• Soda should be banned

    If you drink too much soda and your teeth are black and u have holes in yo mouth you drink to much soda. So don't drink soda or diet its bad for your health. And it messes up your body it makes you gain weight
    and too much leads to obesity! (NO MORE SODA)!

  • No no no

    Soda is a sweet treat so we should keep this treat for all to drink. So let this drink stay and let the peoples thirst not quench for soda. This is why people should keep soda. I will not silence myself. Soda should stay for longer time. This drink is helpful and if we get rid of it we get rid of all these energy drinks

  • No, it is a free choice.

    No, soda should not be banned, because it is fine in moderation. If people want to drink too much and become overweight and have the associated health problems, that is their right. The government cannot control everything that can possibly be bad for a person. People should have a right to enjoy things that are delicious.

  • Soda Should Not Be Banned

    To ban soda is to take away freedom of choice in this country. Soda is no different than candy, or foods high in fat do we need to ban all that to? Should the government just send us our meals in the mail? If people don't want soda then don't buy or drink soda. If you want soda then you have the right to drink it.

  • Soda should not be banned.

    American obesity rates are an ever-climbing number. Although there are numerous "get healthy" campaigns, the average American citizen will continue to eat or drink whatever they want, whenever they want, and as much as they want. Advocacy is a personal choice, and therefore should be regulated on the personal level. A national soda ban will fix nothing.

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