• Smoking is horrible for your health!

    Smoking is a terrible habit that has immense consequences. Smoking is directly linked with cancer. Smoking increases your risk of blood clots, stroke, heart attacks, and COPD. It is bad for your teeth and skin. It is harmful to the people around you because of second-hand smoke. From a shallow perspective, it also makes your breath and clothes stink!

  • Cigarettes are no help anyway.

    Cigarettes serve no healthy benefit at all and can cause not only terrible sickness, they can also cause amputations and you may have to have special equipment to speak normally. Smoking is not only harmful for those who smoke, but also those who stand near them. Parents who smoke can be a bad example to their children and when you smoke near them they can have the same lung problems for breathing in that smoke as you will.

  • Cigarettes are harmful!

    I strongly believe that cigarettes should be illegal. They bad for the lungs and cause lung cancer. People who are around smoking can get damage from second hand smoke. Lots of people get addicted to smoking. Smoking is also not a good influence on people, because they feel pressured to smoke.

  • Smoking has, in my opinion, no benefits!

    Smoking should be illegal for many reasons. Firstly, they not only affect the user themselves but they also affect their surroundings. These including the environment and the people around the smokers. Smoking causes pollution and people all around will be able to breathe in the smoke they exhale. Smoking will also make its users appear less than they would look if they didn't smoke. Their teeth and fingers would turn yellow, their hair would turn grey and thin faster, and they would look older as they are not.

  • Cigarettes hurt people other than cigarette comsumers

    If you are willing to take on the health issues from smoking cigarettes, that should be your own right; however, smoking cigarettes pollutes the air that is shared by all human beings, and to potentially put someone else's health at risk for your own desire should never be legal. I hate having to inhale secondhand smoke knowing that it will damage my body. I imagine millions of others who feel the way I do also hate inhaling someone else's pollution.

  • Ban cigarettes and replace it with weed. ;)

    Yes, because then we can legalize marijuana. Okay, weed can cause one disease, but it can also prevent two diseases. Plus, the Kentucky area smokes weed anyway, so why not just legalize it to keep the U.S. citizens out of jail? And cigarettes give you lung cancer, while weed on the other hand can't. This is my opinion.

  • They are bad for you!

    Okay, so if you smoke you are going to turn out like that person in the commercial with the wig! Gross, never going to be me! Your health would be really bad and you could die from lung cancer! It is really bad, you could also die from heart disease!

  • They are bad for you!

    Smokers, there are MANY reasons why. Cigarettes are smelly and they make you smell disgusting! They can cause cancer and make you feel and look a lot older than you really are! They put tar on your lungs and they ruin lives! Once you start, you can't stop because YOU ARE ADDICTED! Cigarettes don't do good! SO I DO BELIEVE THEY SHOULD BE ILLEGAL!

  • They are very harmful.

    Cigarettes should not be sold. They can kill you and put you in a hospital. It's no good to smoke. If you smoke you are not going to live as long. You can get lung cancer and your lungs can get hairy. If you don't want to die then don't smoke.

  • Smoking

    Yes, in my personal opinion, I think that smoking cigarettes or anything should be illegal. You are putting out second hand smoke when you smoke cigarettes thereby endangering all the people who breathe that smoke in. The smoke is bad for your health as well as the health of the others who take it in.

  • The Law Has No Business in My Personal Affairs

    What I put in my body is my business. If I want to smoke a cigarette or drink poison, the government should keep their nose out of it. Constitutionally they have no right. Yes smoking is bad, and I ruined my health with it. Wish I never tried it. Glad I finally quit. But I wouldn't want the government to take my liberty by dictating what I can and cant do with my body.

  • Cigarettes should be regulated, but not illegal

    Cigarettes have many proven negative health effects on smokers and those around smokers and therefore are rightly regulated; they should not be made illegal however. Outlawing cigarettes would be unpractical currently and most likely just create a black market or drive smokers to use other equally, or even more unhealthy, substances.

  • Smoking is a Personal Choice, No Place for Government

    While smoking is hazardous to your health, every person should have the right to choose whether or not to smoke. The government should not have control over how we treat our own bodies. I support banning smoking in public places, or in any environment where second-hand smoke might harm another person. However, a person must have rights over his or her own person. If smoking were to be made illegal, then it would set a terrible precedence for government control over our own bodies.

  • My body, my decision

    If i decide to go out and get super high, you cant stop me because its my body (obviously like if the drugs are illegal then you can) but there's this cool thing called body autonomy, and it pretty much means that its your body and you can decide what to do with it, if people want to destroy their bodies by smoking, or drinking, or ect. Let them, the only thing that makes those things dangerous for others is second hand smoke, which we should find a way to fix that because obviously people are still going to smoke, so just make it as least dangerous as we can.

  • Coming from a smoker

    Yes, there are no benefits from smoking. Apart from feeding a stupid addiction that most people started to impress their peers. Meth is illegal as it ruins your health and effects others around you. Smoking does the same with less benefits (no high) it should be allowed for current smokers only, and needs to be phased out from our youth.

  • Cigarettes themselves should not be illegal.

    I think people should have the freedom to smoke if they so choose as long as it does not harm others. I do think they should have laws where it is illegal for smokers to smoke around non smokersand that there would be stiff fines for those who do. This is because this is violating the liberty of the non smoker.

  • It's your choice

    It's a personal choice to smoke or not. Rather than everyone else deciding what we should or should not do, it should be a personal choice. While it is an addictive substance that most compare to certain drugs, it does not lead to the poor choices that often affects other people. We all know the consequences of smoking to our health.

  • I own myself

    We own our bodies and should have the right to consume any substance we want. Just because cigarettes are damaging to your health, doesn't mean they should be against the law. Aslong as I'm not hurting anybody else, why does it concern you? Everyone also needs to shut up about second hand smoke. If you don't like smoke, don't stand near somebody that is smoking. Don't take away someone else's rights just because you don't like it.

  • What about tobacco farms? Will there be rebellions?

    There are thousands of tobacco farms just in the U.S.. What will happen to those people. They make millions of dollars a day . They will loose their jobs and we will have rebellions . Since more people a day start to smoke they will start to have withdrawals. My solution is to ban people under 20 to smoke.

  • Government tries to take over again

    In January 16, 1920 the government simpletons decided to ban the sale of alcohol as the 18th amendment took effect. However the people rebelled teenager style and amendment 21 was finally ratified. However, almost a century later and the government want to start banning tobacco. This has to be a joke, right? America was built on tobacco and and was the main money maker in america’s early history and therefore should not be banned. In fact, America founded tobacco and now we want to stop it. Most people say smoking tobacco can cause lung cancer, but alcohol does so much better. NCADD reports, “Harmful use of alcohol results in the death of 2.5 million people annually, causes illness and injury to millions more, and increasingly affects younger generations and drinkers in developing countries.”. So maybe we should ban alcohol instead, but the government already passed the 21st amendment protecting that right, why should tobacco be any different. We need cigarettes in america, if not for tradition, if not for agriculture, if not for the right to do what we choose, then why not for job security. Respiratory therapist, Barbie Johnson, says that she needs cigarettes for job security. If cigarettes are banned, jobs like hers could be lost including tobacco farmers.

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Anonymous says2013-05-20T15:29:03.080
I think that cigarettes should be illegal because they will ruin your whole life and put you at many risks and dangers.