed with children under eight in the car.

    Secondhand smoke can be detrimental to someones life especially a kid who has no control over what they breathe in. A child with no decisions should not be penalized by someone deciding to smoke in the car. Smoking by a child should be illegal because they can't decide for themselves whether or not they want to inhale the dangerous fumes.

  • Smoking should not be allowed with children under eight years old in the car.

    Smoking should not be allowed with children under eight years old in the car. Second-smoking exposure to children is detrimental to both their health status and their future lifestyle behaviors. Children exposed to second-hand smoke are at risk for conditions such as respiratory infections and asthma attacks, harming their overall wellness and potentially complicating the healthcare that they need in the future. Additionally, children under eight years old are still growing and adapting to their environment - they will likely mimic what they see in their environment, i.e. their parents' choice of smoking. Seeing their parents smoke may indicate to the children that it is okay to depend on a substance to attain a certain emotional or psychological state, further putting them at risk for engaging in dangerous behaviors or becoming addicted to substances in the future.

  • No, smoking should be allowed with children in the car

    It should be absolutely illegal and punishable to trap children in a car with a smoking adult. Aside from the obvious health issues, smoking in the car is disgusting and children should not have to sit there and inhale smoke and perhaps be hit be flying ash. Children cannot protect themselves from people who would do that to them, someone needs to stand up and protect them.

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