• I say yes

    I know in the area I work in there are low numbers for soccer when they do get to the high school level. I believe if there were an opportunity to show or gain some interest in soccer in middle school, there would be high numbers participating at the high school competition level. With this interest shown early on we could begin to 1.) Teach them the skills needed to perform at the high school level 2.) Give them a chance to compete in something if they are not interested in other sports offered 3.) Really hit home that academics are important and if we truly make that connection with academics and sports, I believe most would understand. Student-athletes are students 1st and athletes 2nd.

    These are just a few reasons I believe middle schools everywhere should have a soccer team.

  • Soccer is Great

    Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. It is played by people of all ages, genders and nationalities. It should very much be a part of middle school culture. There is nothing overly dangerous or problematic associated with children playing soccer before being fully developed, so there is no reason to delay.

  • Yes for Soccer

    Yes middle schools have a soccer team becaue alopt of people like to play soccer and its not fair for people to have the sports they want like baseball and basketball what about soccerr its not fair! Not fair at all! I think we should be aloud because alot and i mean alot of kids and even adults like the sport soccer they like to play it and they like to watch it!

  • Because it gives kids different varieties of things they can do and I think that would decrease the obese kids percentage.

    Soccer is a very fun sport that not every kid has tried and that would be a sport that anyone can play there are different positions. And it would decrease the percentage of the obese kids in schools. It would give kids just another sport they might like that they might be good at.

  • Soccer should become an offical sport in middle school

    You have to study hard. "School teams usually require students to maintain a high grade-point average in order to compete, which can be a strong incentive," says Michael Lewis, journalist and author of "Soccer for Dummies." You also stay fit and increase your stamina and strength.
    Soccer should become a sport!

  • No For Soccer

    No because of all the injuries there are in soccer and if someone gets a concussion they wont be participating in school and also ankle injuries, knee, shins, calf, and shoulder muscle inures. I don't know what else to say even though I have a strong opinion that soccer should not be a middle school sport.

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