• Social media can serve as an extension of the classroom.

    While it can be used for personal entertainment, social media provides MANY opportunities for learning! Teachers can remind students of homework, post links to online resources, cover material there isn't time to go over in class, and reach out to kids who need special attention! Social media is another step on the path to reducing paper waste at school, AND it's a way for teachers to connect to students on a new level.

  • It is useful

    It is part of most students' lives and would not be something different. Can help if a student is absent or loses the sheets. Allows students to be better organised and have each file in one place with the deadline on a calendar. Students can work together and answer questions.

  • Social media - a new hope of education

    Social media makes students shine with knowledge...And it pays major role in the lives of people....So what i say is that schools and homes must provide internet facilities to bright students...Moreover internet has some good uses too so there must be a doorway for the children
    to find their goals....................

  • Of Course it Should!

    If a student is willing to check social media to see the lesson, assignment, extra credit, reinforcement, quote, etc., that their teacher posted, then teachers would be crazy not to use it! Social media is one more way for teachers to reach students where they are. Times have changed and so have the traditional classroom walls.....Let's meet students on their turf.

  • Yes. Always Yes.

    Social media in the classroom allows students to connect with teachers for extra credit and/or missing assignments. It is also more reliable than email, as it is used much more often. Counseling opportunities are also available, as the student will feel much more comfortable online than in person, where they face judgement from peers.

  • Yes. Always Yes.

    Social media in the classroom allows students to connect with teachers for extra credit and/or missing assignments. It is also more reliable than email, as it is used much more often. Counseling opportunities are also available, as the student will feel much more comfortable online than in person, where they face judgement from peers.

  • Yes the teachers should

    Yes I agree that teachers should use social networking sites. Through this many students can get benefit of it. The students who are not good at studies use social networking sites whole day teachers can help them by teaching them a topic everyday so that they are able to know the concept of the chapter or a lesson. It is one of the finest way to create a understanding between a student and a teacher

  • Social media should be used in education.

    Social media should be used in education. It allows students and teachers to communicate quickly and freely about academic matters. When my daughter was a junior in high school, her US history teacher used Facebook as a way to communicate with his students about tests and quizzes, and that helped students a lot.

  • Students need to learn how to manage social media appropriately, education plays a role in that.

    Students need to learn the consequences, good and bad, of having a presence on social media and the Internet and how to use it for career and life success. We are not going to change that social media plays a role in their personal and professional lives.

    Using social media for job search, networking, and learning will be essential for success in the future, students need to learn how to use these tools appropriately. Social media delivers information, connects them with experts and engages them with each other. Social media should supplement, but not supplant traditional learning.

  • Social media can be used to educate on social awareness.

    Social media provides a voice to people who would not be able to express their voice to the masses. Now underneath the posts that would normally provide proof of our social ignorance, there is a layer of people working together and using social media to bring out cultural needs. The use of the social voice is a powerful medium to allow people from all over to come together and find their common voice, and if we can learn to do that then others, such as politicians, can learn to listen to the social voice when they are passing laws.

  • Bias, bias, bias...and no truth.

    The media does not tell the truth at times, and should not be used as a tool to indoctrinated developing minds. The media is part of the reason that Obama won the presidency again this November, and I believe that the more we indoctrinate the next generation to ad-heir to socialism, the closer this country will get to a foundation collapse.

  • No it shouldn't.

    The term social media ought to be exactly as it implies - social media; not educational media. Let social media sources be used for socializing, and educational sources be used for education.
    If education were to intrude on social media, or even vice versa, it would add unnecessary complication to already touchy topics.

  • No, social media does not require education, Plato does.

    If the question is about anything other than a grad student studying various aspects of social media, then no, it should not be used in education. Children seem to have no trouble figuring out how to use social media and to what purpose. They will learn it outside the educational setting, without any help from us. The vast amount of information that goes across social media is empty of value and a waste of time. Education should focus on what is of value in our society, and if it is allowed to take social media seriously the more valuable things that an education should give us will be overlooked.

  • Its a waste of time

    I'm in high school right now and I can tell you right away that social media should be banned in schools. Period. When somebody uses social media in class, the first thing they do is start snap chatting their "besties" in class. Honestly it seems like a waste of time and if they just wanna sit on their phones all day let them so that people who want to go far in life can succeed

  • Massive Distractions In Classroom

    For those of you people who think Google is social media, it isn't. Social media is Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Social media is meant to entertain and connect with friends and family. It is not meant to be used as an education tool. Students can get sidetracked and ignore the assignment and just go do whatever they want using that site.

  • No we should not have social media for education

    If you think about it not only hackers can be on social media however cyberb bully's are also in sites such a s Instagram snapchat Facebook Twitter basically any social media site. Dot. Get me wrong it would be nice to have social media in school however it would not be a good decision for our education.

  • No no no

    Because i have to do a health debate, Social media should not be allowed in schools because it can distract children from their work. 1] And children might not use social media for educational purposes.2] Children would also use social media as an excuse for not doing work.3] They would most likely just play games on the internet and not use social media for educational purposes.

  • Distraction from homework

    Kids shouldn't use social media in class or for school work because they will easily get distracted from thier work. They will use it all afternoon and never get homework done, this will cause lower grades and bad understanding of concepts for building. NO SOCIAL MEDIA IN SCHOOLS ! !

  • Children might post inappropriate pictures on their teachers' Facebook accounts or their own Instagram accounts.

    1. It is a distraction from students' education, classwork, homework, tests, and learning
    2. My school put up a Sonic Wall (website blocker) so only students can't go on Facebook or Instagram
    3. Children most likely play games on their social media accounts instead of doing their work
    4. When students have nothing to do, they constantly go on their Facebook and Instagram accounts instead of read their books.
    5. Elementary students are too young for social media. You have to be at least 13 of over to have a social media account.

  • It's called education.

    There is a massive reason why we shouldn't! It is education, not time to text your friends and check out memes! Kids aren't the most reliable people to trust with social media. No matter what the teachers say, they will just ignore them. So let's consider the reasons why we shouldn't use social media for education.

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