Should soda be banned from vending machines?

Asked by: Joey888
  • Not good for you.

    Soda is one of the unhealthiest products. The obesity rate in the United States is 33%. We can start lowering that by removing soda from vending machines all together. Soda can be replaced with drinks that have odds sugar or no sugar, such as water. Teaching out children to drink soda is not good, and adults should change their habits as well to benefit themselves.

  • It is poison

    With obesity becoming an epidemic, soda should be banned. Children have ready access to these machines and do not always make good food and drink choices.
    If soda is not visible and readily available, less will be consumed. This will save us money on health care as a nation and benefit all.

  • Too much regulation

    The government is already involved in too many aspects of our lives. We don't need more regulation. People have a choice of whether to buy soda or not. And why do I need to type so many words just to leave an opinion, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

  • You can still buy it elsewhere

    Why would you ban soda from vending machines if anyone could just buy it from somewhere else? This isn't going against people who drink soda (me being one of them), but rather a realisation of the impracticality of the proposed idea. No, soda should not be banned from vending machines because it's just a waste of time and effort.

  • People have a choice

    Why do we need to ban soda because it's unhealthy or if you have a personal preference against it?? It's people's choice to be unhealthy. Vending machines are not forcing soda drinks down our throats. You can decide whether or not you want to buy a soda from the vending machine, and let alone drink it. Vending machines that contain soda always have water as an alternative, so I don't see much of a problem. Vending Machines are merely a way for people to obtain beverages more quickly and easily. Banning soda will only make it more difficult to retrieve, which will make people who like to drink soda unhappy and the businesses who sell soda.

    If you are banning soda simply for health reasons then you need to mind your own business. The only health that you should be in charge of are your own health and the health of your children. People's health is their own problem and they can decide whether or not they want to be unhealthy.

    If we ban soda from vending machines for health reasons, is that really going to do anything?? It may be a little more difficult to get your hands on a soda, but people could simply go out and buy soda from a nearby store.

    Soda in vending machines hasn't really ever been a problem in the first place. There are plently of healthy, skinny people out there who do drink soda from time to time. Are we going to ruin it for everyone because some fatties can't control themselves?? Absolutely not. Soda isn't the only reason why people are obese, anyway and if we banned soda, that would do very little in solving the obesity rate. Vending machines are, I'm pretty sure, created by companies to make more money. Companies are only providing what the people are demanding. Banning soda from vending machines would cause a huge opposition within America. If Americans changed to healthier diets, soda machines would no longer exist. They exist because we allow them to exist and banning them will solve nothing. It would be a band-aid issue. If we are banning soda in vending machines because we want to be healthy, then we need to get down to the root of the problem by educating our children as parents by teaching them healthy eating habits through extensive research.

  • People know what's in them.

    No one's hiding the fact that Sodas are bad for you, its common knowledge and they have detailed information on their contents so it is up to individuals to decide whether to drink them or not. Schools banning them and ensuring companies respect worker's rights and the environment is another question entirely.

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