• Smoking is bad for you

    Smoking causes death. It causes lung cancer and can shorten lives by a long way. If this happened, people would be able to enjoy life and have a longer one. If it didn't happen, people would get coughs and/or lung problems and life would not be enjoyable. That is why I think the law should ban it.

  • Oml why are people protecting this

    And yes, although many people say that they should not let government own their body and let them do their own decisions, some people do not think of the other people they are harming, whether it is smoking publicly, or whether it is smoking in front of children – it is Pretty bad

  • I think yes

    I think yes because smoking kills a lot of people and it doesn't help the environment with all the chemicals that are inside a cigarette. The cigarettes cost a lot of money as well round about 5000 pounds a year on average which is a lot of money to go up in smoke!!!

  • Not right away, but it should be gradually made harder for people to acquire cigarettes before banning them.

    For those saying "the government have no right to decide what goes in my body" take a look at what is illegal. Marijuana and other various drugs, some which are proven to cause less harm than tobacco, are illegal. If drugs like marijuana are illegal, then tobacco should be too. I've heard some people, not all but some, who smoke say that marijuana should be illegal. Which is ridiculous when you smoke.

    Passive smoking is much worse than actually smoking yourself, and you know I would hate it if I was a person who smoked and all of a sudden they just banned smoking. But I'm not saying do it right away, I'm saying introduce people to mandatory programmes, or make it harder for people to acquire cigarettes. For example make them more expensive, or show adverts on TV about the harms of smoking. In all of my life I have never seen a TV advertisement telling people about the harmful side effects of smoking to yourself and others. It would be very unfair to ban them instantly to those who do smoke, because it isn't an easy habit to just quit, but something has to be done.

  • Yes it should

    Smoking does nothing but hurt and harm, other things that hurt and harm are IlLegal so why not smoking?

    Smoking ends up costing the country so much money in health care. Also smokers are. Not just damaging themselves, but passive smoking is even more dangerous so they are hurting others.

    People say that reasonable adults should be able to choose what they do, but they have these choices because they have reached an age where they are entrusted to make good, safe decisions that can't hurt anyone. They have not made these good desicions.

  • Yes it is a Horrible Practice

    What the heck is even the point of smoking? So you can kill yourself sooner? Hmm... Very smart. Why the heck were cigarettes even invented? I see absolutely no benefit to them. They ruin the air for children and such, they shorten your life, they are simply disgusting, and they make you disgusting. They also are addictive and can ruin your life just because you can't spend time doing anything else.

    PS: I would love to see a challenge or a reply with a GOOD reason to not ban them. I there even any benefit?

  • It is harmful

    In my opinion smoking should be illegal. Smoking is addictive and causes lung problems and many other problems in your body. I was strongly recommend that it is illegal its not only the many people doing it that is bad they are harming others also think of the children ~ no offence meant Emma

  • It is bad

    Smoking causes lung and heart problems. It causes shorter and harder lives. If it was banned by law, people would have happier and longer lives. They wouldn't keep having coughs and/or lung problems. They would live long happy lives with their families. That is why I think smoking should be banned by law.

  • The government has no role in deciding what an individual does with his or her body.

    Property rights should be respected at all times. People own themselves. Therefore, the government has no role in telling people what to do with their own bodies. It doesn't matter if it's bad for them, or if forcing them to stop smoking would be good for them. None of that matters. What matters is whether not a government has the right to do this.

  • It's bad, but I don't think the government should ban it.

    I think a smoking ban is comparable to alcohol prohibition: there is a large demand, and therefore there will be a prominent underground economy whereby people access it. Therefore, not only would we be devoting prosecutory resources to incarcerating non-violent offenders--for victimless crimes, might I add (unless you consider themselves the victims, but in that case, I'd pose the question: can the government save people from themselves?)--but we may in fact create violent criminals in the process, as recidivism rates are quite high. I'm for discouraging smoking through excise taxes and educational campaigns, and I even supported President Obama's recent plan to raise the tobacco tax to fund universal pre-k education. But I think a ban goes too far.

  • Time for you clowns to go watch supernanny, aka, the government.

    I find it hilarious how people assume that government has the right to control people's bodies, and to force their values onto everyone. You are the same people who adamantly support the war on drugs, and the same people who condone NSA activities. Oh, you do not like smoking? Than don't smoke! You also have no right to take your disapproval of smoking and apply it to everyone via the government. Do you really think cigarettes would just disappear anyway? Look how well that worked during alcohol prohibition. You people are morons

  • No it shouldnt.

    You cant tell people what they can and can't do to themselves. Personally, I think its bad for your health and for the health of others, but I empathize with those who are unable to quit. It's not really their fault. It is their responsibility, though. You CANNOT legitimize and legalize personal choices

  • It WON'T work; And besides that you really like the government OWNING YOUR body!

    If it was banned by law, people would do it anyways, people who would've just been smokers will go to jail and through socializing in gangs join the criminal underclass, violent would skyrocket! More neighborhoods would be torn apart by rival gangs fighting over cigarette turf. It would be just like Alcohol prohibition and just like the current war on drugs.

    Even if it would stop people from smoking I for one don't want to be a victim of a driveby shooting just so the government can save someone from their own bad decisions. Prohibiting substances just creates a giant black market situation.

    Furthermore do we really want the government telling us what we can put inside our own bodies? It's YOUR body. Nothing is more personal than that! Do you want the government to pass mandatory brain-reprogramming "for your own good"? In the future that could be possible and that's where you logic is going.

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themohawkninja says2014-01-11T00:10:05.470
Only in public.

If people want to do it in private whereby nobody else is harmed, they should be allowed to.