Should social networking be banned for school children?

  • Too Early to be Exposed to the Dangers of the Cyberworld

    School Children are young, their minds are innocent, and most of them do still lack judgement. Even if a child claims that he himself is ready to venture in the world of the internet, it will be most likely that they are not. Children are easily influenced by the outside world, strangers, and today's media. If we let out children become exposed to the dangers of social media, to be influenced and convinced by strangers who they never met; it may lead to very tragic events. We already have many problems in this age about our young youths, we should not let there be more.

  • Too young to die

    Children can't escape any bulling and young children are resulting in taking there own lives because of no escape. Children and young adults need to be protected . It's too easy to target people and ruin children's lives, lots of children have mobiles so are constantly being bullied. Action needs to be taken we can't loose more lives .

  • Absolutely - Let's Stop Making Our Kids Stupid

    This goes hand in hand with the use of computers and/or smartphones. Our kids are exposed to far more mature content than they are ready for. Especially when you consider how many elementary school children own their own iPhones and smartphones of all kinds. Is that really necessary? We might as well allow them to watch R rated movies along with the rest of us in the movie theaters. If you took a poll like this one and asked how many 7 year olds should be allowed to go watch R rated films, the results would surely be in favor of NOT allowing it. But now, with every freak and his dog on Facebook and Twitter, kids should also be allowed? I'm shocked!

  • Yes, they are bad for kids.

    Basically many social networks are really dangerous for everyone and especially kids because they are still growing and don't know how to be strong, and say no to something that they don't like. So social networks should totally not be in the whole world. It has committed suicide. So kids really have to be careful with that.

  • Cyber-bullying and other dangers can hurt young children.

    There are people who roam the internet and can take advantage of photos and comments online regarding a young child. Young children often don't know how to tell people to stop it, or that it is annoying them. Cyber-bullying and other bad things can go on for ages if the scared children are too frightened to speak up. Young children often aren't very aware of their digital footprint and do not know how permanent things are when you stick them online. Young children just don't understand the consequences of their actions and are too frightened to speak up if something bad happens on one of these social networks.

  • But that doesn't mean it is justifiable

    I believe most bullying, teenage suicide, and depression begin via online social networking sites. I think kids are taking advantage of this easy, convenient, and sometimes anonymous ways of hurting each other. I think there should be strict limitations on age and parental supervision and allowances involved in young youth cases.

  • It should be banned.

    I'm worried about how addicting it is. Many people I know are constantly drawn towards their cellphones and computers because they want to communicate with the people or converse, and they never seem to have time for anyone else. On top of that are the dangerous people out there who take pleasure from hurting people online.

  • Should be banned

    I believe that social networking should be banned for young kids because they can see a comment that can change their life forever. It can be awful to see a bad word and say it to their parents. Also there are a lot of bullies out there in the world and young kids are very venerable to this because they don't know what their doing!!! And that concludes my comment

  • They should be moderated, not banned, but if no one wants to moderate kids online...

    Kids should be allowed to have social media, but the problem isn't kids, it's adults. Parents don't moderate kids, even with software that could do it for them. Social media is full of people who don't have a child's best interest in mind. And cyber bullying has become an issue. Adults, who should be dealing with this, instead choose to allow other adults and children to bombard their child with abuse and inappropriate requests. So no, children shouldn't be banned, but unless someone is going to start making parents accountable, maybe that's the best way to deal with it.

  • Not monitored closely enough by parents

    Because children are unable to escape cyber-bullying the only choice they feel they have is to end their life.
    Paedlophiles ask young girls to meet up with them or send them pornographic or nude images and they do so; the girls also do so with boys their own age in order to fit in.
    Parents are not keeping a close enough watch on their children in order to monitor what is going on on their page. For example posts are only on snapchat for 24 hours and once the person posting it has deleted it, the person receiving it has no evidence to say that they are being bullied or abused in any way. Even when their is clear evidence that their is something going on (for example facebook and googleplus) children don't always bring it to an adults attention.
    It should either be monitored properly by parents and teachers and explained to the children how it should be treated responsibly otherwise, not used at all.

  • Cxv ggg ggg

    No, it shouldn't be banned. I have recently used this page to write a report and I have found that even though there are many strong arguments saying it should be banned, the arguments on the No side are stronger. Social media can be harmful sometimes, but it is really very beneficial to a school student.

  • We are in a free country

    We are in a free country and that means we have to the choice to do what we want to do. No one can stop us from using social networking sites as it is like i said a free country. We all have our rights and no one can prevented from doing so

  • Kill 2 birds with one stone

    Since I am in high school, I should know that students will still be able to access these sites on their cell phones and from what I've seen, they do so against school rules anyway. So, why not kill two bird with one stone and allow this to be done ONLY during and for educational purpose and when its permitted by a teacher or staff.

  • Freedom of expression

    Social media create an environment that is free of judgement,every one is entitled to their opinion in social media and thus creating an open environment where students can share information from different people ,this creates a surrounding where students can communicate openly without fear of judgement ,therefore social medial should be allowed in schools.

  • No, it shouldn't be banned.

    I have recently used this page to write a report and I have found that even though there are many strong arguments saying it should be banned, the arguments on the No side are stronger. Social media can be harmful sometimes, but it is really very beneficial to a school student.

  • Not neccescary to ban

    Let them talk with all their friends! I have an account and its not dangerous, plus there is always the option of private accounts. They wont get in any danger unless they go looking for it, they just want to share pictures with the world. There are not that many stalkers out there unless you look for them.

  • Don't ban social networking sites

    I don't think they should ban social networking sites for children because i think its good for children to talk to their friends and family especially if they are long distance.I'm a kid and i like Facebook because there are really good maths and spelling games for children so they should let children play them and shouldn't ban them

  • You should not ban anything from someone.

    Social media shouldn't be banned, because many people will use it and interact with each other. If social media was banned, there would be people arguing because there would be no chance of people trying to talk across the world. This is outrageous, social media should not be banned for this reason and other reasons.

  • No!

    Banning something doesn't make it go away no, social networking should not be banned for school children. If anything, it should be taught, along with the dangers that come with it. You can’t ban everything. Banning social networking would just make it that much more desirable. Social networking is a fact of life and is here to stay so we might as well acknowledge it and teach our children how to correctly and safely use it.

  • I don't think that social networking sites should be banned

    Because it is a very common way of contacting and communicating with our worldwide friends and families. People may use social networking sites to express who they are to the world, and that might make individuals feel really good about themselves. Social networking sites are very popular all over the world. Facebook has over 1.5 billion accounts. If Facebook was a country it would be the fifth biggest country in the world! And that's only Facebook!!

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Quan says2013-06-12T14:36:29.580
Ban kids from social interaction? Great idea! It's also nice to see the fear mongering about the Internet is still alive and well.
emma71 says2014-03-18T13:58:44.603
I think that to Quan