• Soft Drinks Represent One of the Greatest Health Threats to the Human Species

    With 30 million diabetics and 80 million pre-diabetics, it's very clear that the United States' decision to support the free market above all else has had a major detrimental effect to the welfare of its people.

    We can no longer ignore the obvious: too much sugar is killing us. Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and other major soft drink beverage companies have retaliated against government attempts at reducing the consumption of soda by insisting that people have the right to make their own decisions. Furthermore, Coca-Cola insists that it it is part of the solution - not the problem - in the fight against obesity. What a crock! Paying millions of dollars to celebrities to endorse your product and bombarding the airwaves with ads telling the consumer that Coca-Cola or Pepsi is the cornerstone of a happy life has completely skewed the public perception about what is normal, what is healthy, and what is accepted.

    What we do know is that the American Medical Association has recommended that the average male limit his consumption of sugar to 45 grams per day, while the average women should only take in 30 grams per day.

    One 12 ounce can of Pepsi contains 41 grams of sugar. As per the recommendation of the AMA, women should not consume even one glass of Pepsi a day. Not even one.

    And neither should men. We know that we should instead consume fruits and vegetables, not highly refined sugar that cause major blood sugar spikes when consumed, thus forcing the pancreas to work harder to regular levels.

    We are facing a major health crisis. Type 2 Diabetes is a terrible enough disease on its own, but at to that the fact that it is considered a major risk factor for Pancreatic cancer (the worst type of cancer a human can be diagnosed with considering the extremely poor survival rates), and we now know something has to be done.

    Diet sodas don't cut it. They trick the body into releasing insulin anyway, thus putting pressure on the pancreas.

    In a single word, soda is poison.

    But we live in a society where it is currently accepted, just like smoking used to be.

    Either the soda makers make some drastic changes to their formula, or they must end their production of this garbage and move onto to something healthier. If that doesn't happen, banning soft drinks will be a very real consideration soon.

    The only issue there is in banning a product is that it creates a black market and organized crime. And this is not because banning a product is immoral, but that people who consider their freedoms to be the paragon of all existence will smuggle in soda or brew that crap in their bathtubs just to make a point.

  • Soft drinks should be totally banned

    Soft drinks contain many unwanted particles and impurities. It also causes cancer. Soft drinks contain chemicals from Ajinomoto which are very harmful to our body..
    Study by the Centre for Science and Environment, an NGO, has claimed that bottled soft drinks contain deadly pesticides. Soft drink giants Coca-Cola and PepsiCo have, however, refuted the findings and are contemplating legal action against the NGO.

  • They are a major health hazard!

    There is no nutritional value in soft drinks, only detrimental ingredients. They are full of sugar, most contain caffeine and they fill the stomach and take the place of good nutrients. Americans consume too many soft drinks and don't drink enough of what our bodies need...Water! Not to mention the fact that they cause obesity.

  • YES!!!!!!!! they cause so much wrongs and problems by banning soft drinks we are getting rid of bigger problems

    Soft drinks cause mild headaches that soon become alot more then mild they become so painful that the soft drinks cause larger problems than any other substance that includes alcohol and drugs. It has also been found that soft drinks can cause memory loss and can reduce the life expectancy any individual person. Children that have a high intake of soft drinks tend to have shorter attention spans and therefore lower I.Qs. Soft drinks also cause children to become obese very young I mean just look at America I'm an American citizen and I have never taken a soft drink I am very thin all my friends do and they are "huge" I'm just putting it out there that soft drinks are not good and must be banned! I think we should start with banning them in schools then public places and then everywhere!

  • They should be banned!

    Soft drinks are just like candies but liquid candies. They are unhealthy especially for children. Not only because the regular ones are loaded with sugar, but because of the other adverse effects all these soft drinks have on people's health. Not only that but soon we will have no space to walk in the streets and parks because there will be bottles and cans lying around.

  • Yes it needs to be banned.

    Though its a person's choice whether to take it or not but if it is not banned, its taste will always provoke them. It is too unhealthy and even if you take it once a while, you might want have one more.

    Our body is basic in nature and not acidic,(leaving stomach) and it takes days to digest such harsh acids.

  • We should look after our bodies

    We as adults must start with ourselves if we want to look after our kids. If we love our bodies and we want to feel and look healthy then our kids would do the same. Sugar is extremely bad for you, I know this as I saw what it does to me everyday and is a very unpleasant feeling. I do believe that we should look after our bodies as we are so perfectly made and it is only borrowed to us for a short period of time. Banned sugar and give the kids fruit and other drinks to have with their meal that is good and nutritional for them.

  • It encourages the consumption of unhealthy food

    People (especially kids and teenagers) who drink fizzy drinks tend to find it a lot harder to swap to healthier foods so it increases their weight and damages their teeth. It is like how people believe if alchohol was discovered today it would be illegal, I believe this aswell with fuzzy drinks

  • We should ban soda.

    Soda is the #1 cause for diabetes in america. Not only is the diabetic person harmed,but we are the ones who have to pay medical taxes. Other people say it is a threat to freedom,but this is a threat to our health. Anyone who disagrees needs to go online and search up the cost of sugary drinks

  • Pollution and Obesity

    Soda is the #1 cause of obesity in America. They also caused a lot of the world's pollution as well. They are money hungry and don't care about the planet what so ever. They use plastic bottles because it's cheaper and shut down anyone who wants to fix the obesity problem. With them around, nothing will ever be fixed. Not to mention the dental issues as well.

  • Soda should not be banned!

    Even though obesity kills about 10% of adults, all kids work out daily. If you drink soda evryday, then you will get obese. But that is your choice if you want to become 300 pounds. Honestly, they can banned soda, but that will stop NO ONE from drinking soda!!! DO NOT BANNED SODA!! BANNED BEER IF ANYTHING!!

  • No soda should not be banned.

    I would say people should't drink soda, since it's unhealthy. But once in a while it's ok as a treat. Plus i am not an adult but it would cause people who make soda to close down and lose money. Aldo if it was banned it would be tyranny people can't tell what to drink, and what not to drink. If it was banned i am sure many people would still drink it anyway, though.

  • Anything unhealthy would also have to be banned.

    It is part of human free will to choose whether to consume healthy food and beverages or not. Although, one can concede soda is in no way a nutritional substance, people have the right to choose to drink it whether in moderation or in excess. Therefore, no, cola should not be banned. For that reason, and the fact that it's a silly thing to bother regulating. We have bigger problems!

  • Soda should not be banned.

    Soda can't lead to any health problems if you can control yourself with how many you have. It is a nice relaxing drink that is quite enjoyable. It is much better than having alcohol where people become addicted to it which can also ruin you even worse than alcohol. Alcohol can destroy your liver and can destroy your main organs. Alcohol is one of the most addicting drinks. What right do people have to force others to not be able to drink soda which isn't nearly as bad as alcohol and isn't even banned.

  • It's bad to ban it

    The GOVERNMENT CANNOT CONTROL US. It's unfair if we cannot decide if we want a soda or not. Soda and sugary beverages are okay every once in awhile and we shou,d be able to make that choice for ourselves. I think however there should be a restriction on the size of the drink.

  • They shouldn't be banned

    It is not ok to drink soda everyday. But at a party, or family reunion, or special places it is ok because when you are going to a fun place you want to have a good drink as well. So don't ban it people love it don't take away what people love.

  • Soda is delicious!

    While it may be appropriate to ban in schools, it does not make sense to ban everywhere else. It is unhealthy to eat all the time, but once in a while, as a treat at a party or any other special occasions, it is fine. Soda is delicious and it should not be banned!!!!!

  • Extremely unhealthy for kids

    Soft drinks are extremely unhealthy and can contribute to child obesity. Having soft drinks in schools encourages kids to eat and drink soft drinks and junk food, which is an important factor in child obesity. A way to prevent this is by removing soft drinks and replacing them with healthier options in schoolx

  • Extremely unhealthy for kids

    Soft drinks are extremely unhealthy and can contribute to child obesity. Having soft drinks in schools encourages kids to eat and drink soft drinks and junk food, which is an important factor in child obesity. A way to prevent this is by removing soft drinks and replacing them with healthier options in schoolx

  • Extremely unhealthy for kids

    Soft drinks are extremely unhealthy and can contribute to child obesity. Having soft drinks in schools encourages kids to eat and drink soft drinks and junk food, which is an important factor in child obesity. A way to prevent this is by removing soft drinks and replacing them with healthier options in schoolx

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