Should society do more research on the differences between urination of humans and animals?

  • Yes, human and animal urination research can be beneficial.

    Yes, society should do more research on the differences between urination of humans and animals. Society frequently benefits from exploratory research, often discovering previously unknown correlations. These relationships can then prompt further targeted research. This research can also help identify struggles that exist in human urination but not in animals, possibly isolating key factors to help correct the human condition.

  • More Research Is Needed on Urine Analysis

    Some might just eye roll or chuckle at a posed question like this, but in actuality, the science community is looking into the differences in urination of humans and animals. Not only the distinction in the outcome of the analysis, but the flow of the urination, the time release of the urination and so much more. This will allow us to look into the scientific backing of the differences between humans and animals, many facts help us to further knowledge of our biological systems.

  • Yes, and I have a great idea

    We can have all the politicians stand in line while all of the animals and all of the humans urinate on them. Then they can perform mandatory filibusters while letting us know what the difference is. This seems to be the best all around way of spending taxpayer money on such a thing.

  • No that's a stupid question

    Why would you even want to know??? There's nothing beneficial it can teach you its like useless knowledge why not study something beneficial to society. F f f f f f f f f f f f f ff f f f f f f f f f ff f

  • No urination research

    I almost had to laugh reading this question! Unless there is some great medical reason or some other reason just as important why is this even a research subject? There seems to be many better things to spend research money on, like.... I don't know..... disease research that will benefit mankind much more than trying to figure out how different our urination is compared to animals. Geeze.

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