• Even if you criminalize smoking smokers will still smoke.

    I am shocked at how many no answers there are. Yes, smoking is dangerous to your health. No, you shouldn't do it. Know what else you shouldn't do? Drink. Alcohol is so much worse than smoking. Let's make that illegal. Oh wait, we did. And it didn't stop anyone from drinking. Even if you criminalize smoking smokers will still smoke. And quite frankly, it's their right. Think about it. Eating cheeseburgers is bad for you. Let's outlaw that. And let's outlaw fried food, gambling, promiscuity, football, long fingernails and smart cars. And then we can enforce laws that make Americans exercise daily, eat a full serving of fruit and vegetables every day, read books, limit their TV viewing and video game playing, the list goes on. You can't regulate healthy behavior, and besides, everyone has their vices. So stay out of our personal lives and let us Americans do as we please.

  • Smoking should stay legal

    Nobody should have the right to tell a person what he or she should do with their own body. There are far greater things that are harmful t ones health than smoking. We are asked to put ourselves in harms way by going to war for our country. The government expects us to bow down and do what they want, when they want and it is not far. Smoking is a freedom of choice for each individual and taking that right away is wrong.

  • it is bad for your lungs

    Every over 100000 people lose there homes and belongings because they spend to much money on ciggerates. Also every year over a million people die from smoking that is why i think smoking should be against the law. Smoking is very bad for your lungs and it can kill you

  • Make it illegal!

    Most people these days know the risks associated with smoking and I'm not going to write a long post about all the terrible things it does to you. But have smokers thought about what it does to people around them, who have to put up with second-hand smoke which is even worse?
    Look I understand that if it were banned millions would still smoke. Just like tons of people still do marijuana and all other kind of illegal things. But at least it would make it less accessible to those who haven't started the bad habit! Kids can legally smoke (not buy) at 16 and it's just not right! At that age they still think they're invisible or do it to act cool and then they get hooked. Even if smoking does not get made illegal there should be more done to prevent younger people from being able to access them!
    Or at the very least reduce the toxicity of cigarettes..

  • Americans have a right to have free thought.

    Smoking is a bad choice for Americans but it is still a choice to be made by many. If smoking came to be banned, tobacco producers and retailers would be shut down and lose thousands of Americans jobs. In the 1920's the sale of alcohol was placed into action. Mobs and a large rise in crime occurred. This era was called Prohibition. If smoking became outlawed, than the same deal might occur and a large crime rate would appear and mobs would become stronger. Illegal imports would be seen throughout the country and smokers might spend twice the amount of money they do today on illegal tobacco.

  • Don't Trust the Government to Make Decisions About Your Own Body

    The government has a terrible track record at deciding what people should be allowed to do with THEIR OWN BODIES. Case in point, cannabis. It has numerous health benefits that have been known to man for millenia. It hasn't killed anyone. But with lies and deception they made it illegal. As for tobacco while I certainly believe the health risks I say that we should legalize cannabis, learn our lesson about how much we should be trusting the government with authority over our bodies (that is NOT AT ALL) and let education, reason, and the great marketplace of ideas lead most people to make the healthier, safer decisions. Some people won't, but reason is really just cost-benefit analysis anyways and costs and benefits are subjective. If a person wants to prioritize a physical pleasure over their long-term health that should be their business and not the government's.

  • Millions of people will go to jail.

    Just because of something you call a "simple ban", can mean your neighbors can go to jail. Millions of people in countries all over the world will go to jail because of something they can't help. So it's really not worth it. At least I do not think that way.

  • Yes, smoking should be legal.

    I think that smoking should be legal. I don't understand why everyone is making such a big deal out of it. Yes it could kill you, but don't you think that people that smoke know that?! They know that the likelihood of them smoking and dying is high. Honestly they are so addicted to the nicotine, they don't care. It's there life, they can choose what they want to do with it.

  • If Cigarettes Become Illegal, they will Become Part of the Drug Market.

    For example, alcohol is illegal but minors still drink it. It will be the same for cigarettes. Also, it is safer in stores where the right ingredients are put in. This is just a few reasons on why smoking should be legal, because if it goes in the drug market it could get even bigger.

  • It's up to the individual to understand that smoking kills.

    As I said earlier it's up the individual to choose. It's documented that smoking hurts your health, but we have the freedom of choice, you should be free to smoke as much as you want as long as you don't hurt your surrounding. Smoking relaxes you and could also be a great way to socialize.

  • There aren't any pros to smoking

    Smoking harms many organs in the body. There are many short-term as well as long-term smoking effects that not only to affect the person who smokes, but also those around them due to second hand smoking. There are even pregnant women who are addicted to smoking so bad that they continue to smoke even while pregnant or nursing. Those women are putting themselves before they’re own infant children. Smoking is not logical at all. Why do people smoke when they are causing premature death when it can easily be preventable? Not only are smokers harming their own body, but also those of their family and friends who they are around while smoking.

  • Smoking kills people.

    Why should something that kills you be legal? Oh right the government gets money. Good to know 100 dollars is worth a person's life. This is stupid? It's murder. Someone selling 'cigarettes' is killing them. It's the same as selling someone an AK47 through the back market. Why would you want that?

    "Oh hey buddy lets go for a run."

    "Sorry mate I cannot. The government is selling me a thing that will kill me. In order to profit. Oh yeah and the insurance companies are dying because they don't take smokers. But hey who cares; the government gets money."


    "I smoke."

  • Smoking should not be legal!!!

    Smoking causes many kinds of diseases, for example lung cancer, breast cancer and more. Smoking can cause lung failure and kidney failure. Smoking can also cause your brain to slow down of even stop working. Smoking also kills the cells in your brain. Smoking is very dangerous and around 4,000 people die each year from it.Smoking should be illegal.

  • NO!

    Smoking kills people and is not good for the air we breath. Why the heck would you want to kill yourself to smoke a freakin cigarette?! Its just like commiting suicide. How do you think George washington died? SMOKING!!! that is my opinion and that is why people should never smoke.

    Posted by: bob9
  • It kills people.

    Why should something that kills you be legal? Oh right, the government gets money. Good to know 100 dollars is worth a person's life. This is stupid. It's murder someone selling cigarettes. It's killing them. It's the same as selling someone an AK47 through the black-market. Death. Death. Death. Why would you want that?
    "Oh, hey buddy! Let's go for a run."
    "Sorry mate, I cannot, the government is selling me a thing that will kill me in order to profit. Oh yeah and the insurance companies are dying because they don't take smokers, but hey, who cares, the government gets money, right?"
    "I smoke."

  • It shouldn't be legal

    Smoking causes: acute myeloid leukemia, bladder cancer, cervix cancer, esophagus cancer, lung cancer, kidney cancer, voice box cancer, mouth cancer, pancreas cancer, throat cancer, stomach cancer. It may cause: infertility, preterm delivery, stillbirth, low birth weight, and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Smoking causes an estimated 443,000 deaths in the US every year. That’s more than deaths caused by HIV, illegal drug use, alcohol use, motor vehicle accidents, suicides, and murders combined.

  • Smoking should not be legal because people often die or get lung cancer.

    People who smoke and run out of cigars can go into withdrawal and go off on someone just because they have no more .This is often making it impossible for a smoker to quit smoking.
    Smoking can cause damage to the brain, depression, anxiety or even ruin your integumentary system.

  • Make them illegal!!!

    They are a #1 reason of the cause of cancer and are super disgusting no one likes a smoker. Now I know that even if we made it illegal smokers will still smoke, but take marijuana for example, if marijuana is legal but it can treat some cancers but cigarettes are causing cancer, thing about it dose that really make sense??

  • Smoking is Murder Waiting to Happen.

    Smoking should not be legal because it can kill you. If smoking does not kill you, it will most likely give you cancer that is still deadly. If you recover from the cancer, you will have a hole somewhere in your neck with a tube that helps you breath. Thats why smoking should not be legal.

  • Cigarettes should be illegal

    Lastly, cigarettes should be illegal because it costs the United States a lot of money. According to the website, “www.Cdc.Gov,” “In 2014, more than $9 billion was spent on advertising and promotion of cigarettes—nearly $25 million every day, and about $1 million every hour.” That statement proves that the United States spends a lot of money on cigarettes. Also, “www.Cdc.Gov” states, “Total economic cost of smoking is more than $300 billion a year, including: nearly $170 billion in direct medical care for adults and more than $156 billion in lost productivity due to premature death and exposure to secondhand smoke.” Cigarettes cost the United States a lot of money. Can you imagine how much money the United States will save if cigarettes were illegal?

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Anonymous says2013-05-22T18:02:14.753
Smoking is bad for your health but people know what their doing ,if they wont to die from cigarettes let them its on the label. Im 13 an i even know this. Let them live their lives an leave them alone. They have no respect for their body an there self. :)
JACK99 says2016-03-14T18:17:47.413
The americas of states should ban cigerattes