• Smoking should be banned completely.

    Smoking is a public health disaster and it should be banned completely. There is no reason for governments to allow people to smoke. It is known to cause cancer and heart disease and to be bad for a person's health in general. Many governments are already limiting the sale of toacco products.

  • Of course it should!

    Smoking should definitely be illegal, as should the production of cigarettes. Theoretically, people should be allowed to smoke. IN THEORY it doesn't harm anyone but the person and it is their choice. However, theory and practice are two different things. Cigarette companies pay more money to place their products in children's reach so that they can easily steal the cigarettes and replace customers who die of cigarette related complications. They glamorize cigarettes in advertisements, making them look "hip" and "cool". Not only that but secondhand smoke can cause lung complications in anyone within range of these smokers. And this is without quoting that smoking is unhealthy and kills. But the reason smoking is legal is even worse. MONEY. Cigarette companies are such huge taxpayers that they will probably never be illegal. So all we can do for now is make advertisements and make the surgeon's warning on the box bigger and bigger.

  • We have the right to breathe fresh air!

    Now that summer is here and it is very hot in the evenings we need to leave our windows open to allow the fresh air and cool breeze into the house - but we can't because the neighbours smoke and all of that secondhand smoke comes into our house. Why should our child be out at risk? Why should we be locked up in our own house? It's time we out an end to this now! The risks have been known for many years now yet very little is being done. Outlaw cigarettes today! They can easily get their fix from the tobacco free nicotine available in the market. I feel like we are being held hostage by the tobacco industry and the reason government don't do anything is is because they get a lot of funding from this industry. It's time we all took a stand on our right to breath fresh air!

  • It is harmful for your health obviously.

    Smoking should be banned because it not only causes damage to the smoker's health, but also to everyone close by. Children and public are affect daily by this legal drug. Smoking cigarrettes contains a high percent of carcinogens, and by banning it could lower the risk of lung cancer deaths. It's more than obvious that it's harmful if it has to have it warned on the box for consumers. It's a red flag to stop smoking.

  • Smoking Should Be Banned

    It is harmful to the smoker's health as well as the environment. Second-hand smoking is also a big problem. It harms people around them. Smoking contributes to millions of deaths. Lung cancer, throat cancer, wrinkles, gum disease and many many more. The CDC claims the US spends $193 Billion dollars on smoking.

  • Smoking should be banned because it's dangerous.

    Would you like to be spending money for useless sticks that give you cancer? Should you like to see one of your family die? Your choice of smoking doesn't only affect you, it affects people around you as well. Do you want to see your baby die because of your decision? Well, think about it. It should be banned.

  • For sure.

    Smoking should be band completely. It is such a huge health risk to all smokers and their children and it is totally pointless. It causes so many deaths and other health issues, cancer even. Without it, our nation would be so much better off and for that reason it should be banned.

  • Smoking should be banned

    It should be banned because it creates chronic diseases like cancer. It has an bad empact on health and also who is smoking near anybody then he/she will affect by it. I wants to aware all my Indian people that don't smoke or take tobacco as it very bad to health.

  • Smoking is the leading cause of cancer in the united states of merica

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  • Should be banned in places where there is a high population density

    Why are smokers not held accountable legally for causing people around them diseases such as cancer? They should be enclosed in a designated room when smoking. Government should build more facilities to allow smokers to go inside to smoke. How is that right to say smokers have right to kill and cause suffering to others but non smokers don't have the right to breathe fresh air?

  • It shouldn't be banned because...

    Smoking, while it is very bad for you, is a very high demanded item... Making it illegal would do nothing more than increase demand for cigarettes and cause more people to go to jail each year... It is very probable that it could get banned but it is not a good choice.

  • Ahahahaha, it's waaaaaay too late for that.

    At this point, banning will only cause more problems than solutions. Addictive chemicals have already sacked many people. If smokes were to be banned completely, it would be the Prohibition in the US (1920-1933) all over again. Sure, health would have a great relief. But now because of tobacco being widely used, illegal use and production of it will be a very large problem. Money wouldn't do much better if budgets are constantly being spent on crackdowns. This ban will start a new chapter in the "War on Drugs" and could be putted to an early end due to large disapproval from the public. But, and the big but is that smoking could be restricted. Butt not completely banned.

  • Well, not completely banned.

    Smoking is harmful to the smoker, but it also reduces the pressure of working. It their business that whether the smoker smoke or not. We should have smoking area only for smokers. I don't support smoking, but you can't ban smoking completely. Everyone should tell the smokers around, "smoke less."

  • It shouldn't be

    Smoking should not be banned.It's a question of fundamental right and govt is not supposed to interfere.But it would be good if govt bans it on public place because it is also very harmful for the people who don't smoke specially for the childrens because they are also smoking passively.

  • Nein nein nein

    If smoking were illegal it'd be misdemeanor like weed, which is already going legal. Prohibition of alcohol didnt work, because people want to drink; same thing would happen with tobacco. Prices would probably drop, being tax free, folks would still smoke and government would simlly not benefit from taxing the sales. A ton of unnecessary tickets, prohibition enforcement, court dates and folks serving time in jail because they cant afford to pay/refuse to pay court costs and fines.

  • Smoking is a personal choice

    Smoking is a personal choice that should NOT be taken from individuals completely. If a smoker is acting with regards to others around them or in their personal home or space then they should be allowed to have the right to light up. I do think the smoking in public should be reserved for outside areas as to not infringe on others indoors.

  • Fundamental right

    No smoking should not be banned. What responsible grown adults do in their on own time and property is not the concern of the government. As long as people are not "hurting" others through their actions, there is no valid reason why they should not be allowed to smoke in private.

  • No. Absolutely not.

    Smoking should not be banned altogether, despite being a health hazard and a terrible habit. If the government is given the right to tell citizens they cannot smoke--for their own good--then no personal choice will be safe from state intervention. Do you want a 44 ounce Dr Pepper? Too bad, it's illegal. Are you craving a cheeseburger? They're prohibited.

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