• Ban Social Security!

    Social Security means that the government is taking your hard earned dollars and giving them to people that are to lazy, old and tired to work. These people have too many babies, are to fat and cannot work or or too old, you work hard for your money YOU should decide where it goes.

  • Selfish reasons are why people say no to privatization

    Those who support not privatizing SS seem to be doing it for themselves and not for the bigger reason. If SS is not privatized it will be lost and no longer there for others to use and enjoy the benefit. Grandfathering those who are in it now would be a solution while allowing those who will not be retirement age for 20 or more years have control over how the money is managed. Just like we do for private investments.

  • Private accounts give individuals control over their retirement decision

    Many American citizens should make their own decision regarding on how they want their retirement plan to work out. Having a private account would allow workers decision, and their ownership control over how they want to handle their retirement funds. Also if the accounts were optional "Would be free to choose whether to exercise the personal account option or stay entirely in the old social security framework."

  • Private accounts give individuals control.

    Many american citizens should make their own choice private accounts would allow a workers personal ownership and they have their retirement funds and having their own freedom of choice. Also if the accounts were optional "would also be free to choose weather to exercise the personal account option or sentimentally in the old social security framework."

  • Privatizing social security

    Yes I think that social security should be privatized because it is your money. Why would you leave it up to somebody else to take care of your money when it is safer to do it yourself. It can assure you that you are not being taken advantage of and keep your money in your reach.

  • Privatization of Social Security

    I support the privatization of social security. This would put the individuals retirement plans, money and investments all in their own hands instead of leaving it up to the government to do everything. This will lead to larger returns and it would cut out some of the money individuals lose from their paychecks to go to taxes.

  • Social security should not be privatized

    Social Security should not be privatized because, it will be hard for citizens who cant afford to purchase there social security, so by having the government regulate social security anyone who cant afford social security they can still have it just in case something has or does happen in the future.

  • Social Security - Privatized

    I strongly believe that social security should be privatized. I take this stance for the simple reason that it benefits everyone. You Me in the future and the government. I will make retirement much easier and the government would be taking away money that you will be able to use when you retire. It is sort of like a back up.

  • Social security should be privatized

    People shouldn't rely on the government as much as they do now first of all. You would gain the right to choose how much social security will help you in the future depending on how much you spend. This would also help the government debt and lower peoples taxes. Privatizing it would make it easier in the long run.

  • Privatize Social Security

    Privatization would be a huge benefit for people who use it. Privatizing social security would make everything better for everyone. People put away this money for themselves and they get to use it when they're 65. This makes retirement so much easier. Privatizing it only make your life easier in the long run.

  • No, the truth should be told about it is all.

    The program is voluntary in the first place. If the government allows it to go into private hands then the reign of tyranny will be from a private company who will ignore the laws anyways. If people wish to have a retirement program then they can invest their money with an investment company as it is. But because it is done under a treaty the program will be harder to implement if it is in the hands of a private company instead of the hands of a corrupt government.

  • No, because the profit motive should be kept out of the Social Security system.

    I think the privatization of Social Security would be bad for everyone. The system currently provides a very basic safety net, which is not motivated by profit. Were the profit motive to enter into the Social Security system, there would be a large presence of companies, with no ethics, looking to transfer as much money as possible to themselves, with the entire American population as their captive customers. People are already able to privately invest of their own choice, if they so wish.

    Posted by: tacomoon
  • Social security should not be privatized because it privatization makes it easier for companies to scam older adults without appropriate government oversight.

    I believe the privatization of social security would be harmful because of the lack of government oversight. Companies would try to increase their own profits by exploiting older adults, especially those who are unable to navigate a more complicated, privatized industry. It is important that older adults be able to afford to live after retirement and the government should be responsible for ensuring that. Of course, social security may need to undergo changes to better improve the lifestyles of older Americans.

    Posted by: R33Amory
  • I don't think social security should be privatized because not everyone would be able to access it.

    I don't think social security should be privatized because not everyone would be able to access it. As a government program, everyone has the same opportunity to access social security. It is also a priority for people to get it as they have to contribute to the fund throughout their working career. If it was privatized, not everyone would find it important to contribute as they would say they can't afford it. Because of that, more people would live in poverty as they aged and less would be able to afford to retire. It is more effective as a government program.

    Posted by: ObaICheese
  • Social security should not be privatized because it would open all kinds of doors for fraud and theft.

    The social security system should not be privatized. A company is a non-entity which means it has the same rights as a person but all too often when there is corruption within that company, no one has to pay the consequences. If social security were privatized, it would open too many doors for the companies running it to steal our hard earned money, and I don't trust the government to oversee the companies running social security.

    Posted by: Nik0Interior
  • I do not think that social security should be privatized.

    I do not think that social security should be privatized. While I am a proponent of privatizing almost everything that the government does, I do not believe that we could continue to support the system if the program was shifted away from the government at this time. It is an interesting time now with the big banks are being owned by the government and high salaries associated with handling large sums money are not bounded so it would be a very poor time to take this private. I think that we need to get our financial system in the US underway before we begin to add responsibility to it.

    Posted by: SilverMathi
  • Social security is too large an entity to be privatized.

    Social Security is too large and important a component of American society to ever be allowed to become privatized. The potential possibilities for abuse by an individual corporation that has access to trillions of dollars is an open invitation to theft by dishonest administrators. The millions of people who live on social security income depend on their monies arriving on time, and a poorly managed social security system privately operated could have devastating results.

    Posted by: ThegaXen
  • Social Security should not be privatized because it is a government operation and the government should have full responsibility for it.

    For many years, our government has been in charge of Social Security. I know there are problems, but I have been on Social Security for five years and I have been pleased with the service I have gotten. Whenever I have had a problem, I received service at my local Social Security Office and the problem was solved to my satisfaction within a reasonable time. I believe that getting another entity involved will just create another bottleneck in the administration of this most vital program.

    Posted by: R0d0Ferdy
  • I do not think social security should be privatized, the current system needs work, but privatization is not the way.

    I am against the idea of privatizing social security. Social Security was set up as a safety net for the elderly. It is supposed to be about people, not about profit, and the private sector is all about profit. The two ideas clash, and if social security is taken over by a private industry then our poverty, and health care issues will severely increase, especially considering that our elderly population is skyrocketing.

    Posted by: XglossyWynd
  • Social security works best because it is a public program that serves Americans, and it should remain that way.

    Social security is one of the best social programs that the United States has ever developed. It is one of the things that Americans can rely and depend on, as they get older. They have comfort knowing that they can work for years, and that the work they are doing will be rewarded to help provide for them when they are older and unable to work. The idea of privatizing this system is not a good one, and will only serve to help the private companies profit. It will be a detriment to the Americans who depend on that income, when they become older or disabled. Privatizing social security would mean that it is no longer a guaranteed system that Americans can depend on. Instead, it would be more like a pension program, and many pension programs have ended because private companies have found them too costly. It is not worth the risk of such an important program ending or being downsized. It should remain a public program that is backed by the United States government, not at the whim of the profit and losses of private companies.

    Posted by: RapidGarret59

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